How to deal with negative people? 12 best tips to handle a negative person.

deal with negative people

How to deal with negative people?

Okay, let me tell you a story first….

A frog decided to reach the top of a tree. All frog shouted, “It’s impossible…It’s impossible. Still, the frog reached the top.

But, how?

Because, he was deaf and he thought everyone was encouraging him to reach the top of the tree.

I am sure you would have many people around you who enjoys dragging you down or demotivates you when you come up with an idea or a plan which could be unknowingly. If you know what you are thinking is right ethically, morally and beneficial to you and your surrounding then don’t listen to others. Go for it. they actually negatively impact our confidence and self esteem.

Be with people who are positive about you. they will motivate you they will encourage you do do great in life.

We can choose our environment we can decide on with whom we want to invest time with. Choose someone who has higher attitude and character.

No matter how much positive energy is emphasized, there will always be individuals who seem to drag us down with their negativity. Pessimism is a way of life for some people. Everyone has that friend or coworker who drains your energy by whining about all the ways the universe is conspiring against him or her. You will, unfortunately, have to deal with a variety of bad people throughout your life. Others’ negativity, on the other hand, can have an impact on your well-being. Rather than becoming annoyed with their attitude and possibly losing friends and coworkers as a result, you must understand how to deal with them properly.

You can’t always run from such negative people. So you need to overcome your fear of dealing with negative people and face them. Here are some tips which would help you to overcome not being able to face negative people:

how to deal with negative people
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How to handle negative people?

1. Look for the bright side and positivity: Determine what gives you a boost of good energy. This could be people, television series, reading, exercise, self-care, and so on. Look for these items frequently, especially when you feel your energy is being sapped by others. Walk away if someone else’s negative energy is affecting your happiness (even if that means forever).

2. You don’t have to try to cheer them up, fix their problems, or come up with a solution. It is commendable that you are attempting to help them. Keep in mind, though, that you may not be able to succeed, and it is not usually your responsibility to do so. It’s also crucial to set strong limits for yourself while dealing with negative people

When dealing with negative people, staying cheerful and ignoring their negativity is sometimes the best strategy. Unsolicited advice is seldom heeded. Wait until the person expresses an interest in hearing your views. There are instances when a person’s bad state is justified; respect where they are. Telling someone they shouldn’t be in a foul mood is the best way to annoy them.

3. Calmly respond: Respond in the manner in which you would like to be spoken to. It’s best to avoid becoming passive hostile because it doesn’t assist anyone. Change the subject or go away if they’re gossiping or putting people down.

how to avoid negative people
deal with negative people | how to deal with negative people | how to avoid negative people | how to ignore negative people | how to handle negative people

4. Take control of the conversation. If the appreciative inquiry does not result in a fruitful, positive discourse, gently shift the focus to something less serious.

5. Stay away from the blame game: Don’t point the finger at them, make assumptions about them, or insult them. It normally doesn’t go well when you tell someone to “stop being so negative.” Demonstrate the kindness and empathy you want this individual to have for you. Just make sure they don’t walk all over you.

6. Pay attention to what they don’t say: While negative people may complain a lot, there’s a good possibility they’re talking a lot more beneath the surface than you believe. Pay attention to what they’re truly thinking—what they’re expressing between the lines. They may be joking as a coping mechanism, employing dark humor to deal with how upset they are; they may be mocking themselves in jest, but they genuinely need to be reminded of their worth. If you’re up for it, discovering what negative individuals need behind the surface will help you strengthen your bond.

how to ignore negative people
deal with negative people | how to deal with negative people | how to avoid negative people | how to ignore negative people | how to handle negative people

7. Don’t get caught up in the negative. When presented with a negative individual, it’s quite simple to fall into their negativity spiral. Choosing not to engage does not imply that you are ignoring them; rather, it means keeping your emotional distance.

8. Determine what makes them happy: Just because they’re pessimistic doesn’t mean they can’t laugh at themselves. If you’re having trouble coming up with themes to breach, check for subjects that they are interested in. What do you say to them that makes them laugh? What is it that they are enthusiastic about? Is it their family, friends, vacations, or stories that they’re talking about? Find out what makes them happy and remind them of it.

9. Try not to fight with the person about why they shouldn’t be negative. The first reaction when trying to persuade someone to change their mind is to try to convince them why they shouldn’t. Unfortunately, this rarely works. People who are in a funk often have a lot of justifications for why they are there, as well as a lot of defenses to keep them there.

10. Stick to your guns: Stick to your guns when it comes to setting limits. Make it known when someone does anything that breaches a line. Negative people will take advantage of your values, time, and energy if you don’t stand up for them.

11. Define your limits. Set boundaries for how you interact with negative people when dealing with them. It is not your obligation to deal with the negativity of others. You should spend time apart from them if they’re bringing you down too much. If the negative individual is a coworker, stop them in their tracks by informing them you need to get back to work. If you don’t do it nicely, it will only feed their negativity. If the negative individual is a member of your family (especially if you reside with them), try to avoid them as much as possible. Go to a library or a nearby coffee shop instead of answering the phone each time they call.

how to handle negative people
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12. Accept responsibility for your well-being. Human pleasure is typically determined by the quality of one’s interactions with others, as we are social creatures. You, and only you, are accountable for your happiness and optimism. Being content despite the circumstances entails mastering your emotional response rather than the event itself.

If you’re dealing with a negative buddy, for example, you have the option of allowing the person to drain you of your optimism or bolstering yourself with positive reminders before and after dealing with the friend. It’s like exercising a muscle when it comes to controlling your emotional response. You must practice controlling your emotions in the face of external stimuli, such as dealing with a negative individual.

Someone who is constantly pessimistic could be depressed. Encourage the person to seek professional help if the negativity manifests itself in conversations about self-harm or harming others. Don’t let other people’s negativity make you a pessimist. Above all, you must remember that you are responsible for your happiness. You must overcome not being able to face negative people, face them, change them if you can and make yourself happy and bold.

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