• Where did the concept of God come from? 1

    Where did the concept of God come from?

    Where did the concept of God come from? Our mind works in cause and effect format. Now the first question comes to our mind that what cause was there which yielded the concept of god? As we can understand that humans used to get sick and because of that medicine got invented. But how did man happen to try to find out about god? Now necessity is the mother of all inventions. The question in mind was how can one become really happy? because with all the material possession also one is not happy. They found that without inner satisfaction one cannot be happy. Now the question is how to…

  • How to Cope with Divorce? 2

    How to Cope with Divorce?

    How to Cope with Divorce? The issue of separation would appear to need no introduction. Divorce indicates the usually messy and unpleasant termination of a marriage. For better or for worse, separation is a very typical event these times. Most everyone has remained affected by it, both by working through it themselves as a partner or a kid, or recognising someone who has passed through it as a spouse or as a kid. Along with knowing how to cope with a divorce, here’s how you can always create opportunities. Notwithstanding extensive awareness of the importance of parting, the features of the separation means are less well known. In this part,…

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    Getting over a Divorce.

    Getting over a Divorce. While grief can be immobilizing at first, after a while, most grieving people find that little by little, they are ready to move on with their lives. For a time, they may find themselves moving on and grieving at the same time. Over time, however, if everything goes well, the grieving process loses steam and more energy becomes available for moving on with life. Discussion of the moving forward process is handled in a later section of this document. Here’s how you can create opportunities in life. Methods for Coping with Emotion As a functional theme, there are many things that somebody can do to support…

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    Techniques for Children coping with Divorce.

    Techniques for Children coping with Divorce. Separation is very hard on kids. It completely transforms their whole lives by altering their families and sustenance circumstances and by questioning their capacity to believe in the security and trustworthiness of parental assistance. Lacking individual perspective due to their tender age, naiveté and adolescence, kids are inclined to distorting the reasons divorce is happening and amplifying how divorce will influence them. Here’s how you can crate opportunities in life. They may bother that they made the divorce by being a “bad child”, or that they will be ostracised or ignored. They may begin to consider that no one is reliable. They may grow…