DMIT Test – Everything you need to know.

    DMIT Test – Everything you need to know A child has to go through many hardships in his life. He has to go to school, interact with his peers, try to make a mark in school, and after all that come back home and try living up to his parents’ expectations. What if there was a way for the parents to identify their child’s innate potential and understand how their child thinks, solves problems, communicates, and also to know in what field of learning their child will excel. The DMIT test does all that and so much more. The technology was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner and his team of…

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    Benefits of DMIT test

    Benefits of DMIT test If you are reading this article then probably you must have read the article about DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test). If you haven’t read it yet then please read that first: https://sudarshanpurohit.com/dmit-test-in-bangalore/ Here we are going to discuss the benefits of DMIT test. During my research, I found that DMIT test has ten major benefits. This test affects you in all spheres of your life. May it be your relationship, your job, your studies, your interests, etc. It is of all age groups. For children, it will help in deciding proper subjects, activities, etc. For adults, it will help in deciding career, interests, goals, relationships, etc.…