4 simple ways of controlling anger

4 simple ways of controlling anger

4 simple ways of controlling anger

4 simple ways of controlling anger
4 simple ways of controlling anger

We become angry either by negative people if they say something negative to us or by negative result of your actions like if we loose a game or by negative incident happened to us like our car broke down in between or by material things like we could not get food as per your taste. Now when ever we get angry our temperature increases, our tone change and we don’t see the total picture , we don’t see the timing and we just out burst with full negative energy.

Remember the outburst with fill negative energy has direct impact on our health because of anger our immune system deteriorate, chances of heart attack increase, we might get mental stroke, we might go into depression, it impact our lungs also and ultimately it reduces our life span. Anger has very bad impact on our health and others health who are facing our anger. 

So here are the ways of how to control your anger well

1. When ever we face a negative incident what we usually do is we try to think of all the negative things happened in past and by that we become more negative. Keep past incident in past and don’t exaggerate the situation by thinking all the past negative incidents.

2. When ever we are angry try not to take any physical action. When we are angry we are full with negative energy and we take wrong action and decision that time. These action which we take when we are angry hamper our relationship in long term because actions are remembered more than the words.

3. Best way to control anger is by thinking positive and not letting negative thoughts  to control your mind at all. One good positive statement which i use is its not the action its the response which make the difference. What ever negative has happened to me the only thing which will make the difference will be how do i response it.

If i will be responding it positively then situation will be better and if i will respond negatively then situation will be worse. Like to make sound by clapping we need both the hand if one hand is higher than other than we will not be able to make a sound. So if one person is higher which means if he is positive then he will be able to control the situation.

Other positive statement is that we must always keep relationship higher than situation. however other person is behaving i will never let my relationship hamper by reacting negatively. i will forgive my family members for their mistakes because i will keep relationship higher then situation. i will not think negative about my family members. To learn how to keep relationship higher then situation you can see my video how to improve relationship? 

4. Let say if we were not able to control ourselves and became negative in these negative situation and outburst then only option left with us is asking for forgiveness. When we ask for forgiveness its not that we will become lower then other person it just that we mean relationship more that that situation. We can actually ask for forgiveness because we also became negative that time. If we were able to keep ourselves positive then we would not have got the anger and there were no fight. 

I have learned controlling anger from one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people . Use the points i mentioned in my video and not let any negative situation make your angry. bye bye.

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4 simple ways of controlling anger

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