3 things to learn from India Afghanistan World Cup match

3 things to learn from India versus Afghanistan World Cup 2019 match

3 things to learn from India versus Afghanistan World Cup 2019 match

3 things to learn from India Afghanistan World Cup match
india versus afghanistan world cup 2019

Recent india versus afghanistan world cup 2019 encounter on June 22, 2019, was supposed to be a one-sided affair with lots of records to be broken, of course from an Indian perspective. However, it was not meant to be so, and Afghanistan gave India real run for their money when the match went till the wire and finished in the last over.

India though winning the match, there was a lot to learn from this match for Indian Team as it was for us too.

Leadership: Virat Kohli played GEM of an inning leading from the front and demonstrated his leadership skills in the field as well. If you have noticed, he took a few decisions on his own and was backed by his bowlers. This shows when you show confidence in your subordinates, they will invariably perform.

In our professional life, how much do we believe in our team members capability and back them up during a crucial assignment? Mostly we will back our most trusted member to perform but when the task is huge everyone has to perform and deliver as a unit. At home, when you are playing a LEADER role, it is imperative that you believe in each of your members and gives them confidence by giving them crucial tasks during an event, function, etc. You will see how much they enjoy and perform

Believe that you will win: Indian team body language in this game was very positive and never did they give up. They always believed that they will WIN and they did. So, your belief is of prime importance because it is a belief that creates feelings (emotions) that trigger action and then we achieve desired results. In Professional / Personal Life, when we are faced with overwhelming tasks, believe that you can achieve/complete it within a given time and quality. This will make you relaxed and focused.

Even if you are hit, you can strike back: In the last over of Mohammed Shami, Afghanistan needed 16 runs to WIN and Indian needed to defend those 16 runs. However, on the very first ball, Shami was hit for a boundary. Most of the bowlers in the world would have their confidence shattered, however, Shami had a different mindset. He went on to take 3 wickets in the next 3 balls and score 2nd Hatrick by Indian Player in World Cup history. This shows Shami’s character.

When we are HIT by disappointment, how do we react? Do we give in or we fight back? We have to become like Shami, who went to take Hatrick despite being hit for a 4 in the first ball. The game is not WON / LOST till the last ball is bowled.

There are so many things to learn from a game and get inspired. Keep getting motivated and inspired by everyday things around you.

I have learned this from one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people .

Feel free to write me a comment and discuss about your learning from this match or if you find some other cricket match through which you have learnt a lot then that is also welcomed.

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3 things to learn from India Afghanistan World Cup match

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