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how to be confident
How to be confident or how to build self confidence or how to develop self confidence

Not everybody is born to be confident, some people really have low self -esteem and they find it very difficult to stand strong in front of society. People lacking in this area mostly find it hard to deal with day-to-day problems because they have less faith in themselves.

Now, lets first look into what is self-confidence. Whenever we are trying to do something we don’t have any fear of accomplishing it. We are sure that we can actually do it properly. For example, let say you are driving a car from long time so you will be confident enough to drive it. But when you started driving I am sure you would not have that confidence. So by a lot of preparation or a lot of practice, a person automatically becomes comfortable in doing something or we can say become confident.

One more point is the person who is thinking positively would definitely be able to try whatever he wants to accomplish. Now, let’s take the same example if a person who is trying to learn driving is he is negative like what if I hit someone, what if I bashed my car he would have a lot of fear in driving it and he will not be confident enough to drive.

On the other hand, if a person is thinking positively like whenever a person would come in front it will press the brake, the tutor is anyway accompanying me and he will handle the tough situations. So this positive thinking helps a person to be more confident and they will learn also very fast.

So the person who is fearful is always low in confidence. Now fear is of many types like fear of failure, fear of mediocrity, fear of success, fear of risk, etc so to become confident one has to overcome all the fears.

Other than fear there is a much more negative thought process that creates self-doubt and deteriorates self-confidence. Negative thoughts like what other people will think, other people, are better than me, etc.

So to become confident one has to grow his overall attitude and character. If you want to grow your attitude and character then you can watch my youtube videos: It will help you in growing your self-confidence.

Now being confident does not mean that people will be or are famous, it simply implies that they have much belief in themselves that they can achieve what they are trying to achieve. The person who can trust himself/herself is the one built with self-confidence, who do not depend on choices or decisions of others.

IF a person is doing something the first time and still he is confident then it means that he is a very positive attitude individual and the person who has a lot of experience in doing something and that’s why he is confident then it is very common. If you see kids when he starts learning how to walk he is not very confident. But later he can even run. So experience makes us confident.

Now I have mentioned the most common negative thoughts which hamper the self-confidence and how to overcome those negative thoughts. So here we will answer our question of how to be confident:


It is very important to first keep expectation in yourself, that yes, I can win and not expecting is surely going to make a looser. When you expect to win, your mind makes you built- up in the direction to win and you have to make yourself believe that you lack nothing. The vibes of winning will get you to start thinking and working for it and do it happily not with pressure. SO, “confidence is accepting yourself as 100”.

Many times we think that we will lose. This negative thought is very common and many people are habitual of thinking this. Whenever they try something they think that they will not be able to do it. We must practice building thought that more time I invest in something better I become in that and if I will work hard and invest more time then I can definitely achieve it.

Benefits of positive thinking
how to be confident – positive thinking

If you want to learn this in detail you can read: How to develop positive thinking. I have one story also about positivism. Benefit of positive thinking. If you want to know how to be confident then do read this it will definitely help.

Push out the negativity from you and think positively-

The people with the most negative mindset will never be able to get confidence in themselves. Believe that you are no less than anybody around you and can do better than them and you are following the right path because you have chosen it for yourself.

The building of positivism in yourself will slowly develop into making you a strong personality and gaining self-confidence. ”Negativity is the worm in you which if boosted will kill your positive structure.

How to always respond positively
how to be confident – How to always respond positively

I have one wonderful story on how negativity hampers us and positivism motivates us. Positive thinking can increase your happiness. If you want to know how to be confident then do read this it will develop positive thinking which will further enhance your self-confidence.

Failure is the secret to success

Don’t break trust in yourself and kill your confidence, if you fail at any point treat it as your practice to achieve your goal. Successful people don’t kill their dreams because of failure, so have faith in what you do. If you get failed this time get more confident for it that you have nothing to lose and you will surely win the next time you go. ”Your failure is the best path to gain success which will lead to your confidence “.

Overcoming fear of failure
How to be confident – Overcoming fear of failure and building self confidence

Many times because of past failure we think that in the future also we will not succeed. This negative thought is very common. The society also humiliates people who fail. Now I have written a detailed article on how to overcome fear of failure kindly read this to overcome this fear. What all problem you can get into if you don’t overcome this to understand that you can read this article Fear of failure symptoms.

Accept the drawbacks in you and be comfortable with them

If you are lacking at some point, it does not mean you will lack everywhere and fail. Make yourself comfortable that it is okay to not get excellence in every field and lacking things in yourself will make you work more on them and perfect one day. So never make you’re lacking degrade you in any terms. “ A person loses confidence by counting weakness in himself/herself ”.

Overcoming fear of failure
How to be confident – Accept the drawback in you – build self confidence

If we invest more time in one particular thing we become better at that. So if we are not doing something good it simply means that we have not invested enough time. So it is good to know where we have invested time and we are good at and where we have not invested time and we are not that good. Knowing that will help us to understand ourselves better. One thing where we all must invest time is to grow our attitude and character. To understand that you can read one article: Key to success in life

Never make your fears overrule you

The more you hide your fears, the more they will scare you and will make you low in confidence. If we are not able to control our fears, we feel afraid to face situations coming up our way. Never avoid or ignore your fears and never give your fears the power to control you.

“fear can be proved to be your darkest demon which can make you fall, every time you want to push yourself. Don’t look for avoiding them, find permanent solutions of getting rid of them”.

Fear of losing a game
How to be confident – overcome your fear and build self confidence

We must not hide from our fears. I have a list where I write down all my fears and then I try to overcome that. All my articles are my own personal experiences on how I conquered myself against all the fears. Make one list of all the fears and then try to find a solution to overcome that. You can follow my Facebook page also where I regularly post comments and videos to boost your confidence:

Don’t doubt your self- worth

Nobody can stop you from achieving, it is you only who does not want to get ahead and accomplish what you want. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect anybody else to do that for you? When you doubt your worth, you will always be dependent on others for confirmation, remove these obstacles of your life.

“You can be wrong many a times but not every time”, believe that you will succeed wherever you are and you won’t be scared anytime because you are much confident about your choices and you will remove unwanted barriers from your life.

How to always respond positively?
How to be confident – dont doubt your self worth – have self confidence

Many a time self-doubt comes because we give up very easily. IF we have tried many things and not completed them or gave up midway then we will have self-doubt whether we will be able to complete our next task or not. Develop never die attitude. You can learn that from this article: How to develop never die attitude.

Try to get answers for all your curiosity and let it stay in you

“The more you are curious, the more you will fix your mind to achieve something”, it is important to be curious to know everything you want, which will be treated as giving you the confidence to ask and question. It will make you learn and let you discover new things and get new experiences.

how to be confident - build self confidence
how to be confident – build self confidence

People with high learning attitudes are always confident. They believe that if they don’t know something then they can put effort and learn. To develop a good learning attitude we must try learning new things in life. You can also watch this video: How to enjoy learning.

Introspect in yourself

Introspecting to yourself is the best way to find out what you want, what are your weakness and on which areas you need to work. When you exactly know what is stopping you, build your mind strong to achieve it.  “You learn the best when you yourself are your mentor”.

A person who can introspect himself can easily find out where they are good and what they are lacking in. They understand themselves better and because of that, they are more confident in themselves.

how to be confident - build self confidence
how to be confident – build self confidence

If you want to introspect yourself I have one very good book which you can read by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people This book will force you to think about yourself.

Move out of your comfort zones

The time you get out of your comfort zone and keep on trying new skills, you will automatically start gaining confidence for yourself, you will start relying solely on yourself. This will give you the motivation to boost yourself and get excellence. ”You never learn when you are tied in four walls, you need to move out to explore more”.

how to be confident - build self confidence
how to be confident – build self confidence

We must take a risk in life and put our self in tough situations. Once you will take some risk and find out that it was no big deal then you will be inclined to face new challenges with comfort. Your fear of trying new things will go away. Whenever you are trying anything I have a plan which you can follow to achieve your set goal: How to achieve what we commit.

Try killing the anxiety in you

Anxiety can kill your confidence for your lifetime, it can suppress your inner confidence and over-rule over you. It will make you feel impossible to achieve your goals and demean you, making it built-up in your body is going to kill you one day, ”kill your fears and not give it a way to build anxiety.

Don't get angry by thinking negative and selfish people - 4 ways to control your anger
How to be confident – Kill anxiety

To overcome anxiety you can read one article: Happiness is inside not outside. This simple article will help you overcome your anxiety.

Being honest to yourself is the best you can do

One of the most important things which will surely lead you to your confidence is just being honest to yourself. Don’t copy someone just because you feel they are better than you because when you try to be someone else, you are cheating yourself and lowering your esteem in front of others.

Believe that you are you and nobody else can be like you, you are different and special in your own way and value yourself. It will make you stronger. When you betray yourself to copy someone, you lose confidence because it is not you.

  “Value your uniqueness before others point your weakness”.

As we all know that we all are images of God and we are unique in ourselves. We all are here playing our role. We must focus on playing our own role and must not focus on other people’s roles. In a movie, side actor is also as important as the main actor. If you are a side actor then don’t think that I must be the main actor just play your part properly.

To be able to honest with ourselves we must have high standards in life. You can read one article: How to set high standards for yourself.

Stop degrading your image by comparing yourself with people around you

It is the worst you can do to yourself, you cannot be like anybody and they cannot be like you. Everybody has their own positive and negative points, so do not degrade yourself by giving yourself such negative thoughts. In today’s social media time teenagers usually compare themselves with others and think of them to be much low then their social media family which is a wrong practice. They judge themselves looking at others and lower their self-esteem by this.

Don't compare yourself with others and enjoy life
How to be confident – Don’t compare yourself with others and enjoy life

“if you ever feel like comparing yourself, compare yourself with your improvements and achievements of today to a backdate, and look yourself into the mirror that are you better than your previous version? if yes go on the same path and if not introspect in yourself.

“ Trust yourself first and then let everybody acknowledge you for your confidence”, degrading yourself in front of others will only make you ashamed of yourself around the people but when you stand confident with you choices, they are going to admire you secretly and take you as a strong personality to stand with. Hard work for everything begins from you or within you until you do not want to accomplish anything, nobody will help you”

Comparison is creating havoc in the society. Many people are taking their life just because they are not like others or others is better than them. This is a black spot on society and I am completely against it. I have written one article to explain it: How to get rid of jealousy.

There is one very nice story which explains that we can be much happier if we stop comparing ourselves with others: Dont compare yourself with others.

I have created one video also on why do we get jealous.

“love yourself first to make other people love you and build trust in you, nobody is perfect in this world but your confidence makes people around you believe that you have something unique in you “. Everybody admires the most confident person, but change your position from admiring people to making yourself the one whom people can admire.

Happiness is inside not outside
How to be confident – Happiness is inside not outside

I am sure after reading how to be confident you would want to read how to overcome disappointment:

If you think that you can add any point which will help to boost confidence then do mention that in a comment.

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