what to do when bored in class

What to do when bored in class

What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

“Ding dong dang dong called our bell. Off to school ran pretty ben.” And off we go on the journey to school. With pitter pater raindrops and buckling of shoes, we catch our bus in haste and then give silly excuses with a sigh of relief. Now we reach the school, which is the most happening place for a child, but the struggle begins with the ringing of a bell. It is a signal for us to rush to our classes and get confined to them until we’re free again.

School prepares us to fight the odds of life, but what about childhood problems? As a student, we always wonder what runs in the minds of those adults who teach us? Can’t they see and analyze their students? And the cherry on the cake is when an adult says that even we were at your age and we know everything.

If you know everything, then don’t you remember those boring classes. Even you were compelled to go to school even when you had no will to, or you had a crucial school match going, but your fate that you have to sit and study in the class.

We learn everything at school but feel helpless when we have a problem in between the class when we aren’t able to understand what the teacher is teaching because we are bored in class. So dear students, I bring you the solution to your oldest problem in school.

what to do when bored in class
what to do when bored in class

Now what to do when bored in class here are 10 excellent ways to pass your time –

  1. Keep Quiet even if you are bored in class – Classrooms are like operation theater wherein the doctor is teaching you to give an injection. Still, your mind runs to do surgery. This deviates us from the idea of the class, and we enter into our own world. As we are in our own world we want to talk about it with our classmates. So even if you are least interested in the class, remain quiet and let others study. One should think about the teacher who does so much hard work just for our better future. We talk the entire day with a lot of energy, so even the mouth needs rest to regain power. This becomes the test of our patience because we also have a fear of punishment from the teacher.
    Being quiet will give you a pause with the flow of thoughts in your mind. This time allows you to get back on track and be mentally present in the class. This completes our aim of learning.
  2. Try to focus even if you are bored in class- Our mind works like a ping pong ball, which is too active to get under control. It will always go against the motion, but we have to make it flow with the motion and practice the power of focus. Nobody can make us do anything until and unless we don’t want to do it. Being in a hyperactive stage of life, we don’t want to sit and focus,
    but without it, our process of learning will be incomplete. The focus will help us to have a better quality of work and understanding. One has to try and practice focusing so that they never get distracted from the ultimate aim of life. To get the focus one has to enjoy the topic which the teacher is teaching. Now, this requires a good learning attitude. If you want to grow your learning attitude then you can watch the video:How to enjoy learning
  3. Take help from the teacher if you are bored in class- Our teachers are the light of knowledge. They are our superhero who has a solution to every problem of their children. Go talk about your problem with them. This will also be helpful feedback for the teacher, and she can come up with exciting and interactive ways of teaching. This gets your attention stuck in the class. If the classroom is the problem, then the solution is always with
    the students and teachers because of whom the empty room becomes a classroom.
    There is no harm in sharing this if you fear because there is still a scope of improvement in everything. Never think that there is something wrong if it takes a different approach for you to understand something. Now to stand up in class and ask for help would require a lot of confidence. If you want to grow your confidence level then you can watch my video on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYGdbB_F0qii4Zo_rn-rCyg/videos?view_as=subscriber
  4. The best way to get engage if you are bored in class is by doing Positive self-talk- Talk to yourself and bring your mind back to the class. If you miss something now, it would be difficult to catch up later, and then one may face some issues. Start taking down the notes. Raise questions. Time will pass if you keep yourself engaged in the class. Start a debate in your class so that there is maximum participation in the class. This practice will benefit everyone, and there would be a fruitful conclusion. You get to know a lot of new perspectives in your class and broadens your vision. Now for this to happen, you must know how to do positive self-talk. You can learn this by reading: How to develop positive thinking
  5. Study something else if you are bored in class – One goes to school to gain knowledge and learn. So if you aren’t feeling like doing the subject going in, take out something else and read that. Prepare for the next class or maybe plan your work schedule. Do something productive, and don’t waste that precious time. You’re lucky you have spare time, so use it efficiently because if you don’t value the time it won’t value you. Read something which adds a gem to your treasure of knowledge. I have a very good suggestion for a book which you can read “winning with people” by John Maxwell. Here is the link where you can purchase Winning with people 
  6. Do your homework if you are bored in class- During school time, we always have something or the other to do, so this is a good time. Complete your work and assignments. Start preparing notes for exams. Have good use of this time to finish your unfinished work. Complete your homework. Pen down your thoughts. Write a poem or a short paragraph on something going in your mind. This will enhance your writing skills.
  7. Ask for an excuse and go out to take fresh air if you are bored in class- Move out have some fresh air gather the power from nature to go and sit back in the class. Go to the washroom and splash water on your face and eyes and woosh your laziness flies away. Drink some water so that you are hydrated and fills your stomach. The aura outside the class is entirely different and freshens up your mind. Don’t take too long. Get back to the class with new energy. If you are healthy it will be easy to focus and you will not feel lazy. Here are the tips to live healthy lifestyle
  8. Do something creative like Drawing if you are bored in class – Being creative helps you being mentally fit and flexible. One can try this at the time of need. Creativity can come out in a way that you connect that subject with some art or maybe bring out your own perspective. Practice makes a man perfect. Engage yourself in this practice. So here you get a chance to vent out your emotions by doing something creative. This will help you have a clear vision. Clarity will open up the tight space of your mind, and then one can focus and concentrate on what is being taught in the class. This work of art can also add to your profile. If you want to be creative we can discuss that in detail. You can add me to your professional network on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sjpurohit/
  9. Peep out of the window if you are bored in class- Windows are our saviors in the time of the attack. The attack of the teacher who threatens small innocent children to study. But even if you are looking out for a change, then try connecting your studies with what you see outside. This can be your key to crack exams. Choose something you are finding really difficult to learn. Then try connecting it to what you see out the window or something you see in the exam room. Thus when that question comes, you just recall it and write your answers. This will help you find answers easily and remove the chance of panic for you during exams. To help you not to do this you get keep yourself motivated by reading text and watching videos of my Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/betterworldsjp/videos/?ref=page_internal
  10. The last resort is to Take a nap if you are bored in class- Sleeping in the classroom is the last option when nothing else works. So take permission from your teacher to do so, and if she denies, then move to the infirmary. Always try to avoid sleeping because if you sleep, then the others seeing you will also feel lazy. If this happens, then the environment would have laziness all around and hamper the process of teaching. This will help you gather strength for the entire day.

CONCLUSION on what to do when bored in class-

“From small beginnings come great things.” All of it starts with our class, whose walls see and capture the fondest memories of everyone’s life. There are times when the class gets boring, or your mind is not ready to study. Don’t worry, the time keeps on changing, and such ups and downs will continue to come. Have patience and fight with yourself and solve the problems. Work smart with positivism, and you can conquer the world.

If you think that I have missed anything which would add to the list of what to do when bored in class then you can mention that in the comment. I will definitely incorporate it.

After reading what to do when bored in class you would what to read about how to be a good teacher: https://sudarshanpurohit.com/how-to-be-a-good-teacher/

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what to do when bored in class

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