5 ways to get interested in sports.

Get interested in sports!

Get interested in sports
Get interested in sports | Develop interest for sports | Prepare for sports | Develop interest in sports

How often do you go to the play ground?

Do you prepare everyday for your school sports?

Well, to put it in one word, do you love sports?

Now today’s generation is full of smartphones, video games, Tv, etc… So there are no physical workouts or moments among the children or adults. But it is the worst because our body is made of tissues, bones, and neurons even in the brain there are neurons activation must for a human to stay healthy and active in their life.

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But what we are doing simply ignoring the natural lifestyle and cage ourselves into the internet world. Internet is a must and the world is full of the internet yeah we accept but we should use those in a good manner but what we are doing is we are a slave for it. No, it worst of all diseases… Try to get out from that cage and observe and love the real natural life and earth.

Present generation has almost lost interest in sports.

develop interest for sports
Get interested in sports | Develop interest for sports | Prepare for sports | Develop interest in sports

Nowadays adults like father and mother and even our grandparents are also slaves for mobile, tv, etc… We all are thinking that we have a world in our hands Yes we have but our body?? Is our body gets trained?? Or our body does any of the workouts? Some people are going to the gym and some did their workouts at home yeah ok!! but the percentage of people who spend their time on smartphones is more than the people who spend on workouts…



Yes right??? So get yourself to stay healthy by shut down the smartphones on time and regularly you have to build your discipline towards your lifestyle, see lifestyle without changing the rule for living healthy is gets bored and you have low energy which affects your work, studies and even your health.



So take a break make your time for playing games like football,  cricket, hockey, etc… You must wake your body at least one hour once!! Sitting without waking for more hours can reduce your lifespan according to UK scientists… So practice this to get a healthy lifestyle this is the first step towards getting rid of smartphones addiction.



The second most way to avoid the addiction is to get yourself to play outside!! But how?? If you are a single child and you have no friends around your surroundings then what to do?? Then parents must take care of their child to get rid of smartphones by taking his child outside to view nature and play any outdoor games with them.



 So your child’s health will be good and their mind is also refreshed…

How to grow interest for sports?

develop interest in sports
Get interested in sports | Develop interest for sports | Prepare for sports | Develop interest in sports

And among this, there is a family who spends their time watching movies, Netflix series without an eye on their children. This is worsened than ever how can a parent be addicted to the internet world rather than their children?? The parents must give their priority to children then only work, job or anything… First, understand this make a time for your children to play with them enjoying with them and make happiness with them.


So try to avoid those mistakes hereafter and grab the attention of your child. So how could I go out and play by getting rid of smartphones?? Here are some of the tips that I regularly followed and get outside from my smartphone.


# Tip 1


– Make A Schedule For Your Day –


The first thing after wake up you must do is to plan a day by making a schedule. For example morning 6 am to 7 am Is for work out and then 7 am to 8 am for meditation, yoga, and mind exercises at 8 am breakfast. Then from 4 pm to 6 pm is playing time out from the house at night before one hour you must shut down all electronic gadgets and spend time with your family by laughing, speaking, etc…


So likewise you must have a plan and follow it regularly without getting distracted. While using smartphones don’t forget to take a 1-hour break after hours of usage..! If you have the patience and consistency to follow those you will surely get a better result which turns your lifestyle into a different tone.


# Tip 2


  – Regular habit of a small nap after overtime usage of electronic gadgets –


Yes after the high usage of smartphones or any other electronic devices for job-related make sure to take a small nap. But Why? It relaxes your eyes and mind so for few hours you are leaving without your electronic devices which intakes relax your whole body and when you woke you refreshed and start working actively. But some who work in the office they won’t allow you to sleep right..?


So after over-usage stand from that seat and walk for few minutes in the corridor or anything then take water and do some yoga asanas like breathing workout in your current position and then continue your work. Yeah, then what go and follow it regularly. But make sure to get out of the house during playing time.

prepare for sports
Get interested in sports | Develop interest for sports | Prepare for sports | Develop interest in sports

# Tip 3


  – Practice Consistency Has your Habit –


Consistency makes a man touch the lifestyle they want!!


Why consistency? What does consistency mean? The answer is consistency is nothing just a habit of not giving up on anything until you achieved success. How to make it has a regular habit? Yes there is a way in first it is not possible to make anything has a habit,  we have to practice it … Then only it is possible to get it has a habit.


Likewise going outside and playing is also a habit we should practice timing for that which mean on the time of playing outdoor games you must ready to go… Like this, if you follow it regularly it will become a habit after months you see that with distractions also you get ready on time. Why? Because it has become a habit…


# Tip 4


  – Play the games you love –


Playing our favorite game will automatically trigger our brain to get ready on time why? Because we love it, we get addicted so our mind has scheduled the ones which are our favorite.


 Like that we should play the game which you love so that in this method we get an opportunity to get played on time without any distractions. So it is a simple method to follow that’s why we suggest you play your favorite game.


# Tip 5


 – Join Any Sports –


Joining any sports will also make time for playing because you have a master in the sports who train you and have some sort of fear. After all, when you are absent on next day you get punishment from the master for taking leave!! Sounds good!!! Yes because it is one of another methods in which you get ready on time for playing by default without any distractions or force from your parents to get out… Those are for ones who don’t willing to play games outside, First, 


It is boring for a person who is not interested in any games but after joining in sports community you see a lot of people then you get interested and your mindset will change and finally going for sports becomes your habit.


Hope you get an idea? If yes then without wasting time go and follow it…!!


” Playing out makes your day refreshed and makes a focus on the next “


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