How to be a good son | How to be a better son | How to become a good son | How to become a better son | How to be the best son.


How to be a good son | How to be a better son | How to become a good son | How to become a better son | How to be the best son.

It is the dream of every parent that their son should be well. If seen, proving to be a good son is like returning something to the parents. However, the selfless love and care of parents is a debt on us that cannot be paid. He takes care of us since we are in our mother’s womb. At the same time, he sacrificed many comforts and amenities for us.

 The most important thing to be a good son is that we should not consider it as our duty. Parents want nothing in return except love from their children. Being a good son is not a task, it is a way of living. Tomorrow our children will also follow in our footsteps. That is why it is necessary that we pass on a good legacy to the coming generation.

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How to be a good son | How to be a better son | How to become a good son | How to become a better son | How to be the best son.
How to be a good son | How to be a better son | How to become a good son | How to become a better son | How to be the best son.

To be a good son, it is necessary that we love our parents as selflessly as they did to us. True love means respect and selflessness. When your parents need you and you are with them, they are very happy. Do not think materially at all and do not give expensive gifts to parents. Instead, if you invite them to dinner, it will be a bigger deal for them than you think.

  1. love : To be a good son, it is necessary that you show love towards your parents. This is the most basic and important thing. You don’t need to be shy about this at all.
  2. Be Responsible : A good son is one who is responsible and takes care of himself as well as his family. This makes the parents feel that you are on your feet and can take care of the house in their absence.
  3. Respect people : This is also an important aspect of being a good son. You should respect not only your parents but also your teachers, other family members and friends.
  4. Study well : Pay special attention to your studies. This determines the direction of our life. An educated person with good moral values ​​will surely prove to be a good son.
  5. Honesty : It is very important to be honest to your parents. We all make mistakes, but accepting it in front of parents is a sign of a good son.
  6. Show love to brother and sister too : Being a good son does not mean that your love should be limited only to the parents. A good son is one who shows love and respect to his siblings as well.
  7. Don’t get lost in the way : Many a times it happens that we get lost in the way and get involved in illegal activities. It is very important to keep distance from them.
  8. Addicted to Drugs : It’s okay to have an occasional drink with family and friends, but you should never get addicted to it. Also, you should completely stay away from such addiction, which becomes very difficult to quit.
  9. Always Be Present : Sometimes parents need you. If you stay with them on such occasions, they will feel very happy.
  10. Be a Good Person : To be a good son you have to be a good person. Children have the biggest influence on their parents. So be a good person, so that your parents can be proud of you. If a friend of yours says something nice about you to your parents, they are very happy.
  11. Obey them all : Every parent tries to make their child’s life better. Even though he feels pain in scolding you but he wants his son not to deteriorate and think about his life. That’s why they make you do the same thing whether you like it or not but they say all this about your happiness. So like a good son, don’t be afraid but think with pride that my parents will not do wrong for me and obey everything they say.
  12. Spend time with them : No one can give you better inspirational things than parents. They will definitely tell you about the increasing order of their life. This will not only inspire you but also give you a good opportunity to make your life stronger. You will get to know about every stage of life. Due to which you will never face any problem in coping with any problem.
  13. Refrain from lying : Everyone tells lies to protect themselves, but if you do any mistake, then you should not mislead your parents by lying, but tell them clearly. If today you are lying to them for a small matter, then you will have to lie for big things gradually and the day your parents come to know about this, then you will understand very well what will go on their heart.
  14. Serve the parents : To be a good son, you should always serve your parents. They should never be left alone. If your parents are very old then at that time then you should take great care of them. A boy who serves his parents is called a good son in the true sense.
  15. Don’t hurt :  You should never give pain and trouble to your parents and always try to keep them happy. The sons who hurt their parents are called wicked and there is no benefit to such a son. Giving pain and suffering to someone is a very bad habit and if any boy hurts his parents then what can be a bigger sin than this.
  16. Give happiness : You should try to keep your parents happy as much as possible, because friends, you will get many people in life, second wife, second child, second friends, distant girlfriend, second job etc. But you get parents only once in life, so you should always give them happiness.
  17. Light up his name :  It is the dream of every parent that their son grows up to be a good person and shows success. If your parents are poor then you should try your best to brighten the name of your parents and make them so happy that they should be proud that we created this and this is our son. When you become a big man then people will know your parents by your name. What could be the happiest thing for a mother and father than this?
  18. Don’t be a slave to wife : When you are young, your parents give you food even when you are hungry and always protect you. But when they get married, the children change and try to separate their parents. You should not do this at all and by becoming a slave of wife, you should not commit any kind of crime on your parents, this is such a sin, for which you have to pay the punishment.
  19. Be a support : Why do parents give birth to children, especially boys? Because they can get support in old age and there should be someone who can serve them in old age. Friends, nowadays the era has become so bad that boys are ashamed to serve their parents. Those people when they need their son the most in old age, he does not support them. Friends, think once and see, is anyone always young? Every person has to grow old one day and no one is spared from it. The day you show your old parents, your son can do the same to you. Therefore, be the support of your parents in old age and never leave them alone.
How to be a good son | How to be a better son | How to become a good son | How to become a better son | How to be the best son.

So friends, keep your parents happy all the time and serve them. Win them over by being good sons that will make them proud to be good parents. Anyway the line “parents guru devta” is the best and the biggest thing. The status of parents is above that of Guru and God. So unless you make your parents happy you cannot be a good son.

A good son is the wish of every parent. Everyone wants his son to follow his guidance. Give them all they want. There is nothing in this world more than parents. If you get away from him for even a minute, you will know how much courage his love was for you. Whenever you give selfless love and respect to your parents, not only will they feel good but their prayers will also be of great help to you.

Whatever work you do, you will get success. Anyway, if you face any problem then your parents will be with you. That is why it is important not to leave any impression of the service of those parents who have spent many years leaving their happiness on you. So by making your parents happy, you can become a good son and even a good person in the eyes of the world.


It’s not always easy to be a good son. Sometimes, you’ve made a mistake and can’t find a way to fix it. Many times, we fundamentally disagree with our parents and don’t know to approach them without starting a fight. The most important thing to remember is that, while being a son has its own challenges, so does parenthood, and the best thing we can do is to give our parents love and support. At the end of the day, the thing that will please your parents the most is to see their own son growing into a happy, responsible adult.

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How to be a good son | How to be a better son | How to become a good son | How to become a better son | How to be the best son.

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