We all have lot of fear but i have found the most of the people have fear of losing money. What if i get cheated when i am purchasing something?


We all have a lot of fear but I have found the most people have
fear of losing money. What if I get cheated when I am purchasing
something? What if I donate money or give it to someone else and not
enough will be left for me? What if I start a business and I don’t
succeed in that and I will lose money? If I will purchase something
today and what if I don’t have money in the future for my survival?


Because of this fear most of us either delay their decision or they
don’t take that decision at all.

When ever we are dealing with money this fear crops up. Basically
every fear is a negative and selfish thought. These negative and
selfish thought is given to us by our society which include our
parents, our friends, our teachers and all the people whom we interact
with. If someone is telling us any negative and selfish thought again
and again we start believing in that. Because of the repetition of the
negative and selfish thought our neuron become strong and when ever we
get into a situation which involves money the first thought which
comes to our mind is the one which is strongest and that is negative
and selfish.

If we are surrounded by people who say that money earning is tough,
who say that without money their is no respect , no fun or they go one
step further that money is everything, or they say that if you will
not have money you will have all the problems in life like your kids
will not have good education, you will not have money for medical
expenditure, you will not have money even to eat and you will die.

Now if we are sourrounded by people who says above statements to you
everyday then you will also be negative and selfish in regards of

It is true that money is required to get all these things done and if we will not have that then we will be in big trouble.

I also agree that money is required to get all the material happiness
but when we think in this negative direction then we get into much bigger problem. Those who think positive that they can earn money are the one who are actually being able to make money.

I am not saying that these negative things does not exist but if our
thoughts are negative then we will have higher chances of getting
that. If we are positive in thought like if i work hard i can earn
money then we have higher chances of earning money. We will not be in a situation where we will not have money just because with positive thought we will work hard and with confidence and that will finally give us money.

If you see all the people who have made money have loved their
work. They have never thought that making money is tough they have
just worked what they like and they have got money.

To earn money the basic thing is we must be good at something and we
must be ready to do that for 14 hrs a day and then we will
automatically get money for that work. Both these things we can only
do once we love what we do. If we love what we do we will enjoy and
and we would want to learn more about that and we will not have any
problem in doing that for 14hrs because we are enjoying that.

Because of this reason rich people never think that its tough to make money because
they are making money by doing what they like so they enjoy doing that.
They think that for my enjoyment i am getting money.

So negative thought are not wrong but they are not beneficial. We will
degrade our-self using these negative thoughts. So people who are
saying you negative thought they are right but they are not choosing
the good thought they are goosing the bad thought.


By choosing to think positive we can control our fear of losing money.

Second point is whatever we do in life our objective is to have fun in life. We make money to have fun using that money but if we are doing work which is not giving fun then we are investing most of the time in doing something which is nort giving fun. Steve job once said that most of the life
time we will devote to work and if we will not enjoy that then most
of our life is not fun filled better would be do something which give
us fun and even if we have less money then also most of the time in
life we are happy. Paradoxically we will also earn more !!!

Third point which i have is in life we can only perform, we dont have
any control on result. As we can just control on what we can do so we must
not think of what we will get. In money also most of the time we think
too much on what we will get and because of that we are not able to
give our best to our work. We think that what we will get is not good
enough or it is tough to get that or any other thought and because of
that we put less efforts.

Best way would be just focus on what value
you can add and not think much on what you will get. So when we have
to give money to other or donate it, don’t think about what we will get,
when we spend money on something dont think much on what you will get
just think on what you have to invest and if you can handle that
investment do that because thinking more on what you will get will
wont let you take decision.


So guys we all earn money for happiness so spent that also on things
which you like dont spend money on things which you dont like
because by doing that you will have to cut corners on things which you
like and then the final motive of money which is having fun will not be fullfilled.

IF you love travelling and not that keen to have your car then
postpone the car do travelling first. Spend it where you get most of
the fun. I am sure if you ponder on the thought which i have given you will get rid of fear of losing money.

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