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First, we have to know what is humility?…

# What is Humility?

The quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. And it is referred to as “Quality Of Being Humble”.

# Why Humility is important?

Money decides what is your status,

Does your character decide who you are?

Humbleness(Humility) describes how is your character So that the reflection of goodness capture you in anyways. Not only that, Your name becomes the best among the people’s modest as because your humility speaks.. that’s why humility is important as much.

A person with good humility never lost in anything, because once you did well for others it will return in you in any way as because of karma. Likewise, if you are humble towards anyone it makes them feel proud of you and they will give you the best response as your humility existence there.

It is also a great tool to complete some of the jobs you need to do. For Example, if you need of license for your two-wheeler, now you are going to your RTO office for a test and some officers validate your form before starting the test, on that time they sarcastically ask some questions, but that time you shut off your ego and giving response humbly makes them feel sad for asking like that and if your form as any mistake they notice and live it and validate it, as because you give the response in a humble manner which feel them happy…

That’s why humbleness is a tool for making your job done. it works always??? Nope, but 90% possibility, … So never drop your humbleness for any reason.

# When To Follow Humility  And When To Be Not?

There is no splitting of humbleness regarding situations because the first thing you do before start speaking is to start in a humble manner that’s why there are no separate lessons for where to be humble and where to not…

To be better in conversation speak in a humble manner that’s what your communication bonding increases… Be a humble person in any situation makes not only your communication stronger but also your character and attitude. Make sure to follow humbleness when you are angry also… Because during angry if you speak rudely by losing humbleness it results in you a bad and which even makes more problems to occur. So as much as possible start any conversation in a humble manner.

# Advantages Of Being An Humility Person.

• Character Worth Increases

• Respect Follows You

• Great Leadership Occurs

• Problem Reduces

• Always In Optimistic

• Always Be Helpful

• Good Speaker

• High Self Confidence

• Treated Well By Others

• Self Defensive

• Looks Good In others

• Shut Out From Negativity.

# Is there any Disadvantage of being Humble?

There is a lot that occurs depends upon the situation but being a humble person doesn’t see those,  they act as they think and are never disturbed by the opinions of others. so always be humble which rewards you with a good impression.

Humility means being modest, humble, and egoless. Being humble is a virtue that is mostly found in great and very successful individuals. A humble individual treats everyone with respect and in return gets a lot of respect. A humble person is always down to earth.

Humility means to attribute, humble that makes you special from others. Sometimes people see it as a dismissive quality and think of a humble person as powerless. But the humble person is more powerful mentally. Being humble aid to develop trust and a good learning attitude, which are the key aspect of management and distinctive improvement. The important thing is being genuine with yourself. If you do not change yourself then how will you show the impact on society? And a humble person always tries to improve himself.

Read the book to develop humility. how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble

The person who has a deficit of humility is arrogant. There are various kinds of persons who think of themselves as superior and greater than others. They never can improve themselves because they cannot see their flaws. If a person is not humble, they also do not have a growth mindset. The great personality in the world still do mistakes and learns from them. The coach, tutorial still have much to learn about their duties not as a teacher but as a student. If a person did not see his weakness, then he does not have the potential to make growth in life. As we all know that life is all about learning.


Fair people do not need pleasure and accomplishment. In fact, they know a better time, position, and tone which they can share with the world.

Here are some examples of how to show humility:

  • Telling “great match” to your opposition, rather you had won or lost.
  • Say sorry after any misinterpretation.
  • Also, wish the best for others also rather than keep everything for yourself.
  • Help other people also who are not far better than you, but do not look them with the heinous eye.
  • Look at other people with inspiration, not with jealousy.
  • Competitive with yourself more in the place of others.

Humility is all about self-improvement. Being humble means, you can recognize your life that needs work. If your tutor or coach suggests that your current performance has something wrong, then you need to think about it deeply and improve it. Your good wisher always wants your best.

Read the book to develop humility. how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble

Humility is not about outer beauty but also about inner beauty. Becoming arrogant and annoyed at failure bring struggle into existence. It’s important that we need to understand those losses that what wrong has been happened and picked up after the falls. Conceivable it sounds illogical but humbler you are more flexible you can be. If you confess and accept your tortoise you can work towards alteration it. If you join your humility with your agony in life, you will touch the cloud and conquer failure.



To being humble one must have high confidence. A humble person gets criticized many times by other arrogant people. They might tease a humble person by saying him a weak individual. So to still keep ourselves humble one needs a lot of confidence in himself. Confidence makes people fearless and confident. Being humble while facing an arrogant person requires a lot of confidence. The only mentally strong people can keep themselves humble in tough situations.

Read the book to develop humility. how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble

There are so many ways by which you can build your confidence just like dressed up yourself and stand in Infront of the mirror whether you go anywhere or not. Because if you be confident in front of you then only you can talk in Infront of others. If you want to learn how to be confident then you can read: How to be confident.

how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble

Humble people know that generating queries in your mind doesn’t make you weak. Infect it makes you stronger physically and mentally. Show your coach your inclination to learn and make them see that you are doing your best. When investigating something new it takes time for comprehension to develop.

Read the book to develop humility. how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble

We must never think that we know it all or it is not good to ask questions because others will feel that I am dumb. We must always be eager to learn new things. If you treat yourself as a student you will develop humility. If you want to learn how to enjoy learning then you can watch this video: How to enjoy learning.

how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble

As our comfort zone is the best zone for working. In this zone, everyone is comfortable working and there is no need to struggle. The work has been done according to our mood. But the real fact is that if we do not struggle then how we will learn a new thing. Our life and mind will be shrunk into one place. If we shrink in one place, then how we will compete for society. That way every day learns something new and rid out of your cheer zone.    

No one is going to believe that you are a shooter if you do not step out. If you do something new it will give you self-confidence and self-development. An egoistic person always tries to win and wants to do something which makes them win. If they lose they feel bad and that is why they always try to do something which makes them cheerful and something which doesn’t hurt their ego.

Read the book to develop humility. how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble

If we want to become humble we must try new things and must fail and we must be fine with failing. We must come out of our comfort zone and try new things. We fail and still, we are fine then we become humble. You can learn how to overcome the fear of failure here: How to overcome the fear of failure.

You can visit my Facebook page and I post text and video on growing attitude and character, you can find all my videos and I update it regularly: https://www.facebook.com/pg/betterworldsjp/videos/?ref=page_internal we can discuss how to develop humility.

how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble
  • Always remind your goals of being humble:

If you always remind your goals it will keep you to success and keep you energetic. Every day new things come to mind that makes us forget our goal of becoming humble.

That is why when you are doing work always remember why you are doing it, what is the aim behind it. Note down your goals in the journal.

Now, this requires a lot of self-discipline. If you want to learn how to be self-disciplined then you can read: How to be self-disciplined.

To develop a good attitude in yourself, you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

Click on the image to buy. how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble
how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble

If you behave adversely it will reflect on your behavior. We must always reflect on our behavior and must-see if we can improve it next time. If we have behaved arrogantly in front of anyone then we must try to improve ourselves next time. Keeping a positive mindset can put you to a different level of humility. Successful personality always maintains their journal alongside. They reflect back on how they behaved and try to improve themselves.

It’s important that we focus on our power and deficiency. It is because it reminds us of our goal and helps us to concentrate on work. When we do work it’s our duty that once a while we should think what wrong has been done, is there any lack in my work because no person in the world is fulfilled with all the things every person has something lack in it. No one is going to correct yourself rather than you. This thing only takes you to another level. This type of work will give you satisfaction and growth also.

This requires a lot of positivity. A positive individual can easily look at his fault and can try to improve himself. If you want to develop positive thinking then you can read: How to develop positive thinking.

I have a YouTube Channel also where I post a video on attitude and character and you can subscribe to it through https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYGdbB_F0qii4Zo_rn-rCyg/videos?view_as=subscriber we can discuss how to develop humility.

Don’t See The Bad In Everyone

It is a universal truth that no one in this world is good, they consist of both bad and good, it reveals depends on the situation… But we should accept and tackle according to it. Without doing that, simply if we see they are bad, then you only see bad and even if they did something good it seems to be bad from your side, as because you fixed them as bad…

We should not compromise in this way, because you only finally get hurt. So don’t try to see bad on everyone you see in your life, just be yourself, and learn to say ” No” whenever necessary. That’s what you keep your respect high and even you don’t notice bad among others. So if you avoid seeing bad in everyone you may get inner peace as their response or reaction doesn’t affect you…

Be an Optimistic person because when you are humble, you won’t get affected by their actions that’s what your inner peace forms, so strive to be in a humility way by avoiding negative impacts from others.

Higher Self Confidence Increases By Humility

Yes, when you don’t have money or talent, but with higher self-confidence, you can reach the level you want… People with higher self-confidence have low mind stress and even the failures they get will be a lesson for them. Because they see the failures as not an end, and it is a beginning. That’s why they don’t lose hope among themselves, So be a higher self-confident person.

Likewise, if you are humbly treating others, the way you treat them becomes impressive for them and their response will be in a great full manner.   And if you get a good impression your self-confidence level will be higher and you don’t lose it that’s why you should treat humble as because unfortunately your self-confidence stick with you like a stone so speak with humility and enjoy the self-confidence you get.

Understand That Humbleness Is A Tool For Avoiding Problems.

Yes, that’s a fact.!. But how? Here is an example of that… Once you are traveling towards your office by two-wheeler suddenly one of the opposite vehicles crashes you, but the fact is, it is their mistake but they scolds you for coming like this, suddenly if you get angered and speak rudely with some bad words, they use your word as a tool to report to traffic police, and the traffic police asks you that you have spoken like this, and If yes then the traffic police put fine on you for speaking aggressively.

So they taped even they are wrong that’s why you should never lose your humbleness when you are in angry also if you speak with humble then they would get fined for coming wrongly as because you speaking humbly and respectfully so the inspector listens to you carefully and take action on the wrong person… So understand that humbleness is a tool that makes the problem vanished.

Cut Off Your Ego

This is the main reason where many people get into trouble or even stuck in a relationship breakup.

As because they value their ego more than the person so it turns out to be dangerous which results in breaking of relationship in loves, family, friends, etc…so stop the ego as soon because once it grew like a tree it cannot be broke suddenly.

During communication, we should throw away ego because if you speak with ego then you cannot hear their words and even your body language hurts them like he is not listening like that, so the opposite member will get angry and stop communicating with you…

And even you don’t speak humbly if you set with ego you start to spoke hardly, violated words, and many more. So it finally results in fighting among yourself. That’s what you need?.. If no means just threw away ego and start communicating, you will notice the changes in speaking, hearing, body language, etc. Which impact results in good communication knowledge and makes the communication interesting.

# ” Shut Your Ego, While It Shuts You “

Communicate Humbly, Not With Current Mood.

These also some of the major causes for fights between communication as the both communicates should be treated humbly to get better communication, but if one of the people is not in good mood then they response harshly so the next behind him become angry and start to speak harshly which causes fights and relationship break… So practice the mindful of

Humbleness in any situation doesn’t replay with your current mood, always reply humbly if you are even out of control… Because you know why I spoke like this, but the opposite member knows?…. Not know?.. That’s why you should always speak humbly.

If your humbleness raises you to get a lot of respect and positivity which impact results in you being a better characteristic person. As because your humbleness plays a major role which seeks you in a good manner.

how to develop humility or how to be humble or how to be modest or how to become humble or how to stay humble

Avoid replying or speaking to someone with the current mood, for example, if you are happy and have the patience to listen to someone then start communicating with them… If you are not in a mood it’s better to be silent and get relaxed with some breaks for your mental relief… Because responding to someone in a not-good mood will hurt them… And even don’t lose your humility for not being in a happy mood,  if you are out of the mood to tell them that I am not in a mood to speak,   Sorry, so what happens they understand you and live them for few times. So never lose your humility with your current mood.

Humbleness makes you a better person and it also enriches your living standards. Humility tells about your rite. Humility makes you a better personality and respectable person. No one has a right to hurt you and you also don’t have a right to hurt anyone. Always give respect and take respect.

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