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How to keep smiling always

How to keep smiling always

A smile is a beautiful gesture of doing something good without having spoken. It is a gesture of welcome, a sign of warm nature, and a symbol of happiness. One of the quotes which I read describes a smile to a face-lift. It is God Gifted and we should wear a smile more often.

Besides, it is inexpensive and everybody can utilize it free of cost. Children are the purest of souls on this planet. They smile at everybody regardless of the person’s past or their present situation. They do not judge people on how they look, dress up, or their reputation. A child never fails to flash a smile on our face because of their innocence. We need to draw inspiration from them. We need to be free-spirited like them. They do not have selfish motives they just grin from ear to ear for no reason. They are the epitome of cheerfulness.

We often restrain ourselves from smiling because we already create a perception about that person. We let our assumptions take a better grip on us. Hence, we turn ourselves into being hostile. Think for yourself. Have you smiled at someone for a motive? Or was it just a pure expression of friendliness? Ponder upon it….

People have been caught up in their egos so much so that they have forgotten their basic manners. I get it that smiling at a stranger is not healthy but ask yourself how often have I smiled at my neighbor? How often have I greeted my teacher? We just think that all of this is old-fashioned and overrated. Which is true to an extent. And I reckon sometimes it doesn’t cost you much to be old-fashioned.

We have been always told to smile, be it on our first day of school or the first day at work.  These are the same values instilled in us by our grandparents. We need to stick by them because they have strongly believed in the notion that smiles can help draw people towards us. Because come on! Nobody wants to be friends with a person who is gloomy or rude.  

Not only that, when you enroll for higher standard school, but they also educate you about interview facing skills and how smiling plays an important role in displaying your confidence. They stress the need of smiling while presenting in front of the class or the public. Because when you smile you create a lasting impression on others. Your smile can change someone’s mood. Let me tell you how.

If a person is distressed thinking about his upcoming dance competition, your smile can simply motivate him without doing the talking. You wouldn’t have to go up to that person to say that you are supporting him or her but your smile conveys that message for you. Example 2 would be, if a person is waiting in a queue to check out his results put up on the notice board, you can give him an assuring smile to raise his spirits.

Smile is a big positive energy and energies are contagious so if we have positive energy people around us will also get it automatically. But many a time and especially in a tough situation or tensed situation we are not able to keep our smiling face.

I have jotted down a few things on how to keep smiling always:

  • How to keep smiling? – Positive attitude: Staying calm and not stressing over the teeny – tiny things will help a person to take a chill pill. That is how it will brighten the person and the people surrounded by him. Most of the time we lose our smile when we are negative. Once we think a lot in a negative direction we get full of negative energy. So if you want to learn how to develop positive thinking so that you keep smiling then you can read this article: How to develop positive thinking?
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How to keep smiling always – How to keep smiling face
  • How to keep smiling always? – Keep yourself cool or tension-free: Many a time we take a lot of tension about some bad situation. We have to learn how to remain always cool. If you want to learn how to remain always cool then you can read this article: How to remain tension-free.
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How to keep smiling always – How to keep smiling face
  • How to keep smiling always? – Make it a habit: Add it in your routine to smile every day, the moment you walk out of your room, greet your mom with a warm smile followed by the people you meet in the college hallways or at the workplace, and so on. the main purpose is to create that Positive vibe and making it a part of your everyday life. Whatever we do for 21 days continuously that becomes our habit. Now one of the ways is forcing yourself to keep a smiling face. In 21 days it will become your habit. Now we all must have good habits. I have read one book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people in this book I have learned 25 good attitudes which we all must make as our habit.
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How to keep smiling always – How to keep smiling face
  • How to keep smiling always? – Keep negativity at bay: Don’t let the bad vibes kill your mood. The science paper didn’t go well, forget it because there is nothing you can do to change it. Don’t sit for hours thinking and hurling abuses at others and the paper. Do not waste your time worrying over something which cannot be controlled. Many times we are positive but some negative people come and disturbed everything. If you want to learn how to handle negative people then you can read this article: How to handle negative people.
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How to keep smiling always – How to keep smiling face
  • How to keep smiling always? – Indulge yourself in fun activities: Listening to music can help you soothe those tensed nerves. It will help you to put in a good mood and promote a happy vibe in you. Or indulge yourself in any fun activity. Many times we become negative because of some people or someone’s action or some situation or because of some bad things now one way to divert your mind is to indulge in something interesting. Like you can watch movies, listen to music, go out for a walk, etc. Do what makes you happy. People force themselves into doing things that they do not like. Instead, do something which gives you happiness. Take up a nice hobby and spend every weekend doing it. It will give you inner peace and satisfaction.
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How to keep smiling always – How to keep smiling face

Some people strongly believe that texting their crush or watching Netflix makes them happy. So if you are one out of them, then do it. As long as something puts a smile on that face and keeps the negative bug away. We are all good. Makes sense isn’t it?

  • How to keep smiling always? – Surround yourself with positive people: I’m sure you must have heard this phrase ‘one rotten mango is enough to spoil the set of good ones’. Similarly, if we hang out with people who demotivate us, or are jealous of us then we may end up being like them. Even if you have a tinge of positivity it is soon going to die out due to their intense negative influence. Therefore, it is advisable to engulf yourself with individuals who motivate you during your lows and appreciate you during your highs. If you want to motivate yourself than you can watch this video: How to motivate yourself.
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How to keep smiling always – How to keep smiling face
  • How to keep smiling always? – Bury the past failures: Often, our reaction is a result of the events which might have left us shaking in the past, we may avoid smiling because you may associate that one smile led you to something which you regret now. Yeah, to be specific I am mentioning about falling in love and getting heartbroken in the process. We need to learn a lesson from the past and not dwell and overthink it. Smile because it is a good habit. Smile, to motivate others and Smile because somebody needs it. We have to overcome our fear of failure. You can read one article: How to overcome the fear of failure?
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How to keep smiling always – How to keep smiling face

Some people state that they do not smile often because they don’t feel like it. Now I know some of us are reserved and may not be prepared to build new relationships. They are in close-knit with their past and they might have lost hope. So it is our responsibility, to smile at them because they need that hope, they need that encouragement and most importantly they need it to restore faith in human relations.

I have come across people who give ‘n’ number of excuses for not smiling. One such excuse is ‘I do not have time to waste it on smiling at random people. But, come on it barely takes a second to flash your teeth what loss are you going to incur here huh? Some people think smiling too often is a sign of lagging. As in, you smile just to cover up what you have messed up. Another wrong statement made is, people who are working in the lower hierarchical order should smile more.

They often complain that their superiors do not greet them nor even bother to respond to their greetings. That is harsh. I mean why is that so? Why is a smile associated with the ‘meek’?

It doesn’t cost you anything so that is why I guess it is taken for granted. In this world full of privileges and wealth. We give utmost importance to anything which is priced high. Take for instance we look at the I-phone as the supreme brand as compared to Samsung. First reason, it is classy and EXPENSIVE and the second point the celebrities use it. Regardless of how much space issues it has or ignoring the fact that Samsung has better features.

This is at least some worth but what do we get by smiling? It is a waste, right? No way! First of all, when you smile, you create worth for yourself. You may be the CEO of some big shot company and earn in millions but, If you do not have a cheerful face, then you will not be respected at all. Your employees may speak well to you on your face but behind back, it will be a completely different story.

I have a YouTube Channel also where I post a video on attitude and character and you can subscribe it through I am sure after watching the videos and reading the text you will understand how to keep smiling always.

Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook, is such a delightful soul, he is always full of cheerfulness and with zero ego attitude. That is why he is being loved by all especially his employees and his company has been doing so well globally.

It is always said that your smile can make somebody’s day. All you got to do is smile and create a positive vibe between you and the respective other. Besides, did you know that smiling is one form of exercise? It helps you relax your muscles. So you see it is beneficial to your health. It also helps in releasing tension from your mind.

You don’t have to shell out money nor do you have to speak to that person. A smile is a key to unlock the rigid doors of hostility. It creates an invisible layer of fondness. It is a beginning for something beautiful.

I’m going to conclude with this quote

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

I have already been practicing it. Are you up for it? You can read one article which makes you a likable person:

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