What have you done in last 6 months to make your relationship strong with your family members?

What have you done in last 6 months to make your relationship strong with your family members?

What have you done in last 6 months to make your relationship strong with your family members?

Do you know exactly what you must do to make a strong bond with your family members?

What have you done in last 6 months to make your relationship strong with your family members?

Actually few people come in life just for very short duration and for very specific reason. Like you meet your doctor, some shopkeepers, someone accompanying you in a trip. We just have to say hi or hello on some special occasion like festivals to them. Then we have few relationship which stay for few months or for few years mainly because of our current situation or circumstances. This is like with our school friends, your room mates, relation with colleague in office or with boss in office.

More the time you spend with them accordingly you would have to spend time in keeping in touch with them. We have to Call them once a month or once in 3 months to check how they are doing. Few relationship are for life time like with your parents, your spouse, your kids and your best friend. These relationships are ongoing and are for life time.

These relationship need continuous cultivation and we must do something every day to keep it refresh. Now how to cultivate a lifetime relationship to keep it healthy and growing here are the 6 ways: 

1. Always keep relationship higher than the situation! this means that we are committed to our relationship what ever happen we will not hamper our relationship. As all have different mindset so all will have different views and that will definitely give strain and setback in relationship but in all these situations one must keep relationship higher then the situation !!! Deep commitment (which is relationship bigger than situation) to the relationship is one of the greatest asset one can have. This is the foundation of lifelong relationship !!! 

2. Daily enthusiastic communication keep the relationship going. One has to make sure that he does communicate with full positive energy with their family members. This enthusiastic communication make relationship stronger. For example what ever positive is happening with you the first person with whom you share this must be your family members. They must receive that positive energy from you that make them feel positive. When ever we get back home keep all the negative thing out and just meet all your family members with complete positive energy.

Lets say you are away from your parents or your kids then you must call them everyday and share some positive news with them this make the bond strong. Don’t think that i don’t have anything to communicate so i wont call to keep the relationship strong we must communicate intentionally. Intentional communication with full positive energy, which is enthusiasm, is the key to make a strong bond with your family. Think of what positive happened and share that with family member in full energy !!! 

3. We must set our family member free to do what they want and must tell them that we are with them in all the situation!!! We must be empathetic to our family member which is we must enjoy where they enjoy and must let them free to do what they want. This way we put their concern first !! if they want to do something which is opposite to what you think then also letting them do what they want and be their to support them if anything fall short. 

4. Make countless memories with your family members. If you see when ever we meet other person after long time first thing we discuss is memories of shared experiences !!! We must travel a lot with our family members and must do many activities together to create positive memories. 

5. We must help our family member to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Growing together keep the relationship fresh and strong and this growth becomes one of the reason of why we want to be with our family members because we are better everyday with them !!! If your spouse want to learn something or want to do some work we must let them do because that way they grow !!! 

6. Flatter each other. Say good qualities of other to them as often as you can. Praising your family member make them feel that you value them and that make the bond strong. We must flatter them as often as we can and must say that we love them and how much we care for them. With doing these things we must be verbal on why we are doing this for them because we care for them. This also make the relationship strong. Tell them that they are good and what you do to make them happy is also a way to make the relationship strong!!!

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