5 things to learn from Rahul Dravid

5 things to learn from Rahul Dravid

Qualities of Rahul Dravid or What can we learn from Rahul Dravid.

Rahul Dravid is popularly and aptly called “The WALL” in the cricketing world due to his ability to stay on the crease for the longest duration. Rahul Dravid holds the record for the highest number of balls faced and the longest time spent at the crease and rightly so “The Wall” never broke. He is the first cricketer to have scored a century in 10 test playing nations. He has scored the highest runs for no.3 batsman and there are many more records to his name. Jammy as is fondly called by his teammates, is a person of discipline, ethics, and high moral values.

We are going to explore many traits of his personality and learn from this truly great cricketer and even greater person.

Qualities of Rahul Dravid: Has a lot of Patience:

Iterating that Rahul Dravid holds the record for the most number of balls faced and the longest time spent on the crease, this is a feat not many would achieve in their cricketing career. Not even the great batsmen in the world are able to achieve this record. Playing long innings needs patience and perseverance. The batsman needs to know where exactly his off stump is and make a decision to hit the ball only when it comes to his area of play.

Drawing parallels to life, when we are required to play a long innings in life, how do we react? Do we indulge in the most varied topics or are we involved in petty issues of life? We do get involved in these unrelated and petty issues of life knowingly or unknowingly. What we can learn from Rahul Dravid is that can we leave these issues alone in life, be it personal or professional. Once we start developing the skill of leaving such issues out of our life, I am sure you can also lead a long and healthy life

Qualities of Rahul Dravid: Calmness:

Rahul Dravid was known for not showing any emotions on or off the field. He was never involved in any heated argument or fight with anyone. His career is accorded with soothing calmness of his personality and he carried the same with him on and off the field.

We need to be calm in all situations of life especially the rough ones. However, we panic in difficult situations and fail as a person, personally or professionally. We can develop calmness through meditation and yoga. A calm mind can think through any difficulties in life.

Qualities of Rahul Dravid: Multi-talented:

Rahul Dravid captained the Indian team when the team was in crisis. He took up the responsibility as a wicketkeeper when the team needed someone to take this position. He not only filled the position but excelled in every role that he performed for the team.

When was the last time we were happy because our boss has transferred to another profile? We never take it as an opportunity to learn something new. We criticize our manager and never understand the thought of developing ourselves in other areas. Similarly, when we are given any additional responsibility at home, we take it as a burden because we don’t enjoy the task. Start enjoying the task and you will excel in the new profile and will be the go-to person for the company/family.

5 things to learn from Rahul Dravid
Qualities of Rahul Dravid

Qualities of Rahul Dravid: Genuity:

 Rahul Dravid has walked off so many times after being out and even before the umpire has not given him out. He is very true to the game of cricket and is being treated with dignity and respect by players around the world. He is one of the greatest people on and off the field and has gained this stature through his conduct and behavior.

How do we behave professionally and personally? Are we respected like Rahul Dravid by our teammates/family members and others outside this circle? We have to learn from Dravid how to conduct ourselves to earn that respect and dignity. It can only be earned by being genuine to yourself and others. A fake person can hide his true character for some time but eventually, his real character is revealed. A genuine person does not need to pretend as he is genuinely concerned about the project/people

Qualities of Rahul Dravid: Focussed

Till recently, Rahul Dravid was empowered with the responsibility of Head Coach of Under-19 and India A which was due to his commitment and focus on the game. He is committed to the game and genuinely wants to grow the game of cricket. He is now being appointed as Head of Cricket at National Cricket Academy.

How many of us are so focused on the profile that we are working on? Only commitment to developing the skill and ability for the work that we are doing will help us achieve a top-level in our field. Rahul Dravid teaches us how to be committed to the game and help develop others. We need to be focused on a single point to achieve greater heights in any area. We need to be sharp like a laser (very focused minimum distraction) hence it can cut through metal too.

5 things to learn from Rahul Dravid
Qualities of Rahul Dravid

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Rahul Dravid is much more than the above-mentioned points and it is difficult to distill his capabilities in a few points. So my apologies to have missed many points for this great cricket and a truly great person.

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