5 things to learn from AB Devilliers

5 things to learn from AB De villiers

AB Devilliers (ABD) is known for his innovative batting style,
temperament, and versatility in strokes. With his exceptional skills,
he has gained the reputation of a dependable player in the South
African Cricket Team. With him on the crease, nothing seems impossible as he has pulled out his team from impossible situations innumerable times. His success has a lot to do to his confidence in his capabilities and effortless batting skills. He shocked the entire cricket fraternity by announcing surprise retirement from all forms of cricket in 2018 when he was at his peak.

There are lots of things to learn from this gifted player not only
from his cricketing skills but all about personality traits that he
has demonstrated.

5 things to learn from AB Devilliers
5 things to learn from AB Devilliers

Few key traits of AB Devilliers which are inspirational are listed below:


AB Devilliers is the most destructive player in recent times. He is the hardest hitter of the cricket ball and very aggressive in nature. With his versatile style, he would dominate the bowlers, and getting him out is the most priced wicket for any bowler. When he gets going, he is very aggressive in his game and dictates the game and completely demoralizes the bowler. He is completely fearless and that quality put him in a completely different league of a great batsman like Viv Richards, Sachin Tendulkar, etc

Emulating this quality in real life, we are not very aggressive in real life, be it personal or professional. We must not fear any work and must attack that work with full might. Our aggression in the workplace will put us in a different league of professionals. With aggression, I mean to say that fearlessness regarding the work, this can be achieved only when you have confidence in your abilities and skills for completion of the work.


AB Devilliers is an unconventional player who innovates unbelievable cricket shots. His uncanny ability to innovate these shots creates a whole lot of difficulties for the bowlers. He practices each shot so many times in the nets that he becomes confident in delivering the shot to perfection during the match.

Drawing parallels to life, how many times we experiment in life?
Actually, as human beings, we are programmed to live in a specific way throughout our life. Rarely, do we experiment on doing something different in life owing to the fear of failure or fear of criticism?
We rarely think out of the box in professional and personal life.
However, those who think experimentally different are the ones who are successful professionally and personally. Think about it…

Controlled Emotional:

AB Devilliers rarely demonstrates outburst of emotions; he has an uncanny ability to control his emotions on the field. HE never celebrates too loud neither he is too sad being on the losing side. He displays a
very balanced behavior which is a sign of maturity.

5 things to learn from AB Devilliers
5 things to learn from AB Devilliers

How many times do we balance our emotions? Human beings are emotionally controlled beings but when the emotions take over any person, he will never be able to perform in life. Only a mature and emotionally balanced person is successful. If you need to be successful, this is a must-have quality which one needs to develop


He does not depend on someone else to win matches for South Africa.
There are numerous occasions wherein he has stepped up and delivered and single-handed won matches for his team. This shows that he takes complete responsibility for his team and take them over the line.

Personally, and Professionally, anyone who takes the responsibility of taking the family/team towards a win will always be preferred. How many times do we raise our hands and take this responsibility of completing a task at home/work? You want to be successful, start taking responsibility, and delivering things, you will start becoming a
preferred player in your team/family. Try it out.

Keep Smiling:

A smile on your face tells a lot about your personality and character.
AB Devilliers always wears a smile on his face and that shows that he is a
positive and confident person. In troubled times, he would come up to the bowler and cheer them up with a smile.

SMILE is contagious and one should always wear it. As adults do you know how many times we smile in a day? On average adults smile only 20
times while a child smiles for 380 times a day. This indicates that as we grow in life, we smile less and become more stressed. One should always smile more and see the difference…try this one too…

Thus, in his span in the international cricket AB Devilliers has flabbergasted us on so many occasions with his cricketing skills. He has equally inspired us with his personality and has taught us so many things. The above list is just a few of his qualities and my apologies for missing a lot of his qualities. He is being an inspiration for many generations to come and such a player and person is difficult to find in centuries.

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