How to be a good mother | How to be a good mom | How to be a better mom | How to become a good mother | How to become a better mom.


MOTHER “The name of unconditional LOVE.”

How to be a good mother | How to be a good mom | How to be a better mom | How to become a good mother | How to become a better mom.

The most divine or pure bond in the world exists between a mother and her child. Mother is said to be a creation of God, as God couldn’t be present everywhere. There is no greater calling in the world than being a mother. The completeness for a woman is when becoming a mother. She is the one who always takes care of the responsibilities of her children and family. Being a mother is one of the best feelings in the world… children are a part of their mother’s heart…she gives them unconditional love without expecting anything in return.

As we know, the life of a woman changes a lot when she becomes a mother, they adapt themselves to the changes… It’s a fascinating and beautiful journey they take to parenthood, along the way they learn so much, not just about the kids, but themselves. It is no lie that they are the real models in their children’s lives.

God not only made her body wonderfully to carry a child in her womb for nine months but also made her heart so wonderfully, that she carries her child in the heart until it stops working.

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No girl has to know the characteristics of a good mother because each one of them enters their motherhood with some of their own beliefs or expectations about what it means to be a good mother. Generally, a woman develops these beliefs/ ideas through the experiences with their parents, and through the expectations of friends, family, and society. Every mother is a great mom they have their unique qualities making them the BEST. A mother’s role is irreplaceable.

How to be a good mother | How to be a good mom | How to be a better mom | How to become a good mother | How to become a better mom.

 And here comes the thing, isn’t it a hard thing to think about what makes one a good mum? What qualities do a good mum possess? No one is perfect even a mom sometimes. There are so many things that can make you a good mum and everyone is different, so will have different strengths.

Here are the things that make moms awesome:

  • Giving love unconditionally.
  • Being patient (no other example can match for patience other than mom)
  • Always does what is best for her child.
  • Never hurts/ yell at her child.
  • They always try to see things from their kid’s point of view. Asking their opinion whenever it’s possible or appropriate.
  • Always puts child’s needs before her own.
  • They won’t set boundaries, for her children.
  • Believes in her child more than anyone else in the world.
  • They always feel the most important thing in the world is her child.
  • Never resents her child.
  • Always willing to give up anything for her child.
  • Always letting their children when they do a good job.
  • Prays for her child with tears behind them.
  • Takes the pain without showing it to her child.
  • She is the lamp of her house.
  • Plays a crucial role in  building a good family.

Qualities of a Good Mom:

  • The most important quality a mom can have just believes in your children no matter what.
  • Teach your children how to love unconditionally and about forgiveness, this will in turn make them self-loving which is very important.
  • Teach them ethics, morals and the behavioural manners in their childhood itself so that they carry those things throughout their lives.
  • Teach them the wisdom with the help of interesting stories in their childhood.
  • Speak words of wisdom and kindness.
  • Teach them the fear of God so that they don’t fall in evil things.
  • Teach and show them how to be content with what they have in their lives.
  • Be the trustworthy one so that your child takes you as a model.
  • Teach them about the internal beauty in heart not to emphasise on the temporary external beauty.
  • Serve your family so that your child learns how to do service with lot of patience like you.
  • Teach them how to respect elders.
  • Be there for your children when they need you the most.
  • A good mum is the one whose children can go to them at anytime and talk to them about anything with no fear of being judged.
  •  Teach your children about the importance of self-worth so that they don’t get down when they face any failures or being rejected by anyone.
  • Teach them how to live the life to the fullest.
  • Make time to have fun with your kids.
  • Allow your children to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Don’t compare your kids, this is the worst thing that a parent can do for his child. Everyone is unique. Let them go in their own way.
  • Stand by them and encourage them. Identify the talent and potential in them and support them so that they can excel in their lives.
  • Save money for their future and teach them why it is important to save and how to save.
  • Don’t take first story as truth, believe them. Give a chance to prove them.
  • Loving your children unconditionally will help your children feel confident in themselves an in you. Even if your child messes up or you have to discipline them, let them know that you still love them.
How to be a good mother | How to be a good mom | How to be a better mom | How to become a good mother | How to become a better mom.
How to be a good mother | How to be a good mom | How to be a better mom | How to become a good mother | How to become a better mom.

Being a parent your job is to love your child for who they are, not for who you wish they were.

  • Be strict to discipline them. Many parents don’t take much time and care to discipline their children in the childhood itself, this would impact them when they grow.
  • Teach them when they do bad things also teach them why they are bad so that they remember and follow your words throughout their lives.
  • Teach and train them how to survive in harsh conditions.
  • Spend time with your kids one-on-one. Quality time is important for building strong relationships. If you have multiple children, make an effort to hang out with each one on their own instead of as a group.
  • Give your children a lot of grace and order for them to understand how to extend it to others. This will in turn can build a good society.
  • Show affection often.  Show your plenty of love in the form of making things they love, hugs and praise.
  •  Affection reminds your child that they are loved. This simply involves holding/spending with your children regularly or speaking reassuringly.
  • Make sure most of the interactions you have with your children are positive and loving.
  • Do not freak out about doing things perfectly.
  • Give them a chance to work on with their choices. Though they were wrong. They learn from their mistakes.
  • Raise them in a gentle non-violent discipline.
  • Show your support. Validate your child’s interests to help them feel worthy. Even if it’s not exactly what you’d choose for yourself, nurturing their interests can help boost your kid’s self-esteem makes them feel confident.
  • Make sure you always do the best you can and follow through.
  • Set firm rules. Communicate with your kids about what is okay and what is not. Let them know the consequences if they don’t comply.
  • Admit it when you’re wrong. Admitting your own wrongdoing shows your kids that there is nothing to be ashamed of about mistakes- as long as they fess up and try to make amends/apology.
  •  This will increase much respect and love towards you. And they will learn it from you.
  • Don’t give much lenience; this makes them to repeat their mistakes.
  • Raise them up to be a strong, self-assured and confident person.
  • Model healthy relationships. Show them how to treat people appropriately either family members or strangers (like teach them how to treat people with respect and kindness).
  • Tell them the difference between good friends and bad friends so that they avoid lot of dangers in their lives.
  • Build a strong relationship between you and your child.
  • Let your kids know what it means to be a good friend or partner, and show them how you actively listen, compromise and share with other.
  • Teach them how to help the people in needy.
  • Be there for them in every sorrow, joy and crazy things as a friend, for the first 18 years or so and when they hit around 20 and suddenly get what you did for them. It’s pretty awesome. Then you will be their best friend for the rest of your lives.
  • Only a mother’s words have the power to change a wicked person’s thoughts.
  • You have the power to raise good children in turn a good society.
How to be a good mother | How to be a good mom | How to be a better mom | How to become a good mother | How to become a better mom.

Being a good mother is not an easy task it is the process of great endurance and although it includes the painful moments it is the most wonderful journey that a woman can have in her life.

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