How to become a hard worker

How to become a hard worker

How to become a hard worker or how to do hard work?

Take up one idea, make that one idea your life. Think of it, the dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.                                                                                   -Swami Vivekananda

Before understanding how to become a hard worker lets first understand what is hard work. Whenever to any work if we are giving most of our time then it means that we are working hard. For example, let say if we are a student and if we are studying for 14 or 16 hours a day then we are a hard-working student. If we are professional and if we are giving 14 hours to 16 hours a day to our work then we are hard-working professionals.

Now where ever we devote more time we become better in that field. If we are studying more we will get good marks, if we are working more we will get a better appraisal. Whoever is not able to devote enough time which is required to finish that task is not hard working.

Nothing in this life is easy to get, you have to work hard and be determined for achieving it. The more you are consistent and dedicated to your work the more closer you will get to accomplish it and there are no short-cuts when you really want to get to your goals.

It is the one thing which will never betray you be it any circumstances or situation, it will always be at your side and will always support you in every field you want to go, you can totally be dependent on your hard work. If you are working really hard and with all your heart you do not need to be worried about the result you’ll get.

Now everyone want to be successful and one key requirement for being successful is to be a hard worker. But still many people are not able to work hard and here I can think of the reason why don’t they work hard:

  • They don’t like their work: We automatically devote more time to something we like to do. For example if you like studying then you can study for 14 hours a day without any problem. This would be like working hard also and enjoying also. As you like what you do then you will enjoy that work and will be able to devote most of your time to that work. So let say if you are working professional and if you are working on an interesting project then even if you devote 14 hours you won’t mind but if you are working on something which you don’t like then you won’t be able to devote more time.
  • Giving up very soon – Many a time people are working on something but then they think that the project won’t give the result which they were expecting and give it up in between. To complete some work a certain amount of effort is required and if we are not able to put in that much effort we will not be able to finish the task. A hard-working individual is committed to completing his task first.

  • Doing too many tasks at once: When we are not focused and doing too many tasks at once then also we will not be able to devote time to any of the tasks which are required to complete that task. That way also we won’t be a hard-working individual who puts the effort on one task and complete it.

  • Not able to motivate himself: Many times people are working on something but that task needs more time and effort but people don’t know how to keep himself motivated towards that. As the loose interest in between that, they are not able to accomplish the task.

  • Lack of self-discipline: A person might have many activities which he or she enjoys doing. Now, one needs the discipline to say no to other activities until the task at hand is completed. This requires self-discipline. One who lacks self-discipline is not able to give enough time to the task at hand and that’s why not able to complete it.

Nobody becomes hardworking naturally you have to work on it, you have to be consistent for it and not lose any hopes, just keep on working for it. You only have to put all your efforts and dedication to accomplish something in your life. When you are focused on your goal, nobody can then stop you ever from achieving anything you want, because it is only your zeal and effort which can help you gain everything or lose everything.

It is a sure thing that hard work will never deceive in life be it any work arena, your paths will be automatically made clear without any barrier when you will stay focused for them and keep on working in that very direction.

Now if you are not able to complete your task and leave it incomplete then you lack a hard-working attitude. Here are some ways which will make you understand how to become a hard worker (the one who work hard(devote enough time and effort) to complete the task at hand):

Fix your goal

The first and important step is to fix your goal,  that is what you actually want to achieve. Many times people work the whole day on different – different tasks because they don’t know what they want to achieve. For this, introspect in yourself make it clear in your mind and make clear vision on which all things you want to get in life and also make frequent changes to your plan if you feel the need. “The best way to get something is to talk to yourself in front of the mirror”.

How to achieve what we commit
How to become a hard worker

If you want to learn how to set targets efficiently which will help you answer how to become a hard worker then you can read this article: Set targets and achieve it. You can also watch this video: How to set target?

Don’t take the pressure

Give time to yourself to get something, don’t take the pressure , it will only spoil your hard work. Set a time to achieve your goal and work every day for it and not burden yourself all at once only which will create stress and pressure in you and make you lose interest in what you are working for.

Many times we set very high goals and keep very little time to achieve that, it gives us pressure and we find that we are not able to achieve what we have set. We must always judge the project right and devote the time required to accomplish it.

Overcoming fear of failure
How to become a hard worker

Now even if you don’t achieve your target, then also you can be happy only if you know how to handle failure. I would suggest you read how to overcome fear of failure. Once you are fine with failure which is required to understand how to become a hard worker then even if you don’t achieve the set target you will not feel pressured.

Do not always complain about the work you have

Complaining about the work you have will not get you anywhere good, it will lead to your failure only. You cannot get things in your life easier, you will always have to give your 100% if you want it by you whole-sole heart and for that complaining is not the solution but working hard more for it will . “get yourself the attitude which never lets you complain and only motivates you to work hard.

How positive thinking can increase your happiness and success in life
How to become a hard worker

Many times we have to achieve something but we don’t like that work. If you try to analyze why do we like or don’t like something in life then you will find that for whichever thing we have positive thought we like that thing and for whichever we have negative thought we don’t like that. So to develop the liking for some work we just have to develop positive thinking. I have written in detail on how you can develop positive thinking. Once you are able to think positively you will be mold yourself to like the work which is important for you.

Improve on your weakness and increase your potential

Don’t make your weakness become a barrier for you to work hard, try finding them, and improving more on them and not just avoid them. You also have to increase your potential to work more and with proper attention and efforts, the moment you lose your concentration towards your objective that will be the point you will be losing the grip to attain your aim.

How to score good marks in exams
How to become a hard worker

Whenever we are trying to complete a task we have to learn many things in between. Now if we don’t enjoy learning then it would be difficult for us to complete the task. If you want to develop a good learning attitude which is how to enjoy learning then you can watch this video: How to enjoy learning.

Be fearless

To be a hard working person you need to be mentally fit, your mind should not be stressed before getting on something. You should mentally be happy to work on something and not because of any force or pressure. You should have a passion for it, Positive thought process toward work is required to understand and work on things easily.

how to be confident
how to become a hard worker

Now many times we are not very positive about some work or if we are positive we are not confident. Both confidence and positivism make you fearless. If you want to learn how to be confident then you can read this article: How to be confident.

 Take out some leisure time for your hobbies/activities

You are a human and not a machine so you need time to make yourself free also, and give some entertainment to yourself and free time in which you enjoy your hobbies/outdoor activities or anything which pleases you and gives rest to your body and brain. “You cannot be working all 24 hours, your body needs rest and time to be happy which you should properly give it to relax and not burden every time by sitting all day to get something.

how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
how to become a hard worker

Now, if we are working on one task and if we are not taking any rest in between then we will feel pressurized or bored or fatigue. We must give proper rest to the body so that we can recharge ourselves.

Keep checking your progress time-to-time

Always keep a timely check on the improvements and progress you have made so far for the objectives you have set. Don’t force yourself to be a multi-tasking person, things will take time and we must keep working towards that.

While checking the progress you will find two things one is “you are doing great and going on the right path” in that case you should give a treat to yourself and other thing is that “you are not doing good” in that case you take time out to think on what must be done.

So by checking your progress you will get the required motivation and direction to achieve your goal.  

Don’t quit easily if you fail at a point

Even if you worked hard for a thing and you could not accomplish it or fail in it don’t get disappointed and quit it because quitting it will be like losing on your dreams very easily. Don’t make yourself conscious by getting to a task in which you have failed earlier. Appreciate your efforts and get positive by them, you will feel encouraged by this.

never die attitude
How to become a hard worker

The biggest reason for not achieving is people quit it very easily. To stick to something and make sore its get completed one needs to have never die attitude. If you want to develop never die attitude then you can read: How to develop never die attitude.

Make a schedule for yourself and follow it

Make a schedule/time table which includes your free time also, follow this and get the best out of yourself. This table will help you in directing towards the correct path and make you punctual towards your work if you strictly follow it. “The person with proper schedule and punctuality of hard work will surely achieve the best things one day”.

To follow a schedule one needs to have good self-discipline. I am going to write on how to develop self-discipline you can read that to develop it in you.

Divide your work into small steps

Everything cannot be in your hands at one go, or at one point only there are certain steps by which you have to go through to keep going ahead and for this, you need to divide your work into steps, follow the steps daily and at the end of the day just check what all steps you completed and whatnot, did you try your best to get to the end or were you lacking in something.

If you are lacking anywhere try improving it the next day if you fail again don’t lose hope because success does not come naturally you have to work really hard for it.

Your hard work is the result of your willingness

When you are badly craving for something, you will try your level best to work on it and in the end, you will have it, so it is upon your willingness that what you want, willingness to be productive. Nobody can make you willing for something forcefully, it is you only who can get yourself interested in something and get working for it, so, talk to yourself and guide yourself on regular intervals to take out the best in you in the best possible manner you can. 

how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
how to become a hard worker

To get interested in something you must develop positive thought for that. I create a lot of videos on positive attitude and character on my youtube channel:

I also update my Facebook page regularly:

“Hard work is the best life policy”, for working hard you also need to be true to yourself deceiving your own self will be the biggest failure you can give to yourself. Every successful person has worked so hard to get to that position, so it is not very suddenly. Success demands many tries and it may come with a lot of failures but your efforts should not end anywhere because one day you will definitely get them all.

This requires a great attitude. I can suggest one good book which will help you to grow your attitude by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

To gain things you have to lose on many things as we have only 24 hours in a day and we cant do all the things which we like we have to work on one particular thing to finish it and this is a part of life because, without sacrifice, you will never value the importance of your success. To achieve something big you will fail at many tasks in between but that is completely fine because failure is required to achieve big success.

“Life comes with many ups and downs, with a lot of obstacles but your determined nature will make you jump through every barrier and let you win.

You have to improve yourself daily and change yourself the very next day with being better on your weakness, which will demand much of your zeal but if you have the proper amount of courage, you will definitely get on it and also don’t compare your hard work with others, you have to defeat the person you see in the mirror today and not the people around you.

After reading how to become a hard worker I am sure you would want to read how to remain tension free:

If you want to add in how to become a hard worker then you are most welcome. Kindly send your suggestion in the comment below.

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