Youth representative program 1

Youth representative program

What exactly is a Youth representative program?

A Youth Representative program is the means for a company to maintain its brand presence among college/university students. In a Youth Representative program, companies hire and appoint Youth Representatives in their respective colleges, and these Youth Representatives essentially represent the company in their campuses.

A Youth Representative has to promote the activities of the company within the campus be it promotional events, educational events or anything a company require. The core responsibilities of the ambassador is not only to make people aware of the company’s ventures but also to make sure that everybody participates in the activities promoted by the company within the campus.

Perks and Benefits:

Youth representative program 2

    1. LinkedIn Recommendations  
    2. Assured Certificate(Participation & Appreciation) 
    3. Exclusive Access to Webinars
    4. Weekly Cash Incentives Goodies :
    5. Better world T-shirts
    6. Better World Bags
    7. Pens & Diaries
    8. Stickers
    9. Mugs & Bottle
    10. Points Based On tasks

Roles and Responsibilities:

Youth representative program 3

  1. Be the official Youth Representative and branding representative of Better World in your college.
  2. Create Workshops, contests in your Campus.
  3. Promote our Entrepreneurship courses in your college and get students to sign up & subscribe our social media handles (including YouTube).
  4. Publicize by displaying posters on notice boards, sharing e-posters on WhatsApp, Facebook etc., circulating emails, etc.
  5. Maintain relevant databases and submit monthly reports.
  6. Conduct Better World Workshop/Webinars every 6 months and Entrepreneurship/ online Webinars every 45 days in your campus.
  7. Organize counselling sessions and meet-ups in college canteen/campus with Mentors & Alumni.
  8. Represent us in the Placement Cells of your college.
  9. Come up with innovative ideas on how Better World can assist your college and associate us with any technical fest or sessions that your college conducts.
  10. Put better World “Books” in college library.
  11. Introduce Soul and Body event of Better World in Campus.
  12. Get students to attend ‘Webinars’ – organized by Mentors of Better World.
  13. Associate Better World with various college societies and fest organizers.
  14. Any other marketing initiative will be rewarded as well.


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