How to be a good husband | How to be a better husband | How to become a good husband | How to be the best husband | how to be a good husband to your wife.


How to be a good husband | How to be a better husband | How to become a good husband | How to be the best husband | how to be a good husband to your wife.

When a man gets married, he becomes a man of vows. All those promises you made to your spouse really mean something, and it’s time to start walking on them. You’ve met the girl with whom you have to travel for the rest of your life. And then a big question pops in your mind that how to be a good husband? What should you follow to be a good husband? There is no checklist that will make a man a perfect husband so, primarily a good husband is the one who is responsible, understands, and respects his wife, her opinions, and beliefs.

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How to be a good husband | How to be a better husband | How to become a good husband | How to be the best husband | how to be a good husband to your wife.
  • Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Husband:

Here are some characteristics and qualities that every good husband has:

  1. Be honest

No relationship in this world can survive without being honest with each other. It is the most important aspect of every relation. Honesty is the best quality that makes you a wonderful husband. Show your true self to her. You need not fake anything or makeup stories to impress her. Confess when you did anything wrong, do not try to cover up anything because dishonesty could only lead to insecurity. Telling your wife, the truth, not hiding things from her, and involving her in every aspect of your life will earn her trust and will ensure that you gain respect and honesty right back from her. Being honest sets an example for not only your wife but your children also.

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2. Trust them completely

 There are many things in a relationship that revolve around trust. If you don’ trust your partner you cannot lead a peaceful life. Learn to trust your wife in the same way that you want them to trust you. Trusting your wife makes her feel so much better and happy. Don’t listen to the rumors around you there may be many forces that are trying to ruin your relationship. Talk to her if she needs any help or support from you, believe in her ability.  If you truly love her, never give her a chance to doubt you or feel insecure. Let her know that she can trust you with anything.

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3. Respectful

Respect your wife’s opinions, wishes, beliefs, and needs. Understanding, accepting, and respecting the fact that your wife is still a separate being from you, who had different ideas, dreams, and opinions, is important in a marriage. The wife is not an inferior being to her husband, she should be equally respected. She deserves much respect for her sacrifices and her valuable role in the family. Don’t force her to give up on her own dreams to follow yours, but talk things out and see what works for both of you.

How to be a good husband | How to be a better husband | How to become a good husband | How to be the best husband | how to be a good husband to your wife.
  • 4. Loyal

 Be loyal to your wife. Never let her feel that she is not good enough for you. Don’t ever make her feel that you are not true to her; else it will break her heart.

5. Accept her faults

     Everyone has their flaws and faults, but true love is accepting the bad with the good. Never judge her for her flaws. Judging her and being rude to her can detain her morality and it can only worsen the situation. Your wife may have done something that you don’t agree with, stop judging and try to talk it out with her and come to an agreeable solution.

Focus or hold on to the good things/qualities she has and ignore the things that you may not like. Whenever she does any mistakes explain the consequences, forgive her, give suggestions to improve those aspects. Advise her so that the same mistakes do not repeat. This can truly improve the quality of marital life.

6. Love them:

Love is the magical bond that keeps both of you attached until the end despite all the adversaries, pain, challenges. Love is the most precious gift that you can offer to your spouse. Remember why did you marry her in the first place? She is the one you have to spend the rest of your life with. Always find ways to show her that how much you love her. Express to them why you love them and how important they were to you.

Tell her how she makes you feel special in your life in her presence. Enjoy all the little moments with them… Set reminders for important days like birthdays, anniversaries, and other big events that you need to be aware of. Celebrate with them create memories. These little things can have a huge positive impact and make your relationship so much joyful.

7. Be there for your Kids:

A good husband loves his kids. Although it might be difficult for you to play with your kids after coming from work, take some time in a day to spend with them. By having fun with children, you make your wife believe that you are in this together. Ask your children what they love, discuss it with your wife, and buy those little things. Seeing the happiness in your kid’s faces makes both you and your wife forget all the worries and tensions, feels better, make things relatively easier.

How to be a good husband | How to be a better husband | How to become a good husband | How to be the best husband | how to be a good husband to your wife.

8. Compassionate

Be a compassionate man and show your spouse that you care. It can be towards your wife and others as well. This increases your value and respect.

9.  Compromising

Sometimes both of you may not agree on a thing. Never pull back yourself to compromise. There are times when your wife may sacrifice her own position to make you happy and to fulfill your wish. So never think that comprising can degrade your value, in fact, it is the act of love to make your partner feel comfortable. So you should learn to be able to compromise and come up with solutions what is the best for that particular situation, that both of you can agree on.

10. Passionate:

A good husband is not just passionate when it comes to the physical aspect of marriage, but he is also passionate about small things. Women really appreciate men who take the efforts to like things that she does or who support them in their hobbies and passions. This is the basic quality of a good husband.


There is no other person that a woman can depend on other than her husband. You must be the most dependable person for your wife throughout her life. If she needs you to do something for her, do your best, even if you have no idea what you are doing. If she can depend on you to be there to support her when she needs you, she will feel a lot more secure and loved in your relationship than if she cannot depend on you for anything. This is especially important when she is carrying your baby. Always ask her how you can support her. Stay with her in all situations.

12. Indulgent

 You should know how to pamper her like a child. Indulging your wife in the things she loves will make her see just how much you care about her. Ask her about her desires even if you think you know them and try to fulfill them in the best way you can. Just don’t stop at your pleasure. It will gain you some points with her, and she is sure to indulge you in the things that you love as well. Maintain intimacy in all things.

How to be a good husband | How to be a better husband | How to become a good husband | How to be the best husband | how to be a good husband to your wife.

13. Kind

Kindness in a man is a very appealing quality to women. She will know that you will never hurt her and that you will always do what is best for her and your family.

14. Take the lead

Women like men to take charge. One of the best ways you can be a great husband is by learning how to lead your life well. Taking the lead in making decisions for your family and doing things that are hard but necessary. Make the decisions wisely.

  • Once you get married you and your wife becomes one body. You will be the head to lead the family and your wife becomes your body to obey you.
  • It is a great responsibility to lead your family. It is not the easiest task but surely it is a great responsibility.
  •  Never undermine her decisions in front of your children, but talk to her in private if you don’t agree with something she did. Showing your children that both of you are together even in hard situations will teach them what a real relationship is like between man and woman.
  • Never raise your voice or yell at, or physically abuse them. Especially don’t do such things in front of your children. Your spouse trusts you to look after their comfort and safety.
  • When she keeps silent understand her language of silence by spending with her.
  • If you also want to keep your wife happy at all times, bring some humor in your life. Make her laugh now and then.
  • Be her best friend, spend time with her and share everything what you feel.

Being a good husband is one of the greatest tasks in the world. Fulfill your responsibilities heartfully and win the heart of your wife.

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