DMIT test in Bangalore or DMIT Bangalore or DMIT in Bangalore or DMIT test cost in Bangalore or DMIT test Bangalore

DMIT test in Bangalore

DMIT test in Bangalore or DMIT test Bangalore

Do you know that at least twelve thousand students in India suicide every year? There are so many suicide cases these days. Not just in India but in other countries too. Even developed countries such as the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany, & the People’s Republic of China have high rates of suicides. Japan has a forest that is known for suicides. People go there & hang themselves. But why so many suicides? What are the reasons behind suicides? Well, the reasons are losses or failures in life.

Like, divorce, death of someone close, business problem, economic problem, survival problem, bad results, career issue, love issue, etc. What if there is a way by which you can change all of this?

Thousands of people fail in their studies. Why? Because they do not know what is the best career option for them. Sometimes they feel that their choice is best for them but in reality, their choice is wrong. Do you feel sometimes that you are unable to decide what to do? If there is someone who can tell you exactly which career option is best for you?

Millions of people leave their jobs because they feel unsatisfied with that particular job. They feel that they are not meant for that particular job. But why did they take such a wrong decision? What if someone is there to tell you which career option is best for you?

Do you know yourself perfectly?

Do you understand your environment?

Do you understand your friends & family?

Do you understand an unknown person?

Do you understand your child perfectly?

Do you know what kind of personality your child is?

All of these questions are very relevant questions. It is because the answer to these questions sets your life. These answers can make your life if used in a constructive way.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test(DMIT) is a tool to solve all of these problems. If you are in Bangalore then this article will help you the most as we have a DMIT test in Bangalore.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a well-known branch of science in which the patterns of skin ridges present om the protruding points on the body like fingers, toes, and so on. This test is used to notify the congenital links between our skin ridges patterns and our innate qualities or features. The skin patterns that we are talking about, are believed to be developed in the fetal stage, and thus termed the fingerprint formation takes place from around the 13th week till the 21st week.

After many rigorous years of scientific research, scientists have found that the distribution of brain cells is the key factor in determining the talents or extraordinary capabilities that a person may have. Not only the capabilities, the innate features as well as the overall personality can also be mapped on the basis of these brain cells that are scattered in the brain.

At the core of this scientific endeavor lies another important fact that the fingerprints and dermal ridge patterns are unique for every person on the earth thus eliminating the possibility of overlapping the identity of one individual over the other. DMIT is a psychometric analysis that is completely dependent on scientific study and research of fingerprints.

The year 1823 marks the basis for the boom in the scientific study on dermatoglyphics by J.E. Purkyne. DMIT test has been witnessing a boom in many of the regions across the globe due to some recently published research reports and validations from the science community. On the other hand, some people still are wary of trusting the words of the scientists and feel comfortable avoiding taking the test.


It is quite clear that the study of dermatoglyphics has been in existence for more than 200 years which resembles the quantum of dedication that the field of study has asked for from the scintillating minds of the science community. Dr. Harold Cummins is acknowledged as the father of dermatoglyphics and he is regarded as the person who ignited the interest of people in the field under discussion.

It has been reported by some veterans of the study that dermatoglyphics was (in its earlier stage) primarily used for finding genetic diseases through the analysis of fingerprints. To state another important fact, the field of study emerged from Down Syndromes theory. There is not much data available, in the public sphere, about the DMIT study and research but some of the facts can be vouched for by reliable resources on the internet.

Like any other research in the science community, it was the forefathers of the field of dermatoglyphics who made the wonders today possible in the mentioned field of study.

DMIT test in Bangalore or DMIT test near me or what is DMIT test or DMIT test price or DMIT

What is DMIT?

DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. To understand this term we must understand Dermatoglyphics & Multiple Intelligence separately.

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints, lines, mounts, and shapes of hands. It is derived from Ancient Greek word derma which means skin and glyph which means carving. Dermatoglyphics involves making natural ridges on certain parts of the body, like palms, fingers, soles, and toes. Such areas are regions in which there is usually no development of hair and these ridges improve grip.

DMIT test in Bangalore or DMIT test near me or what is DMIT test or DMIT test price or DMIT

Multiple Intelligence is a psychology-based system that tells that there are different types of intelligence. Once, there was a time when people used to think that if someone is good in logical calculations or good in maths then he or she is intelligent but now the case is different.


The concept of Multiple Intelligence was discovered by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983, where he expressed vital points about the human brain and the way it works when put under the lens of human intelligence. In his book – “Frames of Mind”, Gardner says that there are a total of 9 multiple intelligence types. He named various abilities of the human brain in his theory namely musical, visual, verbal, logical, and so on.

He said that the ratios for the abilities are different for different people and this point indicates the other well-known fact that the cognitive abilities of every individual on the planet have to be placed at a different point on the graph. The concept of multiple intelligence also says that at any particular point in time, a person may have a keen interest and distinguished capabilities in more than one field of study and profession.

There are 8 types of intelligence:

DMIT test in Bangalore or DMIT test near me or what is DMIT test or DMIT test price or DMIT

Word Smart- A person who is good at framing words or a person who can play with words in a creative & attractive way.

Number Smart- A person who is smart in logical calculations or Maths.

Picture Smart- A person who has good imaginative power & who can draw well.

Body Smart- A person who is very active & healthy.

Music Smart – A person who loves music & who is good at learning musical instruments musical lessons etc.

People Smart– A person who can deal well with people or who can or who has good leadership qualities.

Self Smart- A person who knows too much about himself, a person who is always clear in his or her mind of what to do & what not to do.

Nature Smart- A person who knows the environment, a person who has an interest in flora & fauna.

DMIT test in Bangalore or DMIT test near me or what is DMIT test or DMIT test price or DMIT

This intelligence is based on the way brain lobes are active in our bodies. Now we can, open brain lobes to see what type of person someone is but there is another way of knowing the information in brain lobes. At Harvard University there was a team lead by Prof. Howard Gardner who wrote a research paper on the connection between brain lobes & fingerprints. According to the research paper, there is a deep connection between fingerprints & brain lobes. Fingerprints are directly proportional to brain lobes.

Brain lobes are of 5 types:

Prefrontal Lobe

Frontal Lobe

Parietal Lobe

Occipital Lobe

Temporal Lobe

Activation & De-activation of these lobes makes different kinds of pairs thus, it makes a different kind of people & personality. Activation & de-activation is also measured in percentage. By understanding Brain Lobes one can tell what kind of a person is he or she, what kind of quotient a person is having & what is their percentage measure?

DMIT test in Bangalore or DMIT test near me or what is DMIT test or DMIT test price or DMIT

There was a time when people used to think only Intelligence Quotient is the only symbol of smartness but now studies have discovered 3 other quotients. So total there are 4 quotients.

Emotional Quotient- It tells about the emotional strength of a person.

Creative Quotient- It tells how creative that person is?

Adversity Quotient- It tells us what kind of behavior that person shows in adverse conditions.

Intelligence Quotient- It tells us how much intelligence that person has.

This system of lobes also decides what kind of learner that person is?

There are three types of learning styles. Based on the result of DMIT test in Bangalore one can tell which kind of learner a person is:

Auditory (Sound) Learner – A person who can learn properly by listening.

Visual (Picture) Learner– A person who can learn properly by watching.

Kinesthetic (Practical) Learner– A person who can learn properly by doing things practically.

There are 4 kinds of acquiring styles:

Self Cognitive



Reverse Thinker

DMIT test in Bangalore also tells us about personality types.

There are 4 types of personalities:

Eagle Personality – These people are bold & dominating.

Peacock Personality – These people love to talk.

Owl Personality – These people are logical & wise.

Dove Personality – These people are people-oriented, calm, confident & peaceful.

Now by using all of these pieces of information we can plan our life & make it the ideal life we dream every day.

DMIT test in Bangalore or DMIT test near me or what is DMIT test or DMIT test price or DMIT

There are other tests like DMIT but they are based on other methods. Like the Johari window test which consists of 4 quadrants also known as windows. These windows tell us about how much we know about us, how much we know about others, how much other people know about us, how much is unknown about us respectively. This test is generally used in the defense sector. They pass the candidates through 3 types of tests & decide according to the results. These three things are known as:

Manasa- Test of the subconscious mind.

Vacha- Test of speaking ability.

Karmana- Test of a practical approach.

Many people fail in Service Selection Board Interviews. After failing they complain that the system is biased. But in fact, it is not. If they are ousting you out then it is because they know you are not made for defense services. You are made for a different thing. In this case, the DMIT test in Bangalore is very helpful.

The problem in society is that they push a person in the field which has given many successful aluminizes but the fact is that we are the ones who make a field successful.

In Indian society, parents force their children in fields like engineering, medical, government jobs without even thinking once that is that person compatible with that field?

Hence, the DMIT test in Bangalore is a solution to all of these problems. In total if we see then the definition of DMIT can be inferred as a scientific study of brain lobes, multiple intelligence & human psychology with the help of fingerprints.

Is DMIT test useful?

DMIT test is one of the most useful tests one can do to learn more about their inborn potential. It helps lay down the path for people by recognizing what they are good at genetically.

Is DMIT authentic?

DMIT test conducted in Indranagar, behind Carlton Towers is completely authentic because they use the original software that analyses people’s fingerprints with their brain pattern.

Who invented the DMIT test?

The DMIT test was invented by Dr Howard Gardner. It is the scientific study about the similarities between fingerprint patterns and brain lobes.

How are our brains and fingerprint connected?

The development of the brain and fingerprints start and end at the same time. This is why scientists like Dr Howard Gardner researched about their relation. This gave rise to the DMIT test. It is the scientific analysis of the similarities between the fingerprint patterns and brain lobes.

What is the cost of DMIT test?  

We charge 4000 rupees per test. It is priced competitively. To know more about the DMIT test, you can contact us at 8310557070.

How DMIT in Bangalore is done?

DMIT test in Bangalore is done in 5 simple steps.

Step 1- They scan your figure print. It is perfectly safe because they do not save data of fingerprints.

Step 2- Then those results are given as input in software which generates the data about brain lobes, psychology, personality, etc.

Step 3- That data is analyzed.

Step 4- Report is generated.

Step 5- That report is used in counseling for the best solution.

Benefits of DMIT test in Bangalore

  • Multiple Intelligence assessment for children.
  • Parent-Child communication & education.
  • Talent is targeted in DMIT centers in Bangalore.
  • Education is personalized & customized as everyone is different from one another.
  • One’s gifted areas are identified.
  • Selection of a major that best fits one’s desired career path.
  • Defines the most appropriate way of teaching & learning.
  • It helps in finding an ideal better half.
  • Helps in finding ideal Business partners.
  • It helps in finding ideal friends.

Where to do the DMIT test in Bangalore?

You can get your DMIT test in Bangalore indiranagar.

Address: 4th floor, 4059, 19th A Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, behind Carlton tower, Bangalore – 560038

You can call us at 8310557070 also.

What is the DMIT test cost in Bangalore:

At the Indiranagar center, we charge Rs 4000 for the DMIT test in Bangalore.

What do we get to know from DMIT in Bangalore?

There are 13 things that we get to know from DMIT in Bangalore.

  • Information about Multiple Intelligence
  • Brain Dominance i.e which part of the brain dominates the person, left side of the brain which is analytical in nature or right side of the brain which is creative in nature?
  • The learning style of a person.
  • The personality type of a person.
  • Relationship compatibility between people.
  • Which brain lobe is more active & which is not?
  • What is acquiring style?
  • What type of quotient is dominating?
  • Does that person have management skills & if yes then how much?
  • The right subject for studies.
  • Career or department of suitability
  • Activities that are compatible with that person who has gone through DMIT in Bangalore.
  • A profession that is best for that person who has gone through DMIT in Bangalore.

There are several advantages to the DMIT test, they are as follows –

  1. Scope of universal cognitive analysis is present.
  2. The tiresome research process has been circumvented to develop a comfortable procedure.
  3. Accessibility has been rapidly growing and is far greater than adequate levels in developed countries.
  4. No involvement of psychologically manipulative procedures.
  5. Helpful in doing selective study on the personality type of the test taker.
  6. Rigorous research has led to higher accuracy in the analysis of the fingerprints.
  7. Zero level side-effects of the study have proven the test as innocuous.

When we look at the bigger picture of the DMIT test as it is structured and presented to society, it appears to be helpful and harmless. Not only does it map the personality of the test taker but also it studies the abilities of the individual in-depth by tapping the lesser-explored areas of the brain.

The test takes responses from all parts of the brain and thus is comprehensive in nature when it comes to the inclusivity of the test. Repeated lab research sessions have resulted in a highly safe and reliable system of multiple intelligence testing and have also helped the researchers look into the possible faults that may be hidden in the early developments of the field of study.

The developed countries have been using the technology for a long period and many of them even have incorporated the concepts in the lower academic system to educate the kids about the field of study in a better way.


We all know that every coin has two sides to its name and it is our responsibility to present our readers to both sides of the coin under lens for the day. With a flood of advantages of DMIT tests, there are a handful of disadvantages that come along with it. It should be noted that some of these disadvantages are highly justifiable on logical as well as technical grounds. Some of the disadvantages of the DMIT test are –

  1. Not able to achieve 100% penetration rate.
  2. Low accessibility in lower income countries.
  3. Low education level about the field in general population.
  4. High cost for the test result analysis.

As one may see, there are some shortcomings and disadvantages associated with DMIT tests and these factors have to be accounted for in a transparent manner when we talk about growing the number of believers in the DMIT tests


In the end, the decision lies with the reader to weigh various factors while taking a decision about taking the test. There are a number of variable factors that are in the foray as far as the DMIT tests are concerned but that does not mean that we can seclude the efficacy and achievements of the test. We should take a balanced approach while analyzing all the features associated with test-taking and should study in detail the background and the ongoing research in the field.

To track the progress of the test in India, it will not be wrong to say that the test takers have been gradually increasing over the last 5 years. We need to educate our people about the significance of knowing our abilities and our important personality traits so that we can make some informed decisions regarding our future as well as the present life. It will not be wrong to say that the Indian mass has been more cautious while adopting the technology when compared to the western counterparts who have gone a long way in incorporating the elements of DMIT in daily lives of the people.


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