1 sure key to success in life

1 sure key to success in life

Key to success in life:

By now you all must be knowing that i create Content to grow people attitude and character. Deep from my heart i want that people must grow their mind. Growing their mind i mean must have great attitude and character.

key to success in life
key to success in life

Key to success in life: Grow your attitude and character. For that i have created a lot of content by now but i am not happy with the result. Those who have read the content have appreciated it saying that they have got lot of good knowledge and information and then i asked has this content changed you in any form and they say not really !!!

I asked them why you are not implementing it and they gave me following reason:

– Their goal of life is enjoyment which is to earn money, keep themselves healthy, doing fun activities and these thing are not helping them to achieve it !!!

– They don’t find any dire need to implement it. Its good to have but not must to have !!!

– Some of them don’t find it useful for them. They think that as per their career choice they don’t find them useful!!!

– Some of them found it good but they don’t have time to work on these areas as they have other priorities!!!

– Some of them were motivated after watching it but only for few days later they again got busy with their daily priorities!!!

– Some people said that they don’t find any short term gratification of implementing it, in long term it might help but they are not sure how will it help!! Everyone is looking for quick fix !!!

– Some of them are not convinced that whether the points mentioned will really work or not?

– Many of them are fine having these problem with them as they find many like them around themselves!!

– Change is long term process and not all the people have that commitment?

Biologically if you see that we all want enjoyment and enjoyment is in emotional mind. Emotional mind feel enjoyment either from outside world or from positive thought of logical mind. 

Now no one is teaching us to control emotional mind from logical mind and enjoyment through senses is natural from birth so we seek enjoyment through outside world. So one has to work on their logical mind to grow they have to repeat good statements again and again in logical mind so that they become strong and that requires discipline, commitment and continuous motivation which is again not their because its again not taught from birth. Only those who has keen interest in learning which they have luckily got from environment are able to change themselves!

1 sure way to achieve success in life
key to success in life

Key to success in life.

Grow your attitude and character is the key to success in life. Its easy to mould a kid but as we grow our neurons are getting built and its become tough to teach to elders !!! So i think education system is the culprit here !!! Now to enjoy life they have to earn money to buy house or car, make their health well, having fun by watching movie, playing, traveling, gossiping with spouse , kids, parents and friends and eating food etc, having fun by working in office,  if they have these fun in life they they have everything.

Now a days entertainment is so cheap. TV, food, friends all are very easily accessible!! To get most of the above fun one basic requirement is money and that will come when they are capable enough to work and to get that they spend 18 year from the age 4th till age 22 to learn skill set so that they can work somewhere and earn money !!!

After 22 they start working and with the money they get they try to seek happiness through all the activities which i mentioned!!! Now you see we study for 18 years to gain skill sets which we hardly use while working first of all and second is very few are actually able to achieve their materialistic goal and most of them are not able to achieve materialistic goal and in those also who has achieved materialistic goal not all of them are actually enjoying their life !!!

If they have car and house then they don’t have health!!! if they have health and money then they don’t have good relationship !!! If they have everything then they don’t have time. So the model which we have built to give us happiness is definitely not working.

Growing skill sets is not guarantying us the enjoyment which we are looking and if it is giving then it is giving to only 1 % of total population !!! Only thing which can give more people enjoyment and success is by growing their attitude and character !!!

I am not saying that you are not happy i am sure you are happy most of the time by keeping yourself indulge in fun activities but you are missing the opportunity of enjoying complete day with highest level of enjoyment.

Let say you are enjoying 23 hr a day and happy x % then you can be happy 24 hr a day and that happiness level be 10 x. The level of happiness is very high. Because of that the success level is very high!! We can have great health, we can be rich, we can have awesome relationship with family and friends just by improving our attitude and character and how much time does it take hardly 1 hr everyday !!! So one key to success in life is growing attitude and character.

Good part about attitude and character is it is not endless. Not more than 30 attitude and character one would need to learn that’s it. How much time it will take maximum 2 years !!! We have studied from the age of 4 year till age of 22 year which is 18 yrs to make our self learn just the basic steps to just live in this life and you see just by giving 1 hr everyday for 2 years to learn and implement these things on our can give us multi fold growth !!!

Its foolishness to not learn this and wasting our time in other learning which is giving us very less impact!!! Teaching skill sets has come after industrial revolution in middle of Europe where they need skilled people to do job for them and we are just learning that to get a job !!!

In India earlier we used to learn attitude and character and we used to tell that we all are god or have capability to become god now a day we are even not good enough to get job because very less job and many people are fighting for it. Guys please try to understand that you can have returns in multiple by just spending small amount of time.

Now from where can you learn all the required attitude and character? I am trying to make content to cover  all the attitudes. If you have any query then you can send me a comment. If you are not convinced by my point then see someone else but please work on growth because mental growth is important and that is the key to success in life !!!

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If you will grow then this world will automatically be a great place to live. Every body would want to help others and their will be no competition You are Hanuman who does no know his strength and behaving like a normal monkey.

Still we see that people does not believe that growing attitude and character can give them more enjoyment which is better money , better relationship, better health because first of all they don’t have any example which they can relate to because only people at top say these things and we believe that these people are anyway higher then us second is we don’t have such environment around us as all others are only working on skill sets and third is the current ecosystem is built on skill sets where we have defined that for following skill sets we will give that much money!!!

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So not able to see direct growth. All your points are right but my point is the current ecosystem is not right it has to change for betterment !!! When we can have everything in just 2 years of studying attitude and character then why to spend 18 yrs to learn skill sets !!!

That’s why we see that those 1% people who are applying this are at the top !!! those who want to go on top its easy pathway for them . Only learn these attitude and character and you will be on top as others are still focusing on skill set which will give them very less !!!

If you want to watch my video on key to success in life then you can watch it.

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