how to be a good daughter

How to be a good daughter

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How to be a good daughter?

All the children work hard to make their parents feel proud of them. Regardless of which gender they are. To be a good son or daughter means to make parents feel satisfied for the sacrifices they made. Our parents sacrifice for their hobbies, their career too for us, many parents expect that the things that they have not experienced in their life their child should experience it. And from my perspective its every child’s job to just give it a try what their parents want from them.

Because you never know it may lead to your destiny. Becoming a good daughter means to support parents Financially, Mentally, Emotionally. The relation between the daughter and her parents is fragile. For every parent their child is precious. When a couple is on their way to have a baby, before it comes to this world, they start loving the baby and have many plans ready for it.

For every parent their child is the most precious gift they have ever received from God. Especially the baby girl is very priceless for them. And a daughter is the bright sunshine of her house. Becoming a good daughter is a very huge responsibility. Every parent has a dream to see their girl as an independent, self-confident, and strong girl and like a good daughter that’s our duty to fulfill their dreams.

We can’t pay back the sacrifices made by our parents but at least we should try to bring a smile on their faces. Every daughter knows the importance of efforts made by her parents.

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So here are certain ways of how to be a good daughter.

1. SHOW LOVE:- The reason why in Indian culture, parents are considered as or visualized as a god or almighty. Both of them only need our love and compassion. Sometimes parents also feel frustrated and tied for their routine and just freak out on us, mad on us so in that situation just keep calm and understand their point and give warm hug so they can also feel relax and warm. Whatever is within you and the way you feel about them just try to show them.

How to be a good daughter 1
how to be a good daughter

2. DISCUSS PROBLEM WITH THEM:- Parents play a huge role in our lives and no one is better eye-opener than parents. So, it is important to discuss problems with them. Parents feel good rather they feel more special when their beloved daughter shares problems with them.

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how to be a good daughter

3. PLAN FAMILY VACATION:- Explore together, enjoy together, grow together. Plan family vacation so parents also take a break from the schedule and relax. Try adventure sports so parents will also experience some new things.

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how to be a good daughter

4. INTRODUCE YOUR FRIENDS:- Friends is someone, we are growing with, so it’s our responsibility to introduce our friends to them. Being a good daughter if someone has a special or important place in our heart it is our responsibility to introduce them to your parents.

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how to be a good daughter

5. REFRESH THE OLD MEMORIES:- It is most important to sit beside our parents and talk with them about our childhood days, some old memories, their special moments. It feels amazing when we refresh old memories with our loved ones.

How to be a good daughter 2
how to be a good daughter

6. RESPECT THEIR DECISION:- Every parent knows what is best for their children. If they are restricting us for certain things, then we should respect that. Remember those days, when we were kids and our parents restrict us strictly to not do things which are not safe for us.

How to be a good daughter 3
how to be a good daughter

For example, In the playground we used to run so fast and our mom always used to yell on us to not do such things but that time we were not used to considering their concern. And when we fall then only we used to listen to their point. So the important point is when we were kids we trusted our parents totally. So when we become an adult or teenager we should respect them and their decision. Always honor their rules, Their rule is always safe and healthy for us.

7. SHARE YOUR FUTURE PLAN:- Tell parents about your goals. Listen to their advice because no one cares about your future more than parents. They always motivate us to achieve our goals. So bond with our parents will be stronger.

How to be a good daughter 4
how to be a good daughter

8. BE THEIR TO SUPPORT THEM:- Not all days are happier for anyone. We all suffer from many problems. So when parents need us the most, be there to support them. Make them feel, that whatever the situation is their daughter will always stand with them and care for them.

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how to be a good daughter

9. CELEBRATE THEIR SPECIAL DAYS:- It means a lot to parents when their daughter remembers their birthday or anniversary. It feels like their little princess is now growing up to become a responsible adult. Make them feel special.

How to be a good daughter 5
how to be a good daughter

10.SAY “ I LOVE U”:- “ Stop bothering about the world” because in this small world your parents are your world. Never ever get embraced by how your parents behave towards you in any situation. Because in the end, they cared for you. Say I love you randomly to them and show your love towards them. It means a lot to them.

how to be a good daughter
how to be a good daughter

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These are some ways to become a good daughter. For parents, their children are always best but we have a few responsibilities on us to make them happy and proud. So, if we follow these ways, we will be able to inherit love and happiness in our parent’s life. The only thing or we can say ability that makes us owe so much to our parents is their unconditional love and forgiving nature towards us, especially for daughter her parents always have a soft corner in their heart.

To be a good daughter requires nothing more but to keep that soft corner safe in their heart. In India, we have a proud saying about Indian daughters that if we educate a daughter we simultaneously educate two families. A good daughter should necessarily be good at studies that will create an impact not only on her parents but also on society.

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