How to get consensus

How to reach consensus – very easy process

How to reach consensus

Many a time both in family and at work place, don’t you find that people are agreed to final motives but are fighting on how to achieve it? How to reach consensus?

How to get consensus
how to get consensus

For an example: At work place in a team they all have one goal as a team which everyone agrees let say for an example profit in this quarter but all have their own ways to achieve it and they are not able to find the final way? Or in family let say they all have to enjoy vacation but they don’t know how to enjoy it whether to go for traveling or stay at home?

How to reach consensus in family and at work place

So we have seen that we all come into a situation where final objective is same but the ways to achieve it are many and all of the involved team member feels that their way is the right way and are not able to reach consensus with in a team and in family.

If you want to learn how to lead a health conversation to reach consensus for any conflict either at work place or in family then do read this blog. As i have said earlier that all have different mind set because all of us have read different books and met different people in life so all of us has our own mindset and that why we all have different path to reach to a particular result !!!

All of us think that their own way is correct. In a team we have to take a defined set path to reach a result it cannot be that all the different member of team are trying different thing to reach to the same result because it will be highly ineffective !!! In family also all have to do the same thing together!!! So we see that the conflict is unavoidable because all of us has different mind set.  

Many a times i have seen most of us want to avoid have discussion in the conflict situation because they think that if they will discuss such topics then they might hurt other person and other person might dislike him or her or might misunderstood  or completely reject him or her. So they find better not to discuss these conflicting things and they don’t share their thought and feelings.

Now their are other people who wants to involve but they handle it very badly and end up in not getting any result or end up in fight or end up in deciding something which will not yield the best result or end up in not getting help from team members because they don’t find the way useful and fruitful and that impact the result !!!

I am explaining you how to reach consensus when these conflict arise.  First thing is we must respect other person mindset. We must have positive thought that other person has some good points to add to reach to the final goal. Before we go and start conversation we must have this in mind. this will set the right mindset to have a healthy conversation. So the goal must be win for both parties means both parties want to achieve result and both has important inputs for figuring out the ways to achieve it !!!

So once you have set your mind towards win for both parties now we must go and speak to other person immediately. We must not procrastinate it. If we delay resolving the conflict that it will only increase !! We all have bitterness from our past when we have the conflict discussion and it didn’t work out well and because of that we all want to avoid it but we have to go and face it otherwise things will become worse and later it will create big problem.

When we are in this world where we have to work with other individual at workplace and in family then we must be ready to go and speak to other for resolving the conflict for that time it will be hard but its always better in future !!! If we will not resolve it fast it will create bigger problem in future !!! When we are discussing with other first try to understand their view point.

We must not be just suggesting our way instead we must keenly listening to others person way. Because if we will not try to understand their view point then in our mind we have only our and then we will be trying to push our way and that leads to heated discussion. So we must ready to listen to their view point and now we have our mind set and their view point now we must evaluate both to figure out final solution When we also are trying to put our point then we must do it in positive way.

Our way could be that first describe the situation and the problem that  situation is causing as per you. then if that situation is because of other person of you team action then state that which of their action is causing this and then explain that why this problem is hurting you the most. 

Don’t try to directly jump on accusing person just explain the situation properly. Now once you have put your point and listened to others also not let everyone try to come to final conclusion by you encouraging others to suggest the final solution. When they suggest the solution then they own it and they will work on it. 

Final way will be sometime mixture of all the team member inputs. When you encourage others to find the final solution then they will also understand the problem better and work on all the inputs well.

Finally one you find the final way out then we must make a action play to achieve it and the action plan must include :

1. Clear identification of the issue

2. Agreement to solve the issue

3. Concrete steps that demonstrate the issue has been resolved

4. An accountability structure such as a time line and a responsible person 5. A deadline for completion

6. A commitment by both parties to put the issue in past once resolved So u see successful conflict resolution changes both person not just one

I have learnt this from book “winning with people” by john maxwell. You can also order this book by clicking the link Winning with people 

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