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Fear of failure symptoms

Fear of Failure:

Fear is important, it is what helps us in our survival, but when this fear overtakes our life, it can lead us to a path of self-destruction. The same fear which causes us to avoid potentially harmful situations can also keep us away from unlocking our true potential.

We live in a world where one’s worth is proportional to their success, and that success is measured in terms of money. the more money one has, the more successful they are considered. Though this mentality as a society; is harmful, it never goes away. Every teen and a new adult fears failure, they are afraid of not getting into a good college, not getting a good job, which in turn means not having enough money.

Youngsters are usually ambitious, dreaming of becoming famous and rich is an everyday thing but this seemingly innocent ambition is what plants the seed of success and failure. The constant dreaming and thinking about the future lead to anxiety which slowly but surely ruins one’s enthusiasm. It takes away any motivation to do something because they fear of not getting desired results rules our lives.

Such is the fear of failure,

it keeps you from trying new things, taking risks, it creates self-doubt, stalls one’s progress, and may also lead you to go against your personal morals and duties.

fear of failure
Fear of Failure – Fear of failure symptoms

We all will agree that most of us are in a habit of counting our eggs before they hatch. When we get an idea to do something, we immediately start thinking about how successful it will be and what money it will bring. and when we start to actually work we keep thinking ” what if it doesn’t turn out the way I imagined?”, this “what if” is what starts all the trouble. This is where things start to get scary, no matter how hard we work and how original our ideas may be, the thought of failing is always at the back of our minds. This results in us giving up.

More than often, you will find yourself giving up on a brilliant idea midway, this is because your brain reasons that “you cannot fail if you do not finish”

We all subconsciously do this, we all have the same thoughts but where most of us are able to overcome the said thought, some of us cant. and if you are one of those few, then you are afraid of failing and it is ruing your life.

You will find a lot of titbits and “Professional” advice online telling you to do this and do that and how to create a perfect mindset so you can stop being self-destructive, and yet with all that information, nothing seems to work.

It is because the root of your failure comes from your fear of not disappointing yourself and your loved ones and because of that, it can only be overcome when you free yourself from anyone expectation.

Remember: “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

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