5 things to learn from yuvraj singh

5 things to learn from Yuvraj Singh

5 things to learn from Yuvraj Singh

 5 things to learn from yuvraj singh
5 things to learn from yuvraj singh

No Cricket fan in the world could forget the six sixes hit by Yuvraj Singh in one over to Stuart Broad during the 2007 T20 World Cup. We have known Yuvraj Singh as prolific batsmen, outstanding bowler and athletic fielder on the cricket field. There is more to this fantastic player off the field to learn from.

We know that Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer when he was at the peak of his career. We remember the six from M.S Dhoni in the 2011 world cup finals against SriLanka. We cannot overlook the contribution of Yuvraj Singh during the 2011 world cup in which he was awarded Man of the Series for his all-round performance. I would say that India won the world cup of 2011 because of Yuvraj Singh.

Recently, Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement from all forms of cricket and we revisited and analyzed this fantastic cricketer to find below mentioned 5 key things to learns from.

1.     Yuvraj singh has Resilience:

He was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and he played his next game in 2012 against New Zealand which shows how quickly he regained from the deadly disease and fought back to form in the Indian Cricket Team. To recover from cancer itself is an achievement as 56% of people diagnosed from cancer in early-stage recover from the same and only 5% recover from the third stage of diagnosis.

Yuvraj Singh not only recovered through the painful process but also adopted a disciplined regime that can make his comeback faster. So, in your life, when the chips are down, keep your head up and get up ASAP because when you get up fast, life will not let you down again soon

2.       Yuvraj singh has Determination: During the World Cup 2011, he was diagnosed with cancer but he didn’t leave the world cup midway. He completed the world cup with his career-best figures and achieved Man of the Series award. So always be determined in life to never give up even if one is faced with an extreme situation.


3.      Yuvraj singh has Fighting Spirit: During the treatment of cancer, he had to undergo the painful chemotherapy which makes a person very weak. Post recovering from cancer he said that “CANCER DOES NOT MEAN DEATH”. If you are strong, then you automatically become a positive person. This also shows one of the key characters of the person – FIGHTER. Whenever you are faced with a challenging situation, you can come out of it if you are a strong and positive person

4.      Yuvraj singh has Selflessness: After winning over cancer, Yuvraj Singh started YouWeCan Foundation with his mother to spread awareness about cancer and has treated over a hundred patients. He has collaborated with Microsoft and invested Rs. 40-50 crore in support online startups. Always repay society with utmost gratitude. We can learn from Yuvi that selfless service to mankind will provide peace and harmony in your life.


5.     Yuvraj singh has Live Wire: Energy is contagious. Yuvi has always displayed energy during his on-field career. He has fielded in critical areas and opposition always hesitated to run whenever the ball was under his territory due to his live wire energy. Whenever we are performing any task in office or at home (for homemaker) always perform with ENERGY. You will always be rewarded and others will also be energized with your energy.


So a grand salute to Yuvraj Singh for teaching us how to lead a life on the field and off the field. We are truly indebted to such a great soul who not only entertained us but also provided life-changing learning’s. we wish him a lot of luck for his future endeavors.

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