• Check out why Suresh Raina is the best all-rounder

    Check out why Suresh Raina is the best all-rounder

    4 things to learn from Suresh Raina Suresh Raina (SR) is a name in the cricketing world which needs no introduction. With his amazing batting skill, wonderful bowling ability, and extraordinary fielding agility, he has been one of the eminent all-rounders in Indian Team. Due to his all-round contribution Indian team has succeeded in winning many tournaments. He has been revolutionary in the field and highly charitable off the field. There is a lot to learn about this world-class cricket player, few of those are as follows: Suresh Raina is Multi-Talented: Suresh Raina cemented his position as an irreplaceable all-rounder in the team with his all-round performance and delivered whenever…

  • Rohit Sharma "The HitMan"

    Rohit Sharma “The HitMan”

    4 Things to learn from ROHIT SHARMA   Rohit Sharma is popularly and aptly known as “HIT-MAN” in the world cricket arena. He was the top scorer in recently concluded World Cup 2019 demonstrating his skills and talent. He is one of the most fearful batsmen in the world cricket today and getting his wicket is considered as the most prized wicket for any bowler. He has achieved this feat with utmost hard work and grit. There are many traits to his personality other than his determined batting skills which we can learn. He is an inspiration to many who wants to imbibe his batting skills but we should learn…

  • virat kohli leadership qualities

    Virat Kohli Leadership Qualities

    5 Things to learn from VIRAT KOHLI Virat Kohli is the name that has proved its mettle in the cricketing world through his sheer talent and attitude. Yesterday he got another feather in his cap by becoming the first player in the history to score 20,000 runs in a decade showing his consistency and HUNGRY FOR RUNS attitude. Kohli has been respected not only by the Indian team members but his glory is respected across all the teams. He is the most competitive and fierce competitor for them but still gained respect due to his skills, talent and winning attitude. Apart from being a highly gifted and hard-working cricket player,…

  • Sourav Ganguly leadership Qualities

    Sourav Ganguly Leadership Qualities

    3 Things to learn from SOURAV GANGULY Sourav Ganguly is being called “DADA” by his teammates which means elder brother. He has displayed those characteristics which earned him this name. But apart from the name, it was his attitude towards the team and game that makes him true “DADA of the GAME” Here are few key things to learn from DADA Sourav Ganguly Leadership Qualities – Belief in Team members: Sourav Ganguly  always believed in his team members and it was his stint as captain wherein most of the youngsters got the opportunity to play for Team India. This not only displays his ability to give young players a chance but also back them up…

  • Sachin tendulkar - Top 6 Qualities - great legend

    Qualities of Sachin Tendulkar

    6 Things to learn from SACHIN TENDULKAR Sachin Tendulkar is been hailed as “GOD of CRICKET” and has been recently inducted in ICC Hall of Fame. He is being liked for his game and positive attitudes on and off the field. With his unbelievable batting skills and attitude in life, he has provided us with life lessons. Here are a few key points to learn from the MASTER BLASTER. 1.    Sachin Tendulkar has great – Dedication : Tendulkar career span spread for more than 24 years, highest for any cricketer. He started playing cricket at the age of 11 and played his first Test at the age of 16. With his dedication, he played the highest number…