learn to handle negative people

Handle negative people with these 5 simple tricks

Handle negative people with these 5 simple tricks

We all must have encountered negative thinking people who find fault in each and every thing because a research says that 1 out of 4 individual are negative.

Handle negative people with these 5 simple tricks
How to handle negative people

Now negative thinking is not at all good for health as negative energy has lot of side effect on our health.

Negative thinking also generate fear in an individual and because of the fear either a person don’t take any step or if he takes he will do it halfheartedly and that impact the result. Negative thinking people make other people negative and by that their relationship with other individual get affected. Negative thinking people are also not able to enjoy all the fun activities fully because of their very nature of thinking negative about all the activities. As negative people can harm us so we must know how to handle them properly. Here are the ways of handling them:

1. First thing is don’t take it personally. When a person is negative they try to say negative thing about our attitude and character so don’t give importance to them for a short duration they are full of negative thought and they will be fine after some time so don’t take it personally. We must try to say positive statement about ourselves when eve a negative person is criticizing us. Its not what other say about us it what we believe about ourselves.

2. Many a time people become negative because of the past negative thing which had happened to them.  When a similar situation arise then they would react negatively.

For an example let say someone had losses in business in past most probably they will react negative if you would talk to them about business. So when we try to find the past experience which is making the person negative then we will approach the person with greater compassion.

3. Negative people react negatively to negative situation. So let say you are with person who react negatively then at that time we have to stay positive because if we will also become negative then the situation will be worse. We have to remind to our self that its not the action its the response which make the difference. So in a situation if other person are getting negative if we want to handle that person then we have to think that its not the action its my response which will make the difference.

Let say in a trip with your friends in last minute your bookings got canceled and let say your friend is negative individual then he will start spreading negative energy we have to make sure that we are positive and not impacted by the friend who has become negative by thinking that its not action its response which makes the difference.

4. We must not react negatively to person who is behaving negative. If we will also behave negative then situation will become worse. We need 2 hands to make a sound by a clap so we must not go to their negative energy level because that will create the situation even worse.

5. If we are positive and have very positive self image then we will be able to handle negative people very well and we might be able to help negative people by saying positive statement. By saying positive statement their thought process might change from negative direction to positive direction. This is difficult but if we are positive and have positive self image then its worth trying. 

Now what if we are the person who become negative very easily? Now we must work on growing our self and that work must not be temporary like when ever we get angry we watch movie or take a walk or get involved in other fun activities because this is just a temporary fix we must get a permanent fix which is having control on our mind that when ever we are trying to think negative we can stop thinking in that direction and shift our thought process to positive direction.

learn to handle negative people

If you want to learn more about this then you can read book winning with people by John Maxwell. Here is the link where you can purchase Winning with people 

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