How to become rich in life - 1 simple way

How to become rich in life – 1 simple way

How to become rich in life

I asked one simple question to myself why some people are rich and others are not?? This post is just what came to my mind as an answer to the question…

I thought rich people might be hard worker but then that was obviously not true because a laborer definitely work as hard as other people but they don’t have money!!!

How to get super rich
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oh then i was pretty sure that its smart work which pays off i was happy to find the answer but in no time a thought came that researcher works very smartly but they are not the richest individual and i have found that in a company executive also works very smartly but they dont earn as their seniors!!!

How to get super rich
How to become rich in life, become rich, how to become rich, rich, poor

Then a thought came to my mind it must be a combination of both hard work with smart work but yet again in a company lower executives work very hard and smart also but they are least paid.

How to get super rich
How to become rich in life, become rich, how to become rich, rich, poor

Then i researched for high net worth individual and i found all the business men there. I was sure that its business which makes one rich. But then when i read that its just 1 out of 1000 business make money i was taken a back.

How to become rich in life, become rich, how to become rich, rich, poor

I am totally confused now. Some are rich and other are not. Two individual work for same time, equally smarter (having similar degree and background) both start business also but one make money and other don’t why??

sharpen your axe
How to become rich in life, become rich, how to become rich, rich, poor

I just want to get the answer of becoming rich, looking for a solution to the problem in a logical way, i want one formula where i enter some raw material which gives me richness as the product and i am not able to find one defined way to become rich. How to become rich in life?

I thought let me read biography of rich people and i read few and then i met also few individual who are rich and what i got was surprising!!! they all had said the same thing that good things just happened to them and they don’t know why!!! they were all repeating a word fate which i don’t understand at all. They were saying that because of good luck they got that money because they also know people who are more hardworking, much more smarter and were running a great business but they could not make money.

Somehow rich people find themselves at right opportunities at right time and they exit also at the right time and that happened to them and not to others for an unknown reason.

Now i wanted this fate in my life. If fate is the solution then how to get that???

I started reading more about fate and found that they have very simple philosophy that if you do good karmas then good will happen to you. I thought karmas are the actions but then if someone does not have anything to do good action then he cant become rich but they also clarifies that karmas are 70% thought and 30% action.

So a poor person can also have good thought and that will add up in the karmas he need not to do he just has to think well.

What to think to have positive karma?? they explained that thoughts which are positive and selfless give positive karma and thoughts which are negative and selfish that gives negative karma.

Now i just used to think that i must be rich and that was not good enough if i want to be really very rich i should have a thought that everyone in the world must be rich and everyone must have enough money to enjoy their life. Give good thoughts of how to make money to others or help them to make money and that add to your positive karmas.

So now theoretically i got answer to my question of “how to become rich in life” but still i had few names in my mind who had good karmas (thought and action) but they were not rich and then i decided to go deep into that.

How to become rich in life – Good karma is good attitude and character

power of giving
How to become rich in life, become rich, how to become rich, rich, poor

After i studied more i found that it has relation to your past life’s karma also. If your karma’s are not good in past life’s than you will have to work hard on your karma’s in this life to overcome the harm you did to yourself.

Now it was clear to me that as i want to become rich i have to think daily once at-least that everyone must have good money and all must enjoy their life with that money. More feelings i put in that better will be the result.

Even if i am not doing big donation like rich people i must always think positive and outward that everyone must have good money because thinking itself is 70% of karma. If someone come to you to ask money and if you cant give that’s fine, just think that he must get money he wants and if you guide him to find a way to get money that’s also great. By doing this you will add good karmas to your karma bucket. This is how to become rich in life !

world's richest man
How to become rich in life, become rich, how to become rich, rich, poor

How to become rich in life – My Personal incidents

When i look back to my past i have successful exit from my own company Zenify and when i try to connect the dot i completely agree that at Zenify we were very transparent and we never did wrong to anyone. We always had a thought that we want to solve the problem in real estate industry and in this industry mistrust was big issue. We built trust in the industry.

Owners were ready to handover their high worth properties to us just because of the trust we built. We never cheated any customer or employee or vendor or our investors we were very fair and transparent. I think this positive and outward attitude was behind our success.

I have seen many example’s where those who are ready to help other in thoughts or in actions they automatically get money making opportunities.

I completely believe in it. You also try it and become rich.

If you want to learn more on how to build strong relationship and think positive then you read book winning with people by John Maxwell. You can order that book by clicking Winning with people

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