What is DMIT Test? – Everything you need to know about proven benefits in academic and professional growth.


What is DMIT Test? – Everything you need to know!

A child has to go through many hardships in his life. He has to go to school, interact with his peers, try to make a mark in school, and after all that come back home and try living up to his parents’ expectations.

What if there was a way for the parents to identify their child’s innate potential and understand how their child thinks, solves problems, communicates, and also to know in what field of learning their child will excel. The DMIT test does all that and so much more.

The technology was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner and his team of scientists in the late 1800s. This piece of technology uses two studies known to man, dermatoglyphics, which is the study of skin and skin patterns, and multiple intelligence theory.

Before a child is even born, when it is still in its mother’s womb, the fingerprints of a child would have developed by the 6th month of pregnancy. After decades of research by prominent scientists, it is said that the patterns in brain development are closely related to the patterns on our fingerprints.

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The DMIT test gives an in-depth perspective on your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and other hidden traits that are not easily recognizable. For instance, if your child doesn’t study well or doesn’t grasp topics at the same speed as his peers, the DMIT test tells you the best method of learning for your child, either visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Since you already know the best way forward with the way your child studies, he will find it easier to grasp topics and will even be able to compete with his peers.

The DMIT test is not a solution to the answer, rather a cheat code that assures your success and tells you your strengths, and allows you to play right to them.

Your child won’t understand the topic because you want him to, rather he will understand it because he finds it interesting and fun to do so.

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DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Derma meaning skin and glyphics meaning patterns, which means fingerprints. Every person in this world has a completely unique fingerprint, and so the DMIT results aren’t the same for any two people.

The research on this topic kicked-off when scientists observed that the brain of a fetus developed between the 13th and 21st week of pregnancy. Surprisingly it was also found that the development of fingerprints happens side by side. The scientists set about to look for a link in-between the development of the fingerprint and the brain. The DMIT test thus culminated after decades of intensive research.

We know that no two fingerprints are alike, just like that no two brains are alike as well. There are two types of talent according to the related research, it is acquired talent and inborn talent.

Acquired talent is something that a person learns in the world and gets good at. Inborn talent is the hidden talent that already exists in the child because of its brain’s uniqueness.

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Every child has an inborn talent. Some people figure out what their inborn talents are and some people don’t. This makes all the difference in a person being successful or not. Can you imagine what would have happened if Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli had decided to choose golf as their interest instead of cricket?

The country would have been robbed of great talent. Sometimes when you are doing an activity, it feels like you are not putting in any effort at all, but are still ahead of the others competing with you. This is the inborn talent that lies coded somewhere in between the development of the brain and fingerprints.

The DMIT test lays it out on a plate for you to read and recognize your inborn talent. When you know that you have an inborn talent for swimming, why would you try your hand in wrestling or even archery?

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The DMIT test empowers you to the knowledge that you don’t have and understand completely, but by following the right directions, any child can be successful.

When we see a famous actor on the silver screen, or Ronaldo or Messi playing for their clubs on the TV, we say they were blessed by God and that’s why they are that good at what they do. But, this isn’t the case. Every person is born with an innate talent and once recognized will propel him to the top of whatever he is pursuing.

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The DMIT test also gives in-depth analysis into IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), CQ (Creativity Quotient), and AQ(Adversity Quotient). People take years trying to figure out these, where the DMIT test takes days.

The DMIT test also benefits the child for its academics. Because the child and parents know and have an analysis of the child’s test, the appropriate learning method can be used to gain more from the least reacquired effort.

The DMIT test also allows the child to grow up to be a successful professional in whatever field he is good at. Since the DMIT test recognizes the innate talent that the child hasn’t identified yet, the parents with a little effort can nurture it and the child will turn out to be successful. The report has already told you what you are designed to be good at and so you have the backing of the report and enter that stream more confidently.

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That’s not all, the DMIT test also tells you what activities stimulate that child’s brain the most and what activities the parents must do when the child experiences stress.

The DMIT test is a one-stop-shop for all your questions related to an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and behavior.

The best part of the DMIT test is that a person of any age group can get it done, and use the detailed report to live a more informed and balanced life.

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The other half of the test, multiple intelligence tells us which of the 8 types of intelligence a person has. The 8 types of intelligence listed are;

  • Word Smart- A person who has a way with words or who loves playing with words. Example- Poets, Writers, etc.
  • Number Smart- A person who loves to play with numbers. Example- Mathematicians, Scientists, etc.
  • Picture Smart- A person who loves drawing & who is very imaginative & artistic. Examples- Artists, Painters, etc.
  • Body Smart- A person who has a strong physical buildup & who is very active physically. Example- Bodybuilders, Athletes, Defense personals, etc.
  • Music Smart- A person who is good at musical notes. Example- Musicians, Singers, Music directors, etc.
  • People Smart- A person who knows too much about people & who understands the thinking of others. These types of people know how to deal with others. Example- Politicians, Lawyers, Counselors, etc.
  • Self Smart- A person who knows too much about himself or herself & who has good clarity of mind. Examples- Visionaries, Defense personals, etc.
  • Nature Smart- A person who is connected with nature & understands the working of nature. They have a good ability to solve the problems occurring in nature or surroundings. Example- Scientists, Environmentalists, Engineers, Doctors, etc.

The DMIT test also tells us if the left side of the brain is more dominant or the right side is more dominant. There are certain actions associated with each of the sides, making it easy to determine what the person is good at.

The left side of the Cerebrum deals with logic, language, science, mathematics, facts, rules, present, past, reality, strategies, etc. That means the left side is more analytical.

The right side of the cerebrum deals with emotions, holistic thoughts, intuitions, symbols, images, art, craft, music, imagination, present, future, fantasy, impetuous, etc. It is more risk-taking. Hence, it is more creative. If the right cerebrum is more dominant then the person is very creative. If the left cerebrum is dominant then the person is more practical & analytical

There are 5 lobes in the brain, each associated with a different character, ability, and quality of a person.

  • Pre-frontal brain lobes
  • Frontal brain lobes
  • Parietal brain lobes
  • Occipital brain lobes
  • Temporal brain lobes

The DMIT test tells us which of our lobes are more active than the other, hence shaping the human being we are.

The DMIT test also tells us what type of personality we have, so we can analyze and strive to be better as human beings.

  • Eagle Personality- A person who is bold & dominant.
  • Peacock Personality- A person who loves to talk.
  • Owl Personality- A person who is logical & wise.
  • Dove Personality- A person who is people-oriented. That means a person who likes to deal with people.

The DMIT test also tells you what kind of people are the most suitable partners for you, hence making it easier for you to choose your life partner as well.

When a person knows so much about themselves, and are trying to be successful, there is nothing that can stop them from reaching their ultimate goal. This is what the DMIT test does, it simplifies life and lets you make the full use of your potential without letting your talents go to waste.

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