Are mobile phones hampering our relationships

Are mobile phones hampering our relationships

Are mobile phones hampering our relationships

Are mobile phones hampering our relationships

One night after dinner, a teacher began checking her students homework while her husband was strolling around the house, playing his favorite game on his phone. On reading the last note, she began crying while silent tears rolled down her cheeks. Her husband saw this and asked, “Why are you crying, my dear? What happened?”

The wife replied, “Yesterday at school, I gave my 1st-grade students a task to write something on the topic ‘My Wish’.”

“Okay, but why are you crying?”

The wife woefully replied,  Listen to what one of my students wrote:

“My wish is to become a smartphone. My parents love smartphones very much. They care about it so much that sometimes they forget to care about me. When my father gets home from work, he says he’s tired but he always has time for his phone. Not for me. If my parents are doing some important work but the phone rings, it gets answered within a single ring.

But they never pay attention to me, even if I am crying. They play games on their phones, not with me. When they are talking to someone on their phone, they won’t stop to listen to me. Even if I am trying to say something important. That’s why my wish is to become a smartphone.”

After listening to the note, the husband got emotional and asked the wife, “Who wrote this?”.

She replied, “Our son”.

Gadgets are beneficial, but their purpose is to bring us ease, not to cease the bonds of love we have with our family and loved ones.

Children can observe and understand everything that happens to them & around them. These things get imprinted on their minds with an everlasting effect. Let’s take the care that’s required to ensure that they grow up with the right impression.

If you want to learn how to create a strong bond with your family members then watch the you tube video I created on the subject of “How to improve relationships with families – your spouse, kids, and parents and live a simple life.”

Are mobile phones hampering our relationships

I have learned this from one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people . Use the points i mentioned in my video and not let any negative situation make your angry. bye bye.

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