How to overcome fear of getting fired or how to overcome fear of losing job

How to overcome the fear of getting fired from the job

How to overcome the fear of getting fired from the job or How to overcome the fear of losing a job. 

Fear of getting fired? How will I support my family without any income source? Would I get another job? The gap would be how long? These are a few questions that arise in one’s mind who have a fear of being fired from job. Funny isn’t it? You are not even fired but you are already taken so much headache thinking about this. So this article is for those who are taking a lot of tension if they are going to be fired from the job or not?

First of all, if you need to find out the solution to this problem you need to find the root cause for the same. Where the problem came? What made you insecure? What gave you the fear of getting fired?

All the fear is negative and selfish thought. In this particular scenario, one is thinking negatively and selfishly that “he might lose his job”. Now this negative and selfish thought will affect his performance. He will not be confident while talking to his boss or his colleague. He will not be able to focus on his work. This negative and selfish thought can become the only reason for losing the job also !! There might be nothing as such but this thought can create such situations. If not that then also it will definitely affect our happiness and our health.

How to overcome fear of getting fired or how to overcome fear of losing job
How to overcome the fear of getting fired or how to overcome the fear of losing the job

Even if there are negative indications all around if we think negatively then it makes the situation worse !!! The only way to handle the negative situation or our negative thought is by thinking positively.


1. Have you got poor appraisals consistently or not such a good increment for two-plus years approximately? This could be because the company is not performing well or it could be the company’s nature maybe they have a habit to keep the hands tight with money or the company might not be happy with your performance. This situation can make us feel insecure because it might result in fear of getting fired.

2. It could be that the important projects that you are handling earlier are taken away from you and passed on to someone else. Your inputs and opinions are taken less or not given much attention. If the senior management is neglecting you that could mean that they don’t need you anymore. This also might make you feel insecure and give us the fear of getting fired.

3. If you performing the same task for years. You are not innovating, improvising, or outshining yourself, then you have a reason to feel concerned about it. Because the company expects profits or something out of the box from you sometimes. Every company wants improvement. The coming year must be better than the next year. If we are not improving our way of working then we might become obsolete.

4. As we all know nowadays machines and artificial intelligence are dominating humans. Industries are preferring them because they do work more efficiently and effectively. This could also be the reason one could feel insecure and get fear of getting fired.

5. Reasons could be more like did your boss started ignoring you or your suggestions? Did you have any conflict or dispute with him? If you are having frequent disagreements with your colleagues this would be problematic too. Everyone needs a good team player on their team. IF you are not able to mingle up with others well then they might not like you and might want to replace you with someone who can contribute to the team more then what you do.

6. You could also feel insecure and get fear of getting fired when your company is going through bad times. Their financial position is disturbed. This could be because of the global condition like corona currently. At that time they could impose some cut measures like withdrawal of Perks or incentive or if the situation is even worse they could temporarily take the job too.  

7. The reason for worries could also be some result of past personal experiences. Like you might have got your friend or any family member going through a painful time after losing a job. Thinking about their tough situation you might just want to avoid that situation.

8. There could be one more reason which mostly over thinkers face. Sometimes there is a case when all the reasons which I have mentioned above none are the case. Just insecurity is in the head of the person. There is no reason to worry but the person worries and things about it all the time. It causes headaches and surely reduces your productivity and efficiency. 

Now there could be any of the situation mentioned above with you but now you have two options one is thinking about the negative side of it like what will happen to me if I get fired or thinking on the positive side that what I must do to perform better and secure my job.

People who think positive are able to perform better and are able to secure their job. Even if the worst-case arise like they really got fired then also they are able to fight that situation and come out as winner (by getting another job sometimes better then before).

Now what all positive action we can do or positive thoughts we can repeat to ourselves which would help us to overcome the fear of getting fired and actually able to secure our job:

1. We must have higher self-esteem. It is not that if you don’t have this job then your career is over. If any company had hired you that means that you have some qualities which they are looking for. What we must do instead if we must write down what all qualities we have. For example, you know programming well, you know the technology well, you know marketing well, you know sales well, etc.

Whatever qualities you have just written it down. It must have all three skills, attitude, and character. If you want to grow your attitude and character then you can follow my Facebook page:

An attitude like you are hard-working and character like you are honest. This list will make you confident. After reading this list you will be positive. You will think that if not this then you will get something else. If you want to learn more about how to be confident then you can read this article.

2. I would suggest go and talk straight to your supervisor. Employees do not know this thing that as much as they fear to lose a job, employers also do not like letting people go. Because it’s a time consuming and expensive process to hire a new employee. When you would talk to your supervisor ask him to give you feedback and areas where you need to improve.

How to overcome fear of getting fired or how to overcome fear of losing job
How to overcome the fear of getting fired or how to overcome the fear of losing a job

This would right away boost your confidence and will be able to secure your job also because employers like those who want to improve themselves. To make this happen you must have a good learning attitude. The supervisor might give you a few areas to improve on. Now to really learn and improve we must enjoy learning. If you want to enjoy learning then watch this video. Employers want to retain employees with a good learning attitude.

3. If sometimes you get negative feedback do not take it as a personal attack. There could be reasons like they could want to see any improvement in you because if they do not like you they would have fired you back then. So take this on the positive note and see what changes you can make to improve yourself. Taking feedback positively require a positive attitude. If you want to develop positive attitude then you can read this article. If you can develop this attitude then you will be the most loved person in the company. Employers want to retain an employee with a positive attitude.

4. There could be a bad phase where you would be meeting annoying clients, changes in weather would be taking place, or some disturbance you would be facing in your personal life which would surely reflect in your work. But you have to always remember this is a particular phase, it will come and go. You have to start thinking in a positive way.

An optimistic attitude towards your work always leads to success. People who can handle failure and disappointment are the most sought for by all the organizations. If you want to develop this attitude then you can read how to overcome fear of failure and how to overcome disappointment.

5. Try to build job security. Ask  yourself, ” Am I fulfilling the purpose  for which I was hired?” If not what I need to do, what changes will help my company grow? Always remember the bigger asset you would prove for your company the lesser will be the chances for you to get fire. 

How to overcome fear of getting fired or how to overcome fear of losing job
How to overcome the fear of getting fired or how to overcome the fear of losing the job

Many people work hard but many times that hard work is not in the direction of the vision of the company. We must regularly check with our supervisor if your work is fulfilling the purpose for which you are hired or it is in the direction of the vision of the company. This will make you a key player in the company.

6. If you are tensed or worried for a long time I would request you to go for a vacation. It can be short or long both. You really need that to fresh up your mind. This would recharge your creativity, energy levels and you will get some quality time to spend with your family and friends. Diverting our mind works like a magic to control the fear. A vacation would be able to divert your mind.

7. There could also be a reason where you yourself are not happy or satisfied with your job. If you are not happy you will never be able to give your 100%. I would suggest starting looking for a new job. You would never know something amazing or something special is waiting for you. If we work on what we love then we will be able to devote more time and with full energy. To accomplish any work properly we need both time and energy. So I would say one must only work on what he or she loves.

8. If you feel demotivated. Fear of getting fired overpower. You should read about those people who were fired and then also they turned out to be successful, it’s because they didn’t give up. Positive stories of others do motivate us and make us positive.

I post a lot of videos of such stories on my youtube channel: We must have never die attitude to succeed in life. You can develop that attitude by reading this: never die attitude.

9. If you feel that your job is insecure as artificial intelligence is dominating humans in today’s scenario. Then sooner or later you have to accept that fact. The only thing, in this case, you could do is acquire new skills, you need to keep up with the pace of digitization and learn new tech skills. Other then skills we must work on growing our attitude and character. I can recommend one very good book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

I hope you would have got some productive and useful tips regarding how you can deal with your fear, as you would have understood until now that how fear stops us from doing our best work or giving our hundred percent. It takes away your joy, decreases the flow of creative ideas in your head, and much more. If you start fearing things like these, then you would not be able to achieve what you deserve or what you are capable of. 

Last but not least I would like to say if, by any reason you get to lose your job, it’s not a big deal at all. Nothing actually changes, its just your job status. Seriously I would like to say think about it. If you lose your job, what is different? You are the same person, with the same personality, same friends, the same level of Mind or Intelligence, and even the same health.

The only thing that is changed is your job. So what? People change jobs to prove themselves and to even change their standard of living. Right? And you never know what universe has planned for you. A new job can be a very big opportunity to come on your way. So stay positive, stay calm, and never lose hope.  If you want to get in touch with me personally then you can connect me through LinkedIn:

How to overcome fear of getting fired or how to overcome fear of losing job
How to overcome the fear of getting fired or how to overcome the fear of losing a job

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If you have some input on how to overcome the fear of getting fired then you can mention that in the comment. I will add that to the article.

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