what to do when bored in class

What to do when bored in class

What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

We all have come across those days when we were sitting behind the student desks in our classes and were being taught lessons one after the other. At some point in those days, while taking classes, we all felt bored and battered. In the first instance, the solution in such situations would be to ignore the class and disconnect yourself from the topic. It is not the necessary step we can take interest in the topic being taught even when we are feeling bored throughout the class.

We can be excited about the class even when we have been drawn down on all energy levels by the boring teaching style of the teacher or the boring topic on the teacher’s desk. It is a common narrative in our society today that the students who are not finding the classroom studies exciting, are not study-oriented and are more inclined towards wasting their time.

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What to do when bored in class 1
What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

We need to correct this narrative, if a child is not finding the topic under discussion to be exciting enough maybe there is a fault on the part of the teacher or the school management. Blaming the children for the aforesaid problem would be nothing less than a haphazard judgment. Many elements play a key role in determining the engagement of a student in the class, one of which is the child’s interest in the particular subject being taught.

We can leave that part of the problem for some other day, for now, we have to ponder over the student’s side. In today’s article we look for some simple yet effective methods for a student who is experiencing heightened boredom in class and is not able to overcome it by himself, for such a kid, this article is going to be the panacea, let’s start!

what to do when bored in class
What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

Now what to do when bored in class? –


As a student, we all have been asked the mentioned question a lot of times by our teachers in our school and college days. However, the purpose of this question in this article is to make you check the focus of your thought process while you are attending a class at school or in a college.

When we are doing a particular activity, and suddenly our thought process drifts away from the central point of the class, we may experience excessive boredom because the focal point is somewhere else and that particular distraction will control our state of mind, not the subject being taught in the class.

Now, an obvious question will be popping up in the audience – How can distraction be a cause of boredom? The answer to this question is simple, imagine the distracting element to be a tangent to the topic of the class, what if later one found the distraction to be boring? The person will leave that line of thought and come back to paying attention to the topic of the class.

Since the person has missed a certain part of the class, the subsequent points of it would be incomprehensible to him/her, and eventually, boredom will creep in. To be honest, there is a very small chance of distraction causing boredom to you. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out and hence it has to be accounted for. Thus, the primary solution for boredom is to hold our thought process in line with the subject under discussion in the class.

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What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

There have been hundreds of surveys across the globe on children speaking about how interesting they find their school classes to be. On average, more than 50% of the same find their classes boring and out of context at times. There may be many fronts to this mammoth problem, but one of them (as per the behavioral psychologists) is the mindset of the modern generation that classroom studies and lessons are always meant to be boring.

This mindset acts as a hindrance to the path of excitement for us in our respective learning classes. If a person has an inflexible belief that what he/she is going to be taught in today’s class is going to be either a waste of time or an extremely boring concept then the person is paving the way to boredom on his/her own.

Our thinking style and our mindset have a great impact on how we judge certain parts of life whether it is our career, our dietary preferences, our fitness, and many more things.

It has been scientifically proven that the image that we hold, of several entities and acts, in our mind, is a great determiner of how we are going to perceive every action or movement from the same entity. In other words, it will not matter to us whether the class is going to be on an exciting topic or not because we already have a certain image of these classes in our minds which is not good at all.

What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

There are several instances in our lives where we are required to introspect our position then. These introspections not only help us to check and analyze what has been going on in the recent past, but they also help us to make some vital conclusions that sometimes drive us to life-changing decisions.

When one is feeling bored in his/her class, the individual should take some time off the hustle of the city and introspect in a peaceful atmosphere with a patient approach. What we need to take out from our introspection is the answer to a question, and the question being – Why are we bored in our classes?  The answer may take some time and even evolve over some hours, all we need to do is to be patient and avoid a descent into chaos at any cost.

Once we get the answer, we need to approach our teachers or somebody who we believe is our ultimate guide (maybe father, mother, friend, brother, etc.) and explain the whole matter to the person at length. When you are done explaining the problem to the person, we will get another answer to the problem and that answer will be the final key to the gateway of excitement in classes.

It is not like we cannot solve this question wholly by ourself and if one finds success doing that, one can skip the discussion part but for those who find it difficult how to apply the answer and get the results, the step of discussion is a must.

What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

When we are constantly facing the problem of boredom in our class and none of the above solutions have worked for us, the final option that we are left with is to resort to the method one can call “The feedback method”.

The feedback method says that when a student is repeatedly facing boredom in class even after employing techniques to get rid of it, he/she approaches teachers and the management to present his/her opinions on the point which is troubling the student the most.

When we communicate the problem to our teacher and our principal that we are facing problems in finding the classes attention-worthy, the concerned authority may do their best to attend to your issues and sort them out as soon as possible.

It is shocking to note that in some regions of the world, the schooling system is so barbaric that students who raise their concerns to their teachers and parents about their studies in school are punished so that they don’t try to do so in the future.

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What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

CONCLUSION on what to do when bored in class-

It can be said at the end, that the problem of boredom in classes can be easily solved given that the parties involved in the issue play a constructive role on their part and don’t hold back the desired course of action.

Internet blogs have been flooded with reports of students committing suicide in their teenage or their college days because of the immense pressure that the textbooks bring to them as well as the level of boredom that is brought to them by the same decades-old curriculums and teaching methods.

As a student we need to be an active reporter of these problems to the stakeholders in the society otherwise these crucial issues may well go unnoticed on many lines which can harm the roots of the quality of learning in our country. We don’t need to panic and give up the quest of chasing excitement in our classes because it has been the norm, we should run fast and jump high in the clouds, above the peaks to embrace exciting school classes and engaging college lectures.

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What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

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What to do when bored in class? or things to do when bored in class.

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