How to be a Good Teacher?

    How to be a Good Teacher? The childhood phase is probably, the best phase for any person. We thoroughly enjoy our school life, with almost zero responsibility, no troubles, playing games without a care or worry in the world. All we had to do were study and write tests. Life was much easier back then. Compare this to our present life. Sigh! But, at the same time, it is also the phase where we are moulded to be responsible and decent people, inculcating discipline, habits, behaviours, and also to be ready for the future challenges of life. And who does all that? The school and its teachers obviously. We spend…

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    How to be a good teacher?

    How to become a good teacher? A teacher is regarded as Guru in sanskrit (gu-darkness;ru-light). A person who is considered to have great knowledge, wisdom and authority. He teaches us knowledge (light) and removes ignorance (darkness). We all are our own teachers as we have a guru within us and then come our parents who are considered to be our first teachers because we spend the initial years of childhood in our home and the learning begins from home. Then comes the ones who take teaching as a profession also considered to be a noble profession because they mold the torch bearers of the society and ensure a better future…