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    HOW TO BE A GOOD EMPLOYER? Fundamentally, the next step that a graduate student takes up after completing his /her college is joining a job, making a career, and settling in life with sufficient income that helps meet both ends, fulfil their other desires of luxurious life, and aids in leading a peaceful life. While this is the primary aim of getting a job, it is not wise to say that all jobs guarantee such freedom. Each job differs in its nature, and hard work of course is required from the part of an employee in the welfare of the company. to harvest his /her reward. But then, in spite…

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    Dealing with Obesity.

    Dealing with Obesity. Obesity is a condition where the body accumulates excess fat which has a negative impact on health. Genetics, overeating and certain psychological factors are some common causes of obesity. It is no longer a concern that the west is grappling with. It has found its way onto Indian shores and it is a battle that many of us face today. In this world replete with diabetes and heart disease; it is important to prevent obesity from childhood to stop these diseases from happening. It is important that we influence school children so as to increase their knowledge about nutrition and physical activity, in an effort to change their attitude and practices for life.…

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    How to Develop Empathy

    How to Develop Empathy Compassion is the capacity to recognise and share different people’s feelings and sentiments. It is crucial to building healthy connections, both at work and in your individual life. People who don’t display empathy are seen as cold and self-absorbed, and they usually lead solitary lives. Sociopaths are renowned for lacking compassion. Consequently, someone who is empathetic is seen as warm and caring. The research shows that empathy is partly innate and partly learned. Everyone can improve, however. Here are eight ways to strengthen your own empathy: Click here to know how to be a positive spirit. 1. Challenge yourself.  Try challenging encounters which force you outside…

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    5 Stages of Mourning Explained.

    5 Stages of Mourning Explained. Mourning is an intimate and unique experience for each of us. There’s no manual on how to cope with loss and certainly no right or wrong way to go through the stages of grief that might come from it. If you or someone you love are going through a loss, the new emotions may feel overwhelming and confusing. Feeling this way is natural and even necessary. These emotions are forward steps in the healing journey, even when it doesn’t feel like it at the moment. Healing from a loss is possible, but it does take time and patience. Even if you’re having a particularly hard…