fear of police

Fear of police

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Capiophobia or Fear – The very first step is to recognize if you have the fear of police or do you suffer from a phobia. It is important because where fear can be overcome, a phobia can not and it may require professional help. With that being said, Capiophobia is the fear of getting arrested and facing the police, even if one is innocent. Capiophobia symptoms may include :

  1. Shaking
  2. Loss of control
  3. Anxiety
  4. Panic when encountering police.
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one successful method used to treat capiophobia.
fear of police
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How to overcome the fear of police :

Fear of police is mostly fear of uncertainty – Many a time we start thinking negative and selfish without any reason. In this case, we might think what if I do something wrong and the police arrest me. we might not have done anything but still, this unpredictability of the future gives us fear. One best way to get rid of this fear is by reasoning out this negative and selfish thought.

Like just reason out that it is anyway not possible because you do the all right thing only in life. If by mistake you do the wrong thing then you will ask for sorry and will not fight with others. By thinking of all the reasoning thought that why it will not happen to you in future is the best way to come out of fear of uncertainty of future.

Get rid of your past baggage to get rid of your fear of police– After you have determined whether you have phobia or fear, the next step is to stop being guilty. Most people who are afraid of police usually have done something in the past which they are guilty of. Now, this past incident can be insignificant or it can also be something which you have already served your time for. If that past incident is not settled then just go and ask for forgiveness. Mainly things go bad when we have an ego.

If we come out of our ego and ask for forgiveness then most of the fights can be solved. Whatever may be the case, you have to move on. Allow yourself to let the past be in the past. Most of the time, the incidents of the past becomes a curse in the present. For example, If you are scared of dogs, it’s probably because you have had an unpleasant experience in the past. To avoid facing a similar experience, you are afraid of going near any dog. The same is the case with your fear of police. So either come over it if it is solved and if it is not solved then go and ask for forgiveness.

Face the anxiety and face your fear head-on – The only way to get over any kind of fear is to face it. Running from fear can cause anxiety and when you feel anxious, your mind will get stuck in a whirlpool of uncontrolled thoughts which will only lead you to be more afraid.

Though it is very difficult to fight anxiety there is a way and that way is through meditation. Meditation will not only make you calm but it will also give you the inner strength to face any situation. The best part is that meditation will help you drop your fear about the unknown future and will bring your mind to the present moment. With a relaxed mind, you will be able to carry out your regular action by overcoming your fear.

Try to figure out why you have been afraid of the police– Was it because something happened to you, a friend, or a family member? If you fail to find any known reason or cause, approach the police, try to walk past a police officer, or walk past a police station. You can also call your local police station and ask for a tour, visit, or maybe even a ride-along.

There may also be a possibility that your phobia or fear is unfounded and based only on recent tragedies or some unsubstantiated negative media coverage. If that is the case, then try to understand that the majority of police officers are honest, hard-working, professionals. They are like you and me, only trying to do their job and protect our society. Most of the fear is resolved once we find the main root cause of the fear. So try to go to the root causes of the fear and you will find that it automatically got resolved.

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