Keep relationship higher than any situation in life

Keep relationship higher than any situation in life

Keep relationship higher than any situation in life

Had you ever scolded your kids because they broke something at home or they lost something costly or got bad grades in exam? Have you ever got into a fight with your wife because of not cooking the food right or not managing the things properly? Have you ever got upset from your husband because of taking wrong financial decisions or not managing the house well or forget something which was really important to you? 

Keep relationship higher than any situation in life

 If your family environment is getting disturbed in these rough times then you are not keeping relationship higher then situation. Learn from this blog how to give relationship the more importance then the situation !!! Many a times we give situation a more importance then relationship!!!

If someone does a mistake then we start scolding them. This happen because we think negative about that individual that he has done a mistake so he is not good enough and then this negative thought get mixed with energy and we react negatively. We must understand that relationship will become strong when we think positive about other individual.

If someone does mistake we must not think that he is not good enough we must think that what can i do so that he will not make the mistake again. this perceptive will change the way we behave with our family members. We As a family member we must always work on improving other individual in all ways financially, physically, mentally, spiritually.

If we think of helping our family members then we will have awesome relationship !!! It is common that everyone does mistake no body is in this world who does not make mistake and through mistake only one person learn important lesson of life. Our thought process must be of growing our family member when they do mistake not scolding them !!!

If we raise our temperature in all the mistakes done by our family members then we actually has to work on our thought process because its getting negative easily. Sometime we might have to raise our voice to make other person understand but while doing this we must say that why we are doing this.

For an example let say your kids are not studying then you can say in harsh voice but with that you must say that you are doing this for their betterment so that they have better carrier and life and you are also not liking speaking like this. Many a time they understand only through this way. But before doing this you must try to make them understand why studying is important and then try to give offer them something they like if they do study well but still if they are not understanding then we can raise our voice.

In this our mindset is clear that we want to help them. We are not negative in our mind that our kid is not good we have clear positive statement that we want to grow our child !!! 

Let say if someone in family is doing a mistake again and again. this will need a higher commitment from you to fix it up. Problem could be that they don’t know how to do it right then we will have to teach them or the problem could be that they are not interested to do something which is important then we will have to make them understand the importance of it.

If they are not improving by explaining the importance then we can offer something which they like to make them interested to do that activity and if that also not working then we can scold them. So a repeated mistake would need higher involvement to get it fixed. We must all love our family member unconditionally that mean that we must all believe that our family member can grow and you will work on growing them.

Even if they do something wrong you completely believe in your family member and you will work with him so that he can improve himself. we must say to our family member that i always want you to do what is right but regardless of what you do know that i still love you. If we keep situation more than relationship then we get rich, we keep our health well, we will have fun at home and we will have great relationship!!!

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