How to be liked by others - 5 ways

How to be liked by others – 5 ways

How to be liked by others

We all want to be liked and love by others. Here are the 5 ways to be a likable and lovable person:

How to be liked by others
Becoming people’s person

First way of how to be liked by others is Smile

Smile on our face. smile is a positive energy which attract other person. So whenever we meet we must greet with a smile. smile invite other person to come and talk to us. 


When ever we must go in social event then we must meet and greet every individual. through greeting we will initiate the conversation. 

Get others to speak

After we have done the greeting now we must encourage other to speak more because everyone want to share their story and want to talk about themselves so give them that opportunity to talk about themselves. 

Person’s Interest

We must always initiate the topic of other person interest. If we are meeting a teacher then talk about their school, if we are meeting an IT professional then talk about their projects , if we are meeting an entrepreneur then talk about their company. The key to make a healthy conversation which make the relation bond stronger (even that relation is long term like marriage or short term like single meeting) is by talking in other person interest. By this we will treat others as they want to be treated and by that they will be happy when in the conversation with you. 


Try to praise other when you are in conversation with them by this we make other person feel important and special. SO whole point is if we want to be missed when we are not there which is if we want to be likable and lovable to others then we have to be an individual who make other happy and positive. So all the point which i have explained will make other person happy and positive after having conversation with you. Because of this he would want to talk to you more and often and when ever you are not there he will miss you. 

If you want to learn more about this then you can read book winning with people by John Maxwell. Here is the link where you can purchase Winning with people 

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So when ever you meet other make them happy and positive by using the ways i told in this video and become a likable and lovable person.


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