How to Be a Good Wife

How to be a good wife | How to become a good wife | How to be the best wife | How to be a great wife | How to become a better wife.

Before getting married every girl will dream about her life partner. Like qualities of him, and reasons to choose a particular one. But never thinks about being a good wife as her spouse would expect. Is it really necessary that a girl should know how to be a good wife? Yes, because he deserves it. He deserves a wife who would love him, respect him, adore him, and be there for him in every way that she can.

So, what can one do to become a good wife? What makes a good wife? A kind wife? There are no written rules to make any relationship work, you can sort out your own rules to see what works out the best for you.

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Wives, you are the soul of the marriage and play a key role in making things work. Without your contribution, it is impossible to build a good home. You have the greater responsibility of building a strong home. Now the question arises – how to be a good wife? In this article we have listed some of the characteristics a good wife possess:

Qualities and characteristics of a good wife:

How to be a good wife | How to become a good wife | How to be the best wife | How to be a great wife | How to become a better wife.

  1. Stay honest:

As is said Honesty is the best policy. There is no other person for a man other than his wife to be his secret keeper. Being honest makes him so much comfortable and you will give him no space to hide any things. If you have done any mistakes let him know, in the same way when he asks for your opinions on any issue tell him frankly what you think. So that he can do things in the right way. Trust and honesty are the two main qualities with which any relationship lasts long. Try to be open and honest regarding everything with your partner. Be trustworthy and trusting.

2. Respect:

Respect is important in any healthy relationship. Be Respectful to him and be a person worthy of his respect (indicates mutual respect). He definitely deserves your respect for his hard work and commitment to the family’s needs. Respect in all the places, respect should be genuine and it should be shown not only in words but also in actions.  Never belittle your man around friends or family, this may really hurt his feelings and could be a real problem. Respect your husband for what he is not only for what he is doing for you and your family.

3. Be a Supporter:

The simple and best thing a good wife can do is to support her husband and stand by him.  There might be things stressing him out, which he may not say, you may need to dig in and find them out. You should be the biggest supporter he has and make him strong when he is feeling low. He may face rejections from his friends, relatives, or at work, sometimes may he even be blamed for something he didn’t do.

Stays with him in those tough times tell him that you are on his side no matter what. Even if he does any mistakes tell him that you support and help him to correct those things. If he takes any initiative or tells you a plan support him and show faith in him, do whatever to make him a successful man.

4. Take responsibility of the House:

It’s your house and it is your duty to organize it. Make it a world where you spend time with your husband to get well together as a couple. Spend quality time together. Celebrate as many events together as you can. Enjoy little moments together like dining together and plan some kind of activities that your spouse likes. Everyone likes getting surprises from loved ones, try doing something like that and make all beautiful memories.

How to be a good wife | How to become a good wife | How to be the best wife | How to be a great wife | How to become a better wife.

Organize things in an orderly way, plan accordingly. Save money and spend it on useful things, this will ease the burden on your husband. It can help a lot to your family. Be content with what you have and take care of your children, discuss the future plans with your husband. These things will certainly have a huge impact and can help in dealing with the challenges.

5. Express yourself:

Keep good and open communication with him while expressing yourself and never lose patience. Express yourself about the things/feelings at right time and in the right manner. If you keep quiet and do not express much, he may not figure out everything that is going on inside your mind, so he may not fulfill your wishes and desires. This type of attitude makes you dissatisfactory which in turn will affect your marital life.

So don’t feel shy to express anything to your husband. Good communication is not just sharing your problems with your husband but it also means listening to his problems as well. Know about things that he is going through, stay with him and do whatever you can. Be an understanding partner.

How to be a good wife | How to become a good wife | How to be the best wife | How to be a great wife | How to become a better wife.
  • 6. Tell your views and opinions wisely:

Never boss him.  Don’t hide the things which make you suffer, try to make them clear. Don’t argue over a topic until it breaks. What you say is not as important, but what matters is how you say it. This is where most women end up making mistakes…… and get misunderstood. Don’t let your anger take over, because it may cause you to say the things which make you regret later. Manage your anger issues in an argument and speak carefully.

Sometimes there will be situations where you don’t agree with your husband’s decisions, though you need to respect his opinions no matter what. Both of you cannot have identical viewpoints or beliefs. Being a good wife, you need to resolve your opinions, try to convince him to see from your viewpoint. Express those things why you don’t agree with him, tell him the reasons, ask him if your views have significance. Listen to his opinions at the same time.

This way you can sort out many things. Don’t get into the discussion when he is tired or stressed out, in those times he may not actively listen to your words, you may get hurt. So timing and the way of doing are equally important.

7. Give him space:

Never try to stick to your husband like glue, give him his space. Sometimes he may need some peaceful lonely time, allow him to have it, don’t disturb him. Let him invest his time peacefully in things he has to work on, be responsible in different relations like family and friends. This allows him to relax and can boost his efficiency. This will also make sure that you both will spend quality time together.

8. Show Appreciation:

Appreciate him for all the things he does for you and the family. Express your love, concern, appreciation, and care all the time. Thank him for the things he does or the efforts he puts in to make you happy. Tell him how much you liked them. This will encourage him and he can do more things happily. Remember little things can have a great impact and can be fruitful.

9. Never judge:

Being a good wife, you should not be judgmental about his opinions or viewpoint. Whatever the situation or decision just extend a helping hand in solving the issues at hand, without pointing a finger. Judging him in everything can hurt him and can disappoint him. Whenever you give suggestions or advice make sure that he doesn’t feel being judged but he should only realize that you are telling for the sake of him and for the sake of your family.

10. Love:

Do all things in love. Without love, nothing can make any sense. You can do everything in love. Love your husband as you love yourself. Love endures all the sufferings and pain. Love doesn’t envy. Love can cover up the mistakes. Where there is true love, you don’t feel afraid there. No matter what tell him that you always love him. Live a life where your husband can proudly testify that you are the most loving one besides anyone in this world.

How to be a good wife | How to become a good wife | How to be the best wife | How to be a great wife | How to become a better wife.

11. Forgiveness:

It is the most important factor. We all do mistakes in our lives, remember no one is perfect. Where there is no forgiveness, there is only bitterness every time. Forgive your husband as he forgives your mistake. Forgiving is not just excusing them for what they have done to you, but excusing them and not remembering them or pointing out their mistakes anytime. Sometimes he may not forgive himself for what he does, in those times tell him that you forgive him and forget whatever has happened. This can build mutual faith and can help in not repeating mistakes.

12. Hope and joy:

Always spread hope and joy in your family. There will be tough seasons in life, your husband or children or even you get so much disappointed. Stand firm in those challenging times, have hope and tell your family not to lose hope. This will definitely build a strong and healthy family. Happiness depends on the outer circumstances but joy lasts forever in the heart irrespective of the circumstances.

Getting a wife of excellent character is a real gift for a man, she is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above the pearls. Be the one to be a such wife.

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