How to be innovative

How to be Innovative or How to be creative and innovative

How to be Innovative or How to be creative and innovative

We have often heard things like ‘Be innovative’ or ‘innovation is important’ but what is innovation? Innovation in simple words refers to being unique (a new method, idea, product, etc.), competent, and trendy. The giant companies try to compete with each other based on innovation. Each one tries to get ahead of the other by cradling innovation. Even for job interviews, we see how competent it gets. One candidate may have better grades but lacks a pint of innovation then is left on the waiting list but the other hand, if there is a candidate whose grades are nothing wow but, is smart and innovative. Then, he/she is considered to be a perfect fit.

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How to be Innovative or How to be creative and innovative

Gone are the days when good grades were the only point of consideration. The more innovative you are, the more value you add to yourself, which reminds me of MNC’s hiring competitors employees because of their competent skills. Innovation has become an important aspect of the business world. People are paid monetarily based on innovation. In business terms, to be innovative one has to keep oneself updated with the happenings in the market. The more aware one is, the more chances one has to excel in the business. Keeping tabs on the market conditions will help in molding the product or service as per the customer’s demands which no other competitor is providing.

But that is a different side of innovation, for non-business people innovation refers to do something new, to do something creative which others haven’t seen or done. Take, for instance, if one is good at making flowers try to explore other materials by which flowers can be made like using palm leaves or coconut husk instead of crepe or cloth material. If one is fascinated by yoga then, working on flexibility and trying out splits or other difficult forms. Who knows? It might land you in Gymnastics and you may represent your country. Life has always been unexpected and has surprises waiting for you at every step.

How to be Innovative or How to be creative and innovative

Now the question is how can we become innovative? Being innovative would mean that we also come up with new ideas and new things. In this article I have mentioned a few ways which will make you innovative:

The guide for how to be innovative is as follows:

  1. Keep yourself up to date with the information available in your field
  2. Exploring different things.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone.
  4. By Researching
  5. Be a good observer.
  6. Be a good listener
  7. To practice on your weaknesses.
  8. Checking on one’s do’s and don’ts
  9. Improve on the outcome.
  10. Spend some quality time pondering.
  11. Have faith in your work.

Let us delve into each point closely to get a better understanding:

  1. Up to date information: Now to be innovative which means that we come up with something new in our field, first of all, we must know what all things exist. Without knowing what all exists how can we come up with something new? We have to be different from what is existing for that knowing what all exists is the first step.

    You can visit my Facebook page and I post text and video on growing attitude and character, you can find all my videos and I update it regularly: It will help you to keep yourself updated about the attitude and character required. Ultimately it will help you to understand how to be innovative.
  2. Exploring different things: We often restrict ourselves to the things we are comfortable with, we do not like to try out things because fear grasps us and makes us wonder ‘what if I fail?’. There is nothing wrong with failing because it is a phase of life and it is important to taste failure once every fortnight. That is just for emphasis but honestly, the fear of failing shouldn’t stop you from exploring the other side.

    You might be good at singing but you may realize that you are an excellent artist after joining the summer camp. Don’t confide yourself by limiting yourself. When the doors of opportunities open up, go for it. Overcoming fear of failure is very important to become an innovative individual. If you want to learn to overcome the fear of failure than you can read: How to overcome the fear of failure: Overcoming the fear of failure is the answer to the question how to be innovative.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone: To branch out and explore the other perspective, it is vital to move out of the safe zone and try out something new. We can’t expect development and growth while sticking to the ‘dusty – old’ methods. To come out of comfort zone we have to be a hard worker. You can learn how to be a hard worker by reading: How to become a hard worker:

    When we do something for a long time our body and mind get habitual to that. We have to push ourselves initially to come out of that comfort zone. We must do that quite often so that we should not get stuck to one thing.
  4. By researching: People have been looking up to ‘Google’ ‘Pinterest’ and other apps for ideas and to expand their innovation. This has proved highly beneficial to the netizens as they are always updated with the latest trends and what is expected from them. Pinterest has proved to be a boon to those who wish to enter into a creative field especially designing and event management.

    Most of the new ideas come when we mix two-three ideas together. This is the easiest way of innovating new things. But for that we need to research all the ideas and have to figure out what all will mix. Many new ideas have come by using different ideas and making one new idea using them. Researchers come with new innovation by doing learning all the different ideas and then making their own using them.
  5. Be a good listener: We all have idols to whom we look up to, or at the workplace, we have superiors and elders at home. The advice is given by the experienced never goes to waste. When somebody shares a piece of their mind with you, take it and keep it with you even if it is not directly related to your work.

    Listening makes us learn new things. When we just speak we say what we know but when we listen we learn from others. So we must be a good listener. To be innovative we must have a good learning attitude. If you want to learn how to enjoy learning then you can watch: How to enjoy learning? : It will help you to understand how to be innovative.
  6. Be a good observer: It is in context with the previous point, where we not only listen to their suggestions but also observe their behavior and dedication level. Take, for instance, if you are an aspiring writer, follow your favorite author, observe their writing style, and the way they play with words. Dig about how their writing journey began and what quality puts them up on that higher platform.

    Some people learn by listening so people learn by watching. So if you learn by observing things then use that. It just now what people say but many times it is also about how is their body language? So be a good observer will improve your learning capabilities.
  7. Work on your weaknesses: As we have always sworn by this phrase, ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Similarly, it is important to identify weakness and work on it, it will help in reaching your goal. For example, if you are very good at dance and want to try out the cool handstand but too lazy to work on your flexibility and give in to the temptation of not exercising. Then you might as well forget about dancing again. Because even though you like dancing, it is not your craze and if it is not your craze then you will never get success in that field.
    What were you thinking? The universe works on hard work and dedication (and smart work too). Hence, to achieve perfection and innovation, you need to see where you are lagging and work on it.

    I have a YouTube Channel also where I post a video on attitude and character and you can subscribe it through . You can figure out your weakness because I have created videos on all the attitudes required for an individual. You can figure out if you have those or not. If not then you can work on them.
  8. Checking on your do’s and don’ts: Monitoring your performance is important especially if you are the beginner stage. If you are spending a lot of time which may distract you from your main objective then you should stop doing it.  You need to shift your focus from unnecessary things.  For example, if you are working on making a creative model for your science project then it is important to draw out a plan after researching and jot down your do’s and don’ts.

    To do this properly I have written one article on how to be self-disciplined you can read it:
  9. Improving the outcome produced today will be beneficial in producing better results tomorrow. Many times our first few tries are not good enough to produce the desired result. We have to try first and see how the result is coming and then we have to work on improving the result. For this one must have a never die attitude. If you want to develop never die attitude then you can read this article: How to develop never die attitude:

    To develop a good attitude in yourself, you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people
  10. Spending some alone time with yourself and utilizing it optimally to plan and ways to come up with creative ideas. All great inventors are deep thinkers. We have to work on deep thinking on any topic and through that, we find something which no one has found in the past. If you want to develop deep thinking then you can take some puzzles and try to solve them. Work on tough problems and see if you can find results. Once we practice this we can develop deep thinking. One good way is to ask “why” questions till we get to the root cause. Let say plants are green then ask why? again find the answer to it and again put why to that answer? This is a good process to go to the root cause of anything and to develop deep thinking.

  11. Last but not the least, never doubt your work and be confident in whatever you are doing. When you doubt yourself, you lose half the battle. But when you have faith, the odds of being unsuccessful are less. And even if you fail, the faith in you keeps urging you to do better and better. Many times we will not be able to come up with something innovative but we have to be confident that we can find something new. If you lack confidence then you can learn: How to be confident:
how to be confident
How to be Innovative or How to be creative and innovative

Innovation is driven by ideas with elements of variation, transformation, and modernization. It is important to push ourselves to our limits to see what we are capable of. Try to be creative in little things.

Try to search innovation in the things around you, the beautiful nature, the chirping of birds, and the environment you live in. Try to draw out inspiration from the tiniest things around you. If Isaac Newton can come up with the law of gravity by simply observing the fall of an apple from the tree then why can’t you? Also having wild imagination is another driver for innovation. Imagination can take you to places by sitting in the comforts of your room minus the travel charges.

how to be confident - build self confidence
How to be Innovative or How to be creative and innovative

Be open to critics. When somebody points out at the flaws, do not get disheartened because it has been brought to your notice. Instead, accept your flaws and errors and try to work on improving your art or work. This will help in stepping up.

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How to be Innovative or How to be creative and innovative

Let me give you a situation, there is an old guava tree in your yard, it is of no use since it is dying and barely has leaves left on it. It is lifeless and doesn’t bear fruits. What are you going to do about it? In what ways can you utilize this tree? Please note cut down the guava tree is not considered to be an innovation. Take a pause for a while and think over and then glance back at the article for the answer.

Apple tree
How to be Innovative or How to be creative and innovative

Please I am against Treachery…J  ok so there are a couple of ways by which this tree can be restored. First, putting manure and fertilizers to bring it back to life can help to restore it. Second, it could be painted and made into looking like a showpiece in the middle of your veranda. It could be utilized for decoration during festivals like Christmas, Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi by lighting up the tree with series.

From this, we can conclude that innovation can take place at any moment, at any place all it requires is channelizing the ideas into the right path. We all our innovative in our special ways. We all can do amazing things. It’s not that only one person is extraordinary. We all are creative. We all are gifted. We all are different. We just need a little push every time. Work your way through it. Don’t rely on that pat on your back. Stand up on your feet and get going. Without efforts, it will all be baseless. Hard work matters. And remember!  Innovation comes from you.

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How to be Innovative or How to be creative and innovative

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