How to be a better dad | How to be a better father | How to be a great dad | How to be the best dad | How to be the best father.


Father – Unseen HERO.

How to be a better dad | How to be a better father | How to be a great dad | How to be the best dad | How to be the best father.

 The word Father ends with the letter “R” which resembles responsibility.

Few events can change a man’s life and the best thing of those is becoming a DAD, this not only brings great happiness for him but also a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. He is the backbone of a family. He is the one who takes the responsibility of his child to the end of his life and always puts effort to make sure that even after his end, his child will have a bright future. Normally a dad does not show much of his emotions and feelings towards his children, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his kids, don’t ever compare dad’s love and affection with mother.

Parents are like pillars for the development of their children. The role of a father is very important in one’s life and no one can ever replace him. He will do anything and everything for his children and family. He always promotes his children’s inner growth and strength both physically and mentally.

How to be a better dad | How to be a better father | How to be a great dad | How to be the best dad | How to be the best father.

What does it mean to be a good father? There is nothing specific to say about being a good father. Every father is the BEST. The world itself is an address for love and strength. He always stays as a shadow for his children. No father in the world keeps his needs before his family or kids. He is a role model for his kids.

Let us know about some of the characteristics that a good father possess:


  1. Spend quality time with your child:

When you get home from work, you are tired and just want to relax. But this is the only time you have with them in a day. Put your phone away when you are around your kids. Talk to them ask them about the things that happened to them in the day. Tell them stories. Play with them. Give them freedom when you are around them. Always make time to be with them, no matter how bad day you’ve had, this will ease your stress and can make you forget all the tensions at that moment. On weekends spend as much time as possible with them.

Work may be your passion but remember you cannot bring their childhood back and enjoy those moments and you shouldn’t waste it. Kids grow up quickly and there is plenty of fun, memories you can have during their childhood. The thing kids want most from their dads is their time, they always love to spend time with their father.

How to be a better dad | How to be a better father | How to be a great dad | How to be the best dad | How to be the best father.
  • Get involved in your kid’s life:

Don’t just be a dad and spend time with them by making fun, be a friend and get involved in your kid’s life, this will make a special bond between you and your kids. Know their interests and activities they do; listen to their talks you’ll get to know what actually your children are. Keep connected with the activities of your kids, and their perspective of dealing with things guide them if they were wrong and appreciate them if they did well. This way you can nurture your kid with good qualities.

Being a father, it is your duty to keep yourself available for your Kids. Be there for them whenever they required your presence. Allow them to express you anything anytime whenever they required you, without hesitating. Be there for them like a friend, as an open book where they don’t have to hide their feelings or views from you because they know you’re accepting.

  • Protect:

As a father, your main role is to protect your kids and family. No matter whatever the situations or things they might do take the lead and protect them. Teach them safety habits. No one is capable of protecting their family other than a father. Identify the dangers, deal with those, and give awareness about them to your children.

  • Positive parenting:

Guide your kids, teach them discipline and never punish them badly by hurting physically. Don’t make them afraid. Put reasonable limits and react positively, this doesn’t mean to support their mistakes explain them the consequences of their actions, make them understand so that they won’t repeat such kind of things/actions. Explain to them clearly why to avoid such kinds of mistakes.

How to be a better dad | How to be a better father | How to be a great dad | How to be the best dad | How to be the best father.

Most important thing you must keep in your mind is using good language. Whatever you teach them is going to be stored in your kid’s brain. Whichever the way you speak in front of them, it will reflect you, they will speak in the same language and same manner. They learn everything from their parents, your actions will have a huge impact on them. Be gentle and teach them the same. Teach them good behavior and show your love.

  • Be your Childs teacher:

Home is the first school for children. Their character is built from the childhood only, you need to make sure that they have the positive attitude towards people and things. You are the one, who should teach your children about right and wrong. Listen to their ideas or problems. Encourage them when they do best, guide them the good way if they did wrong. Make them strong. Be their strength. Show them how to make a good choice. Teach them how to avoid evil traps and how to deal with such kind of situations when they arise.

They learn most of the things from you. Be a good father, teach them all the important things in life by demonstrating honesty, discipline, humanity, morals, ethics, values, love, responsibility, respect by giving real-life examples. Be your kid’s role model. Remember your actions speak louder than your words, so make sure that you are doing those things which you teach your children.

  • Patience:

Have patience and listen to. Don’t compare them. Give them some time, do not shout at them. Children does some silly things usually, don’t be annoyed by them. Have patience, tell them why they should not do such kind of things. If you get angry every time they do mistake and act rude, this will impact them largely, indeed it will make them to start lying. If they lie on any issue, it means that you overacted previously on such things. Your patience to endure and explain things without hesitating can truly bring real positive changes in them.

  • Teach them about finances:

The thing most parents will not do is teaching them about money. They always give everything their kids ask, that’s because of love. This kind of attitude can cause severe problems in the future. If once they get habituated of getting whatever they want, there might be days or situations when they don’t have money, they might commence mistakes to earn the money in wrong way. There are many things that can drive your children into dangerous traps.

Now a days we are witnessing that children are putting thousands and lakhs of rupees in online games and illegal betting without knowing to their parents. Once when they fell in that trap and lose money, they are even committing suicide because they can’t tell this truth their parents. This is such a worst scenario. So, teach them and bring awareness about all things.

Don’t make this happen. Teach them the value of money from an early age, and tell them how to save money to reach a goal, good ways and bad ways of earning it, and later, how to manage money properly. This will help them to know the real value of money and they can learn how to manage with the money.

  • Commitment towards your family goals:

  Make plans and plan accordingly to achieve those. Have goals for your children’s future. Set goals, discuss with your wife how to achieve those. Make your priorities less important than your family goals. Work hard, save money, provide a quality life for your kids so that they will have a bright future.

  • Believe in your child’s capability:

Identify your children’s potential and believe in their capabilities. No one believes their children as their parents do. When they face any failures, stand by their side encourage them, tell them how much they are capable of doing things. This will greatly encourage your child and can make even achieve things that are beyond their imagination.

Whenever you get complaints on your children don’t be too quick to judge them or get disappointed. Don’t belittle them in front of others, this will down their morality. Whenever they done any mistakes, call them and teach them to avoid doing such kind of things. Believe in your child to correct himself, be the one who can help them in correcting their mistakes and overcoming them.

How does Good Father influence their kid’s development?

  • “A good dad makes their kids feel safe”
  • “A good dad can protect his children from getting hurt”
  • “A good dad knows how to keep the bad guys away”
  • “A good dad is courageous enough to lead his children life efficiently”
  • “A good dad loves his kids unconditionally and shows abundant faith in them”
  • “A good dad is always ready to sacrifice anything for his kids and family”
  • “A good dad is a role model for his kids by showing all the good qualities in life.

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