• mardaani

    Learning from mardaani and mardaani 2

    Learning from mardaani and mardaani 2 A female is accused every day physically or mentally, she is tortured by those jerks for the vagina and to satisfy their needs, they turn into a monster and rape a girl, molest her, humiliate her and what else, this not only destroys her self-esteem but her faith in humanity too. This movie targets these kinds of torture on a girl and how a lady police officer saves them from those animals, from their torture and from beaten up by them every day. The title of the movie “Mardaani” is so apt. as it conveys to a lady police officers as males are recognize…

  • Losing in sports or winning and losing in sports or losing game or losing in game or losing sport

    How to overcome the fear of losing in sports

    Many of us have a fear of losing in sports. Let’s learn how to overcome it. What if my opponent turns out to be very strong? What if I lose badly? What if I embarrass myself? What if I disappoint my parents, my coach, and my team? What if I don’t perform well? And what if, what if, what if…This can go on and on. Your mind gets struck by these thoughts when you enter a battle ring. What actually these are, fear – right? Fear of if all the hard work is done goes in vain or any physical danger. See always remember we don’t have control over results…

  • DMIT test in Bangalore or DMIT Bangalore or DMIT in Bangalore or DMIT test cost in Bangalore or DMIT test Bangalore

    Benefits of DMIT test

    Benefits of DMIT test If you are reading this article then probably you must have read the article about DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test). If you haven’t read yet then please read that first: https://sudarshanpurohit.com/dmit-test-in-bangalore/ Here we are going to discuss the benefits of DMIT test. During my research, I found that DMIT test has ten major benefits. This test affects you in all spheres of your life. May it be your relationship, your job, your studies, your interests, etc. It is of all age groups. For children, it will help in deciding proper subjects, activities, etc. For adults, it will help in deciding career, interests, goals, relationships, etc. For…

  • Qualities of a good doctor - 10 awesome qualities of a good doctor


    HOW TO DEVELOP HUMILITY or HOW TO BE HUMBLE or HOW TO BE MODEST Humility means being modest, humble, and egoless. Being humble is a virtue that is mostly found in great and very successful individuals. A humble individual treats everyone with respect and in return get lot of respect. A humble person is always down to earth. Humility means to attribute, humble that makes you special from others. Sometimes people see it as a dismissive quality and think of a humble person as powerless. But the humble person is more powerful mentally. Being humble aid to develop trust and a good learning attitude, which are the key aspect of…