How to be a good father

How To Be A Good Father

How To Be A Good Father:

Importance to be a Good Father:

How to be a good father
How to be a good father

A man can takes numerous titles in his Life but being a Father is the most wonderful title he could ever achieve. At the same time the burden of responsibilities increases on him and also fears that what if he could not prove himself to be a good father?

Good father doesn’t means to be perfect all the time after all we all are human. It is very important for every man to be a good human being before becoming a good father so that your children can admire you and make you as their role model. And It’s a fact that if you provide quality environment and give them good values then it will help you to give them good education and upbringing.

The children’s well being, strength, education, attitude and progress all depends upon how they are being treated and a good father knows how to treat his children and respect them. So, it’s really important to spend qualtiy time with family and try to be be friendly with them so that they can share their problems, happiness and pain with you. Try to understand your children’s necessities, have fun with them, know their likes and dislikes, teach them new skills and the most important is discipline.

Here are some tips you can follow to be a Good Father:

There is no panacea treatment to be a good father but I have some tips that I want to share with you guys.
1) Know your Responsibilities:
A good father is responsible enough to provide financial as well as emotional support to his childrens. He provide his children with the best he can afford for them. He will never ignore if his children asking him for help because he don’t want his children to feel that they have no one to listen them. He will appreciate his childrens when his children will do well and give strength to bear the failure.

Know your responsibility – how to be a good father

2) Never Beat or Spank your children:
To improve your children, beating them is not the right way, by doing this you are fostering violence and this affects the child mentally. And gradually they reduces their respect for you. Instead of abusing his children a good father handle them with love and care. He knows many more options which are far better than violence. Using violence is teaching children that
aggression will be only alternative to deal with situations.
3) Build Trust with your kids:
Always be honest with your children, have guts to tell them truth and appreciate them to be honest. Don’t make false promises to your children it will adversely affect them. By doing this they will not feel safe sharing their secrets with you. A good father never break his children’s trust. If he promise something, he also fulfills it.
4) Be their Role Model:
To be your children’s role model you should follow the advice that you are expecting your children to follow. Set your goals, implement action plan and then achieve them, if they see you doing this then they will also get motivated to organise their things in life. These actions make them self disciplined. And never let yourself fall into bad habits, it will destroy your children’s life and career.
5) Be a good Listener:
Listen carefully to your family and respond them by nodding your head or by any means. Most importantly look into their eyes while having conversation with them. Give your complete attention so that they can feel that you are interested in listening to them. Don’t think of anything else at that time, just focus on what they are telling you. Also, don’t start critizing in the middle of conversation if they are saying something which you don’t agree and let them finish.
6) Protect your Family:
A good fathers protect their family from all the odds. He will try to remove all the obstacles in your way as much as he can. He can’t see his children in pain, unhappy and let them face any bad experience in their life. He aware his children about the consequences of taking wrong choices. . He will teach his children good lessons for life so that they become responsible adults
in future.
7) Encourage your children:
A good father encourage his children to take right steps in their life and appreciate them. Praise them even if they do anything wrong by mistake. A lot of fathers spoil their children’s future by scolding them if they do anything wrong unintentionally and these childrens start doubting on
themselves which reduces their self confidence. Make them believe that Yes they can overcome any situation.
How to be a good father – encourage your childrens

8) Be Affectionate:
Make your Children feels that they are special to you and you are proud of them because your affection shapes your children’s life and mental health. Even Science believes that your affection and love to your children results life long positive outcomes in their life. It will also build a good relation between you and your children.
9) Apologise for your action:
If you raise your voice or do something that your children don’t expect from you then you should feel free to apologise and ask them to forgive you, this will bring a forgiving attitude in your children. To be frankly, saying sorry to your children strengthens your bond and also makes them learn answerable for every action.
10) Family Meal is Important:
A good father eats with his family atleast once in a day, this bring all the family members together. Everyone share their experiences, laugh and have healthy discussions. If you are unable to have a meal with your family due to any reason just try atleast to go for outing.

How to be a good father – Conclusion:

At the end we conclude that to be a good father you must have a good heart, appreciate your childrens, support your children when they needed you the most, teach good lessons to your family, be a role model, spend quality time with family and always ready to protect his family from any situation and give unconditional Love to your family. Always remember you are the most responsible member of your family.
How to be a good father – ensure success for your kids

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