How to develop never die attitude

never die attitude

How To Develop Never Die Attitude??

There are several ways to maintain or show the attitude, but the real and most important fact is how you develop the accuracy of your attitude in the toughest times. When there are no hands to help is matters.

A small story, once a family of wives and children lived together in a small town they work in a job to maintain a family. one day suddenly they used to fire up from their job due to loss in the company. So they live stable for only 2 to 3 months without a job, one day those families get broked because of no job, which almost makes their daily life damage, but they didn’t give up, they just planned to search for a job, asking some credits from their family members and friends for their children food. As they didn’t give up even after they broke, After several weeks of searching they were finally placed with a $500/month package job.

They worked hard, spend less than they make, and worked extra hours for wages, so after months of hard work they were again replaced with a happier and stable life, they settled their credits which they bought from their family members and friends, so finally, they had a peace and valuable life… Then it goes on…

The moral of the story is they didn’t give up their attitude even after they get broke, instead of thinking suicide attempts, begging, or some sort of thing. They wait for a week with the consistent searching for a job. So it finally placed them from zero to hero.

How to develop never die attitude 1
never die attitude – never say die attitude – how to handle difficult situations – how to handle tough situations

So we should have this type of attitude and also we should not lose our attitude in the worst times, because your attitude speaks who you are? In worst and best times. Practice developing the attitude to be in a consistent manner.

Most of the people in today’s generation had never sought failure as a step for success, this is the main reason and cause to loss of hope in themself. It is fact we cannot accept failure suddenly, we should take steps to accept it.

But how it is? Simple first we should make our mindset to be fixed that failure is a step for success. Then We should stay in it consistently whenever failure enters then finally that failure should not exist again after you take steps to improve. This is the only way to get rid of fearing failure. If you practice this, surely you get a never-give-up attitude.

” Failure Is Not End, Failure Is A Step Towards Success “

Failures are only for adults? Nope, it is not only for adults but also for teenagers and students in higher studies. How they related, maybe in studies or exams because if a student fails in exam they cannot satisfied because they think of themselves as a negative and consider themselves as a weak student. it is because our school system does not encourage the students to fail in exams, they just scold them so which impact makes them not valuable.

So students must practice the ability of never give up attitude and never think of losing it in any situation… It is tough to be stuck consistently but when you start, it will move you towards the highest ever. So build up the attitude of never give up.

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never die attitude – never say die attitude – how to handle difficult situations – how to handle tough situations

The Foremost Reasons Nowadays nobody has able to follow the never die attitude is because of:

# 1) Losing Self

That’s the true reason most of the people are get failed… Because they are not giving priority to theirs but for others… In Which they losing their attitude and make themselves available. Once if you are available all time people would think of you as a time pass, or think of you as free always, it is the result and proposal you need?? If not means then go make yourself a life, building your castle first then you may help others.

Never lose yourself in the hardest time also, because it does not end, it is the time, how you get yourself upgrade and built… So be consistent and work more than you think. Surely the results would be more than you expected. Self-care is the best care, once you start loving yourself the world will turn to you because it all starts with you… So never lose yourself by impressing someone who is not even matters, and make sure to watch your lifestyle rather than others.

# ” Self Care Is The Best Care, Because It All Starts With You “

# 2) Opinions Rather Than Own Thoughts

One of the wasted ones is the opinion of others. Surely it is true, it destroys your thoughts and makes lose yourself. You have to maintain the ability of your mindset in all assets, which means other’s opinions do not destroy mine like this form. But what we are doing is simply following the opinion of others. you don’t know whether they given is true or false, if their opinion is good and truth it’s ok, but if it is not fact…

Then think of it, you lost your mindset as well as the lie opinion. Do you need that kind? If not means first try to find the opinion that is used for us. If not means don’t even mind it about that just hear and live, so impact the response of fake hearing is best rather than violent words, when it comes to the opinion. So try as much as possible, to research if the opinion supports and motivates you, if not then throw it like garbage.

Our attitude speaks who we are, so think of the small opinion that would lose you to somewhere, is it what you need? , for this, you have spent?  If not means have your mindset and work with that, surely it would result in what, which you do not think, but move those opinions aside which is not for your life, definitely your life will be a miserable one.

never die attitude – never say die attitude – how to handle difficult situations – how to handle tough situations

# 3) Use The Patience As Power

Yeah, it seems to be simple, but if you follow it regularly there is no more of a quit in life. That’s why the gym professions build their body to the extreme level because they have the never-die attitude, which makes their results a miserable one. But some things make the time we could not see results earlier as warren buffet says ” we cannot make a baby in one month if you are experienced by making nine women pregnant” that’s true, we should accept it and keep on working without giving up, but most of the person does not see the result earlier and think it has it is waste and quitting it. So simply blaming…

Once you fall and don’t see any results it is not what you are making bad, it is the time where Your patience plays when you are having patience you would see what you don’t think of that’s why Toyota cars built-in 14 hours while Rolls Royce may take up to 6 months, that is life. Life is full of struggles and when you wanna make an empire just be patient, it is also one of the never-give-up attitudes. So never estimate to leave the patience in self.

# 4) Watch Many Inspiring Stories Of Legends

Yeah, it is one of the good methods to make our mind stay in and never give up attitude. But why?? Let me tell you we don’t get any messages or interesting facts without learning or watching something, but if you see some videos of legends how they stay positive, how many days taken for them to built their empire, how they work with that, etc. You get some idea or belief of how their attitude plays…for them so likewise, your mind will also like that and start up to build the never-give-up attitude which could be handed to you to stay in the fixed mindset.

That’s why we should watch some articles and videos of legends. But watching only will not give results you should take it has the medicine and start to follow it and importantly following only is not matters, it is matters if you stay in that consistently so that only you can see the results, that’s why you should never give up your attitude until you reach success.

never die attitude – never say die attitude – how to handle difficult situations – how to handle tough situations

# 5) React Positively

Yes the universal truth, because our life is what 20% problems and 80℅ how you react…so stop reacting to the situations which you can’t control. Mostly try to react positively in any situation that’s what your attitude rises, as because you see good in everything, those things will reach you positive even it is negative, but I don’t say anything to see in positive some things should be negative to us and your attitude will make it destroy when you know to react accordingly…

So try as much as possible to react cool too hard and good times, because when you are cool your mind will be clear and you have a way to tackle those times, so be cool and positive in situations which are not under control, it may result in you the excellent person with the best attitude.

How to keep ourselves fighting in difficult times and develop a never-die attitude?

Are you having a grief experience? Are you or have you ever experienced a loss in your life of a romantic relationship, a friendship, a
work, a house, or even a totally different kind of stressor? Whatever you struggle with, here are some expert tips for help. Now I’m not claiming that after reading this article all of your worries and stress will be over but you will be equipped with some strength and positivity to fight it strongly.

never die attitude
never die attitude – never say die attitude – how to handle difficult situations – how to handle tough situations

First Method to develop never die attitude:

This method was used by Thomas Alva Edison one of the greatest inventors of the world and businessman who has been described as America’s greatest inventor. It was also used by Professor William
James “Father of Applied Psychology”. Later it was also mentioned by Dale Carnegie one of the best coaches in the world in his book “How to stop worrying & start living.” I recommend you to read the book. To develop a good attitude in yourself you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people.

It will not oust your tension either in this article. But you will get an idea that why worry will give you nothing but death. Strong statement..!? But that’s true. Dr. Alexis Carrel once said, “Businessmen who do not know
how to fight worry die young.” It can be applied to everyone. Here are some tips which can help you in fighting difficult times.

  1. Write precisely what are you worrying about?
  2. Write down what can you do about it.
  3. Decide what to do i.e. choose the best solution.
  4. Start immediately to carry out that decision.

Now you’ll ask why writing is so important. Once Charles Kettering said, “A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” After the death of Thomas Alva Edison, more than two thousand notebooks were found filled with problems and their possible solutions.

Don’t quit just work on stating the problem precisely and thinking of all the possible solutions then selecting the best among them and finally implementing that solution. It makes you get control over the problem and you will start working on solving it.

never die attitude – never say die attitude – how to handle difficult situations – how to handle tough situations

Second Method to develop never die attitude :

Acknowledge and feel your feelings- “Avoiding the negative emotion may feel like an efficient stopgap measure, but in fact, it actually postpones, and maybe escalates and exacerbates, a flood of negative emotion sometimes in the future,” said John Duffy, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, and author. Ignoring your feelings is “like trying to run away from someone on your back right away. The only way to be truly safe is to pause and face the feelings, “said Hibbert, who also specializes in mental health, postpartum problems, and parenting for women.

never die attitude – never say die attitude – how to handle difficult situations – how to handle tough situations

Here are the ways on how you can fight the difficult situation and develop a never die attitude:

  1. Talk about it- “When people bottle up challenging situations, the
    problems grow and mutate into horrible worries and anxieties,”
    said Ryan Howes, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and author of the
    blog “In Therapy.” So don’t keep it to yourself find someone close to you to discuss the problem. Through discussion, you will feel good and will be able to face it. Many times you will find that everyone is going through some hard feeling and that will make you think that it is just not with you it is a very common feeling and most the people face it.
  2. Try to see past the hardship– It’s difficult to see the upside when you are in a crisis. Yet you can see the situation at a certain distance in a different way. Most of the time we just busy thinking about the hardship which the current problem is giving you but instead we must look into what good that problem has done. Every problem is an opportunity to learn and earn. So look at the positive side of this tough situation. What good has happened because of this problem?
  3. Prioritize self-care- “Self-care is absolutely necessary to survive
    tough situations,” said Marter, who also pens the Psych Central
    blog “The Psychology of Success in Business.” “You won’t be of any help to others if you are incapacitated,” Howes said. In a difficult time don’t miss your food rather have a healthy diet because a healthy body can fight hard. Most people get depressed and don’t have healthy meals and that just increases the problem instead during tough times we must focus on a good diet.
  4. Consider if you’re experiencing a catastrophe or an inconvenience- Many times the difficult situation is just an inconvenience but we treat that as an end of life. Often we magnify issues and turn a fixed issue into catastrophe.
    The psychotherapist, writer, and teacher Jeffrey Sumber of M.A.
    shared a family lesson more specifically about problems. “My great grandmother gave our family a very important key to coping with difficult situations in life. She suggested that if anything can be fixed with money, it is not really a problem. This rule has been very important in my life as a reminder that so often we create catastrophes where there are sometimes inconveniences.
  5. Practice acceptance- “Acceptance of what has happened is the 1st
    step in overcoming the consequences of any miss fortune” said
    Prof. William James. Many a time we just not believe that something bad has happened to us. Through that mindset, we cant work on solving that issue. So it is important to acknowledge the loss and then figuring out how to deal with it.
  6. Ask for help- Asking for help will not make you weak. All the family members, close relatives, and professionals are here to help you. This world works when everyone is helping another person. You see all the things around us is because we all are working together. So always ask for help and if possible help others in tough situations.
  7. Remember that everyone heals differently- “These are their path, I
    urge children and adults to tell them, and that no one can watch the
    clock.” “There are different ways that everybody thinks. And in
    various ways, everyone recovers.” Serani said. Don’t compare yourself with others and get demoralized. We all are different and handle our problems differently so don’t get carried away by what others are doing, just focus on how you can solve your problem.
never die attitude
never die attitude – never say die attitude – how to handle difficult situations – how to handle tough situations

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