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How to score good marks in exams

Today we are embarking upon a very significant and emotional subject in every student’s life i.e. EXAMINATION.

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If there is a show of hands for how many of us feel that we got fewer marks in the exam even after studying hard. Then I am sure most of the hands will go up (about 95%, if not more). However, most of us never introspect and try to understand the reason for this mismatch. As human psychology, we tend to blame others but seldom claim responsibility for our failures.

Preparing for an exam is a skill and unfortunately, not many of us are being taught how to prepare for the exam and get the best result. I have worked on this particular topic in detail because I was also among those who used to study a lot but never able to get marks as per my studies. So this is through experience what I had explained and not GYAAN which others tell by reading or listening to someone. I have practiced this and hence I am preaching.

how to crack exam
How to score good marks in exam?

As you all know that all of us are not on the same intelligence level as others. Some may take more time to understand a subject/topic/article while others might grasp the same within seconds. There is no capability issue here but we are all programmed differently, period.

After I got into IIT, I found most of the people in IIT are studying less and getting good marks. Then I started learning about what do they do differently. After years of discussion and observation, I came to the conclusion that getting good marks in the exam has nothing to do with intelligence. To crack the exam, we must only know the answers to the questions correctly. Whether I have understood its meaning is not the concern.

Hence, who can write the answers to the questions well is the person who will get the highest marks even if the other person has understood the complete subject well in detail but if he fails to answer the exam questions correctly and in time then he will lagging behind in marks. And the person who has understood it well is definitely more intelligent. 

How to score good marks in exam? – Skills for preparing for the exam:

How to score good marks in exam – Before the exam:

1.      Make notes of exam syllabus and follow – It’s obvious, right? But I have seen many students read things that are not in the syllabus just because they are enjoying it. Don’t waste time in reading and putting efforts of topics out of the syllabus 

2.      Use previous year’s exam papers – write down the value of marks of each chapter i.e. weight of each chapter  

3.      First, complete the chapters which have higher marks value. 

4.      Generally, the question paper uses the same pattern as previous years – so solve the previous 5 years question papers. 

5.      Solve previous year’s exam papers and try to solve them as the main paper at home – by this, you will get accustomed to the paper pattern and time. 

how to crack exam
How to score good marks in exam?

How to score good marks in exam – During the exam:

1.      Start writing the answers from question 1 – Don’t read all the questions and then try to think which I do first. 

2.      Start writing answers to questions you know than getting stuck for questions wherein you don’t know the answers. It is important to answer the questions which you know instead of getting STUCK at questions that you don’t know. 

3.      Answered questions should be checked once before moving to another question, for any small mistake. This will help a lot because you will ensure you get complete marks for the questions you answered. It is important to check immediately and quickly as you are in the flow of the answer and will not waste more time. 

4.      After you have completed and answered all the questions which you know, then go to the questions that you did not answer and start answering if you can answer any of them.

5.      Check the roll number and all basic info is correct. 

how to crack exam
How to score good marks in exam?

How to score good marks in exam –After the exam:

1.      Don’t try to find the answer key of the question paper if you still have some more exams left. Focus on the next exam as you can’t do anything with the exam which is gone. 

2.      After all the exams are over and if you can’t resist, then you can check how well you did. For your betterment give yourself zero marks even if you have done small mistakes in answering any question. By that, you will not be unhappy when you will get the results. 

3.      Don’t compare yourself with others and get happy or sad by listening to them. Everyone has their own preparation and their own faith we can only work on ourselves and so just focus on that. 

4.      If you have followed all these steps properly, then great if not then try to follow them in the next exam and improve yourself. 

5.      If you want someone whom you can talk to about how you did in the exam then you can share with someone who will encourage you like your parents or your close relatives or your God. 

how to crack exam
How to score good marks in exam?

Guys, please remember one thing that it’s not that if you have got fewer marks in the exam then you are not intelligent or you will not have a great future. Exams marks are just numbers on a sheet and it does not have any impact on you till you make them a BIG DEAL in your life. How to score good marks in exams is just a skill which everyone can learn.

Many people who understand the subject well have done great in their life because they have a learning attitude and that plays an important part in your career and ultimately LIFE. Even if they didn’t have great marks but such people are appreciated at work because of their intellect. Also, most of them who got higher marks and did not have a deep interest in learning, will not get recognition or reward in the work/life because people understand their work.  If you want to grow your attitude and character then i have a very good book for you by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

But the one who has a good learning attitude and good exam skills is always at the top. They are rewarded and recognized everywhere – in school life, in college life, and in work life. 

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