MS Dhoni leadership qualities

MS Dhoni leadership qualities – 8 inspiring qualities

MS Dhoni leadership qualities - 8 Things to learn from CAPTAIN COOL - MS DHONI
MS Dhoni leadership qualities – 8 Things to learn from CAPTAIN COOL – MS DHONI

MS Dhoni leadership qualities8 Things to learn from CAPTAIN COOL – MS DHONI

MS Dhoni is again in limelight again these days not due to his performance but for other reasons best known to the people who are raising it. MSD, as he is popularly known, has won important ICC tournaments for INDIA but more importantly has taught us various VALUES OF LIFE

1.   MS Dhoni leadership qualities –   COOL:

He is known to be “COOL AS CUCUMBER” even in the tensest situation. He has shown us that even when you are in the most hopeless situation DON’T PANIC and show your vulnerability. Most of us, when the things don’t go as per expectation, we get HYPER and PANIC only to let the moment slip and later regret to have reacted in such a way. MSD shows us how to remain calm and undisturbed, and then you will receive clarity on what needs to be done.

2.       MS Dhoni leadership qualities –   Great Finisher:

So many times we have seen MSD hitting the winning runs for team India. Sometimes, he goes down to the wire (last over) and finish it in style, remember the 2011 World Cup match? I believe not a single cricket fan in the world will be able to forget that moment. What we learn from MSD here is, it might take some time to finish a TASK.

It’s better to finish that TASK on a winning note than to rather work on it and give it up halfway cos you don’t have energy or belief left to WIN. MSD teaches us how to conserve energy and have the faith that you will WIN even if it goes to the last ball. Have Faith in your abilities

MS Dhoni leadership qualities - 8 Things to learn from CAPTAIN COOL - MS DHONI
MS Dhoni leadership qualities – 8 Things to learn from CAPTAIN COOL – MS DHONI

3.    MS Dhoni leadership qualities –      Leadership:

MSD is known for being an unconventional leader. Remember the first ICC T20 tournament, wherein the last over was given to Joginder Sharma who defended 13 runs. Earlier in the same tournament for the match against Pakistan which entered Super Over, he bowled Virendra Sehwag and Robin Uthappa who never bowled in the tournament earlier.

We can learn from MSD is that a Leader does things differently and backs his team on every occasion. A leader knows the strength and weakness of all his teammates and plays on their strengths

4.     MS Dhoni leadership qualities –     Selflessness:

MSD is known for crediting his teammates for WINNING and have seen handing over the trophy to the team. He is never in the forefront in celebration of winning, we seen him behind the team and other team members carrying the trophy. An analogy that can be drawn in our professional life too. How many times have we given credit to our team members on the timely completion of a project or appreciation received from Top management.

A leader needs to be selfless and keep himself at the forefront during failure and take responsibility while winning should be at the back of the team and make them feel like winners.

5.    MS Dhoni leadership qualities –      Tough Decision Making:

MSD is often criticized for ruining the careers of top players by dropping them before an important tournament. In the bigger scheme of things, and to build the Indian team for future matches it was necessary though painful to make those changes. A leader is often criticized for making decisions that may seem painful for few but in the larger interest of the company/project will always be BEST. Keep a Larger picture in mind before taking harsh decisions

6.     MS Dhoni leadership qualities –     Respect your seniors:

We can never forget the last match of Sourav Ganguly wherein MSD handed over the captaincy to him for a brief period during the match. This gesture of him showed his respect for seniors in the team and giving him a perfect sendoff. In our professional/personal life, we often neglect our seniors and look at them as competition. Learn to be like MSD who respects his seniors and make them feel valued

7.      MS Dhoni leadership qualities –    Take responsibility:

We all know that during the 2011 World Cup Final, MSD promoted himself up the order to soak the pressure due to quick wickets at the top. This is how a leader should behave when they are faced with difficult situations. How many times we blame the team member for not delivering while it was the leader’s responsibility to take things in his hands and finish the same on winning note.

8.      MS Dhoni leadership qualities –    Motivator:

We have heard MSD behind the stumps always guiding and motivating the players to perform and pep them up during a period of low confidence. As a leader, it is our responsibility to motivate our team and be a motivator to instill confidence for them to achieve their best. However, most of the times a leader is heard mostly screaming and demeaning his team members for non-performance. This is one important quality, which all the corporate leaders should learn from MSD

MS Dhoni leadership qualities - 8 Things to learn from CAPTAIN COOL - MS DHONI
MS Dhoni leadership qualities – 8 Things to learn from CAPTAIN COOL – MS DHONI

MSD has become a legend for the game due to his qualities mentioned above and not only due to his cricketing skills. He is truly a competitor and knows the game of cricket the best anyone in recent times.

I have learned this from one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people .

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MS Dhoni leadership qualities – 8 inspiring qualities

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