how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free



We all have different types of prompts that put us into stress, but it also has different types of reactions, some of us get anxious, some shut down, and many get angry. These types of stress affect our surroundings but we deny the fact that this could create a mental disorder. While living a stressful life creates many types of obstructing and minimizes the ability to live a healthy and happy life.

While you were stressed you may fall sick more often short-tempered and irritated too. Our day to day hectic schedule and ample responsibility had put into this situation and it’s important to know how to eliminate this stressful condition. Meditation could decrease the volume of stress, coddle in physical activities can get out of it.

Lets first understand how do we get stressed or get tension.

Whenever we think only about problems then we get tension or stress. For example let say we lost some money. Now when we think only about problems like I have lost money now what will happen, whether I will be able to do what I wanted to do or not, whether I will be able to purchase what I wanted or not? If we will think about all the problems which this current problem will lead to then we will get tension or stress

Whenever we think all the bad actions happened to us then we get tension or stress. For example let say someone spoke to us harshly. Now if we think that how can he speak harshly to me or Does this person has a negative image about myself then we will get tension or stress.

Whenever we are in a bad situation then also we get tension or stress. Like, let say we missed our flight. Now as we are in a bad situation we will get tension or stress.

Whenever we think bad about someone else then also we get tension or stress. For example my colleague is not good. He does not behave properly with me. He always teases me. I will slap him next time. All these negative thoughts about someone else will give us tension or stress.

How to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
How to remain tension free or how to remain stress free

Now tension free life or stress free life would mean that either these situations do not arise in life or if it does then we will be able to handle it positively.

Now we don’t have any control over others we can only control ourselves. So mostly we would have to learn about how to handle these situations positively.

Now the question is how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free? There are many ways but I have mentioned the most useful ones: –

Now each individual is made up of 3 elements: body, mind, and soul. I have mentioned tips to remain stress-free through all 3 elements body, mind, and soul:

How to remain tension free or how to remain stress free through energizing body:

how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
  • Arise early:

As we all grown up by listening to this “EARLY TO BED AND EARLY TO RISE MAKES A PERSON HEALTHY WEALTHY AND WISE”. So, make a strict schedule when to go to bed and when to wake up. Wake up early is not only better your body but it also enhances mental health. We feel fresher when we wake up early in the morning. It feels like days are longer and you have more time to complete your tasks. Your body will feel full of energy.

  • Take a break and take a deep breath:

Cool and calm your mind. While doing work many stresses arises so you should be calm and composed, take a break or deep breath, and start doing work. Recall taking a break for yourself, in this you can stay calm, focused, and feel better. Whenever we get stress or tension then oxygen content in the blood reduces. A deep breath will maintain the oxygen level in blood and it will help to lower down the tension.

  • Proper sleep:

Every person requires 7-9 hours’ sleep. Lack of sleep arises many kinds of problems like not taking proper judgment, reasoning ability, or performance at work or school. Always crooked to a daily sleep schedule. Turn off your mobile phone before sleep or else kept silent mode. Avoid liquors and caffeine which disrupt sleep. Proper sleep helps us to conserve our energy and we will be more energetic if we take full sleep.

  • Do things which keeps you happy:

As you do the regular exercise also make sure you also do the things which keep you happy for example play a video game, going to the movie, going for the coffee with friends, or doing sketches. Engaging yourself in fun activities will keep your stress away. If you want to keep your life balance so you should know what kind of activity drop your stress level.

  • Take the fresh air of nature:

Fresh air, bird charming, trees touching the sky all these have a calm effect on your mind and body. Fresh air has more oxygen content which helps us to reduce stress. The complete green environment has a lot of benefits other than fresh air like the smell of trees and sand, sunlight, etc. These things give us healthy vitamins and minerals which help us to reduce stress.

  • Dance:

Dance is the best way to pull out your emotions. It also escapes the stress, and it also another kind of exercise that sweats it out. The dance we mostly do from our hearts. We just dance for ourselves to feel us good. It can be just rolling but as it is from our heart so it energizes a complete body.

  • Call a friend or mom:

Whenever you feel stressed pick up your phone and called your loved ones who divert your mind and make you feel happy and stress-free. Most of our love one say good things and listening to good things energize us. We take energy through 5 senses – vision, hear, smell, taste, and touch. This is taking energy through hearing.

  • Watch the comedy show:

As we all know that laughter is the best remedy. So, you can watch the laughter show which also makes you feel happy and stress-free. This is again we are taking positive energy both from vision and hearing. This energy will help us to lower our stress. We can have good tasty food also that would also help in lowering stress and tension but must eat in the limit.

  • Don’t eat too much unhealthy food when you are in stress:

Many times, the worst situation arises which directly affects your mind and soul. In this situation, you forget yourselves and start eating unhealthy meals which affect your body and not giving proper rest to your mind. These consequences directly harm you greatly and maybe weaken yourself to deal with stress.

  • Keep away from distraction:

To lighten your lifestyle and live tension free life eliminate all the destruction. These distractions are generally a variety of tools such as mobile phones, television, and laptop. While practical existence is equally important as is the bodily one, as it is quite difficult to remove these distractions from our lives.

  • Do regular exercise and eat healthily:

Doing regular exercise keeps you happy and healthy. Regular exercise enthusiast your body and decrease the level of stress also take a healthy diet.

How to remain tension free or how to remain stress free through Positive mindset:

If you want to learn more about positive mindset then I do create videos on growing attitude and character and post it on youtube, these videos will help you to remain tension free and stress-free. You can subscribe my channel:

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how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
  • Always follow the schedule:

Always make a line to follow a direction. The schedule provides a composition and an organized way of living. If your day- to -day schedule is well framed, you can live life in a better way. You can feel that if your work was done as per the schedule you can engage yourself in other activities ex- entertainment, sports, and hobbies. Automatically you feel stress-free. Unorganized day lead to more stress because we feel that thing are not moving as per our wish. We do some unimportant things and miss some important ones. So always make a day play and stick to that to live a stress-free life.

  • Make enumeration of yourself:

It is important to note down what makes you feel happy and optimistic. These things help you to mastery in a positive manner. Also, make a chat about which work must be done and could be achieved in a day. The best suggestions would be to make an agenda where you list all the tasks, undertaking, and duties that need to be concluded. This is a great way to stay attentive and standardized and conclude all the tasks without thinking about them.

  • Tackle and face the consequences:

If you find yourself in the worst situation or some of your resolutions have put down, you in trouble then find out the conclusion do not panic. When you tackle your consequences, it creates a positive impact on your mind.  This makes you stronger and you handle the situation in the future in a better way.

If you want to learn this in detail then you can read how to handle disappointment.

  • Do not temporize or procrastinate:

As our elders said do not leave the work for tomorrow do it today or right now because tomorrow never comes whatever is today so do it as soon as possible.

  • Stay attentive:

Stay focused and attentive should be the motto of your life. If you are attentive to your work, you can complete your work in a well-mannered way. Give 100% to your work. This concludes your task faster and well mannered.

  • Thinking about what other people say:

As we all have these kinds of irrelevant thought that what other people will think, what they will say in society. So, these kinds of thoughts come in when we do something, so stop thinking about them and do what you want to do, and which keeps you happy. Because there are many peoples who push you back when you do good work. So, think with your mind, not with their mind. I have one very nice story of why we must be deaf to what other people say. Stop thinking what other people say.

  • Over analyzing the situation or problem:

As it is a human tendency that they think about the future which not yet happened. But what is the use? Deal with the situations according to the problem. We think a lot about the problems which might occur because of the current situation or problem. By over-analyzing, we just amplify the current problem and get in tension or stress. Just work on finding a solution to the current problem. To stop thinking of problems and start thinking solutions is a characteristic of a positive individual. If you want to develop positive thinking then you can read: How to develop positive thinking.

  • Eliminate negative people:

The people who do not give you happiness are not the correct person for you so eliminate them from your life which gives you tension or stress. This type of person cannot exist in your life. If you have someone very close to you whom you cannot leave then read this article on how to handle negative people.

  • Focus on things which are in your control:

Sometimes something is not in our hands to deal with the situations, so it is better to let it go. Because in this type of situation we just put our hands in hands and creating the stress which directly harms our mind and body. This type of tension is useless so it’s better to do that thing which is in your control. For example, let say someone close to you died. Now you can’t control it. So instead of thinking too much about it just focus on what can you do to help people in this situation.

  • Comparing yourself with others:

Instead of keeping your eyes on other people and wasting your time so it’s better to utilize that time to do a good thing. Concentrate on yourself instead of others. Do not try to be like others try to create your own image or identity. This is a human tendency we always want to copy others or jealous of others. This also creates stress. If you want to learn how to overcome jealousy then you can read an article where I have explained it in detail: How to get rid of jealousy.

How to remain tension free or how to remain stress-free through growing soul:

how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
  • Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to keep you energetic and stay away from negativity. Whenever you feel hefty or even feel exhausted from doing work or feel annoyed by something then take a deep breath to lighten up. Be attentive to your breathing while exhale or inhale. You can realize that your mind is going blank and free from all the tension. Everyday 20 minutes meditation makes you refreshed and relaxed. Along with this it also helps to minimize unease and rigidity.

If you want to learn meditation in detail and want to be tension free then you can connect me through LinkedIn we can discuss this in detail:

  • Live in present, not in the past:

Past is just the past it should not affect your present future. The only thing which can be done from the past is that it should not be repeated in the present or in the future. Many a time we think a lot about past failures and get in tension if we try something in present. Keep past in the past and don’t think about that. We just need to have a good learning attitude and then we will definitely perform better than the past. If you want to develop a learning attitude then you can watch: How to enjoy learning.

  • Everything is happening as per god wish:

Once you will learn spirituality you would learn that whatever is happening is all god wishes and we cannot change it. So if everything is god wish and we cannot change it so we must not bother what is happening either positive or negative. So always remain the same even if it is negative or positive.

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