• Nutrition Psychology. Understanding the link between food and Mental Health. 1
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    Nutrition Psychology. Understanding the link between food and Mental Health.

    Nutrition Psychology. Understanding the link between food and Mental Health. Diet influences numerous aspects of health, including weight, athletic performance, and risks of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. According to some research, it may affect mental health, too. Anxiety and depression are among the most common mental health conditions worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression could be one of the top health concerns in the world by 2030. Therefore, it is not surprising that researchers continue to search for new ways to reduce the impact of mental health conditions, rather than relying on current therapies and medications. Along with understanding how nutrition psychology…


    Female Psychology during Pregnancy.

    Female Psychology during Pregnancy. Pregnancy is often a very happy and exciting time. But not every woman feels this way. You may have mixed, or even negative, feelings about being pregnant. You may find it more difficult than others to cope with the changes and uncertainties which pregnancy brings. Many things can affect how you feel in pregnancy. These include physical symptoms (e.g. morning sickness), the support you have (or don’t have), and stressful events in your life. Along with understanding how to female psychology works during pregnancy, here’s why you need to have a positive spirit. How pregnancy can affect your mental health:  Women often worry about how they…

  • How to overcome fear of getting fired or how to overcome fear of losing job

    How to deal with being bullied at work?

    How to deal with being bullied at work? We are living in a new normal — and that new normal means an increase in remote work and a blend of in-office and remote workers for many companies. While some individuals enjoy working from home, others might prefer the structure of being in an office more. In either case, workplace bullying increases work stress and takes enjoyment out of work no matter where you’re located. It’s easier to bully people when they don’t have to see them face to face; they hide behind instant messenger chats and text messages. Since many remote workers have a challenging time “logging off” from work at the…



    HOW TO BE A GOOD EMPLOYEE? Right from the beginning of our life, in school and college, we have been trained, of our mind and body, to be a good employee serving our employer and our society. That is the reason students go for various higher degrees – to earn a good job and secure a high status. Institutions are where we learn the necessary technical skills that are required to perform a job. All the students in the same programme study the same. But, very often, we might have noticed that a particular guy /girl outshines everyone in his /her career and acquires promotions, a raise in salary, and…