How to stop thinking of what will I get (selfish thinking) and getting pressurized by that?

Selfish thinking | You be so selfish | very selfish | More selfish | Selfish me.

How to stop thinking of what will I get (selfish thinking) and getting pressurized by that? 1
Selfish thinking | You be so selfish | very selfish | More selfish | Selfish me.

           Do any work without expecting anything in return. The result might be good or bad, But if your expecting positively and unfortunately sometimes negative happens it is very hard to digest. It creates negative thoughts and ideas which causes stress and anxiety. Pressure will increase which disturbs your inner peace.

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Don’t expect anything in return which is one of the best policies one should follow to be happy and maintain inner peace. Your mind might be working against you. That’s the reason your increasing pressure in your mind. Don’t expect something in return if you gave it to someone.

This may end causing damage to you. If you spend your time thinking about what you gave and expecting the same in return which will you often disappoint you. The most important gift someone can give you is their time. in this busy world, everyone will make excuses for why they cannot see you.

People who want you give their time to you. Although you can’t make everyone happy you can surely make your loved ones happy. Giving without expecting anything in return is hard for a human but it is a good habit where every individual must learn. It is something amazing that can’t be expressed.

Selfish thinking | You be so selfish | very selfish | More selfish | Selfish me.
Selfish thinking | You be so selfish | very selfish | More selfish | Selfish me.

Forget thinking about the past. Every experience teaches you a lesson. Learn from the mistakes and try to move on.  We are often blessed with the ability to remember the best experiences from the past which reflect our present situations. If you are expecting something in return you are not only stressing yourself but also wasting your mental bandwidth.

        Stop thinking of what will I get if I do this. Stay calm with an anxious mind. Until we die there is something to learn in life which means we are lifelong learners. Do it wisely and stop starting feeling better. We have to express our emotions depending on the situation. To help someone with your kind heart. They will show you gratitude till they are alive. Take good and bad things from your experience. Practice meditation which helps your mind to be peaceful and increases your concentration levels. Always respond positively to how hard the situation is.

        Best gifts are the ones that are given freely. Stop your egos and accept that you don’t get something in return. Anything you offer to anyone give it with a full heart. Shower love on others by loving yourself. if you are expecting gratification and acknowledgment from others then you are not giving it with a full heart.

When you have a full heart, loving yourself truly, and know your worth then you can give so much to others. Blessing other people is done with a full heart. If you are having a full heart then you need nothing in the back as you are already full. Don’t expect love to be returned. The heart is one of the powerful and peaceful places to be. Make it pure without egos.

      Contribute something to others because you believe in abundance. If you believe in abundance, you can give everything. Because you can feel that you have still in plenty. If you are an abundant thinker you can see the material things as like material. They are just tangible items that don’t hold power unless we allow them.  When we give clothes, money, and other items.

How to stop thinking of what will I get (selfish thinking) and getting pressurized by that? 2
Selfish thinking | You be so selfish | very selfish | More selfish | Selfish me.

We can live in abundance by trusting the heart level that we need nothing. Gifting and sharing our material things with others can bless us in many amazing ways. We bless others heartfully in many ways when we believe that we have enough and can give things to others. Some people give something to others thinking that others should lead a better life. So, they contribute clothes to the people who are in need.

Many people don’t want other people to prosper and have wonderful lives. Remove such attitude as it can’t make you live happily. we gift them because we want them to be happy. Then we are filled with love and need nothing in return. Whether you give love, any items, or your time you feel that you have enough to give away. The only reason you contribute to others is to make their lives bright.

Don’t try to run for money leaving small happy moments in your life. When you recollect your memories there should be some happy moments to remember. Don’t save money for generations and generations rather than spend your money by helping others. It gives you self-satisfaction which can’t be gained from anything.  If you are having plenty then give some and bless others.

You will get joy while you are giving and helping someone makes you feel full in one or the other way. Try to help people who deserve it.  Poor people who don’t have food to eat must be helped. Keep them the meal. they bless you to be happy. No one will care for them and help them. Help those people, god surely blesses you. making yourself not available to the people who need you is important.

If you are not available to them at that time then is also compared to taking revenge.  Try to give a gift to anyone that will automatically tell your mind and heart that you are full and don’t hold any bad feelings on that person. Forgiveness is one of the good ethical values. Develop an attitude to forget the people who behaved badly with you and who don’t deserve it.

If you forgive them then it gives you freedom which helps you to go of anger and bitterness. Always keep in your mind that your gift will be returned to you in some way. When you offer something to someone and expect it in return then it seems like you are narrow-minded. Think that god will gift you with the better thing.  Charity is one such kind. It gives us give joy when we help others.  It is one of the best gifts. Know that joy inside is more than enough. Expecting nothing in return is a powerful idea.

How to stop thinking of what will I get (selfish thinking) and getting pressurized by that? 3
Selfish thinking | You be so selfish | very selfish | More selfish | Selfish me.

         Note the issues, which are making you pressurized. Stop spreading gossips and listening to gossips. It only wastes your valuable time. You can’t live peacefully. This can increase your stress levels. This disturbs your mental health. Go with the flow by removing the ‘should’ thoughts. If you think that you are getting negative thoughts. Try to do meditation and yoga which increases your concentration levels. Exercise regularly which makes you fit and healthy.

It reduces mental tensions. make it a habit can become a powerful mental tool.  Make yourself busy then there will be fewer chances to have stress and negative thinking. Don’t prepare a list of things that you should do. If that doesn’t happen you will get tensed. Be practical and prepare the things which you think you can do. Work hard to do the things.

Prepare a short to-do list that you want to do on a particular day.  Know what is important for you and limit the less useful things. Spend your free time with your family and friends. This helps you to relax your time.  don’t carry every situation on your head. A plan is required for every work. You won’t have much workload when you plan your work. Try to be optimistic and be calm in controlling your feelings.

Try to think from others’ points of view before judging others. Increase positivity thinking levels. See the bright side of others. Don’t be a negative thinker. Live your life for yourself but don’t make your life go as per someone’s design. Learning proper and good this in childhood helps an individual to live a respectful life in society. Take care of your hygiene too. Getting enough sleep is important which ensures optimal cognitive function.

Eat healthily and maintain inner peace. There is no need to live for hundreds of years but live healthy happily in every moment. Earning money is important but spending the money is also important. In today’s world, every individual is striving to earn money from their family. But unfortunately, they are forgetting to take care of their family. If you are in a situation to not do the work then try to ask for help from others.

How to stop thinking of what will I get (selfish thinking) and getting pressurized by that? 4
Selfish thinking | You be so selfish | very selfish | More selfish | Selfish me.

Don’t go for false prestige and do be afraid to ask. It reduces your workload and tension.  Be patient in every situation. Use positive body language which shows a real effect on the brain’s outlook. All the problems are not solved easily, it takes some time to solve some situations. Accept the situation and move on.  Be thankful to everyone. No one is perfect in this world but everyone thinks that they are perfect.

Learn different things from others that make you intelligent. Try to do your things by yourself. It helps you to gain more knowledge and you no need to depend on others for anything. This can reduce your pressure in mind and everything goes smoothly.

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Selfish thinking | You be so selfish | very selfish | More selfish | Selfish me.

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