always respect women's

Always respect women’s and give respect to girl

Always respect women’s, respect a girl, respect female, respect ladies: THE RAPES WE DON’T TALK ABOUT 

It is RAPE, so call it RAPE people are scared, uncomfortable to call rape, rape rather they are comfortable calling it a sexual assault.

Back in 2012, a 23-year old girl was gang-raped in a moving bus by 6 people and one of them was a juvenile, they raped her for hours then smash her face with bricks so no one can recognize her this has happened in the capital of our country which will soon recognize as a RAPE CAPITAL.

Those accused penetrate sharp rod inside her through her vaginal cavity and they pulled out with so much aggression that brought out her intestine. Those accused were given death sentence by the court of law and the juvenile is given a three-year trial and now he is out there, one of the accused killed himself during the trial, one of them filed a petition and
the rest are still in jail.

Always respect women – respect a girl – respect ladies – respect female – respect to girl

Justice is still not served to Nirbhaya. Where is the respect for a girl?

This is the most brutal rape case in history which make the world silent for some time, and I felt like writing few lines on this heartless aggression.

I saw them,
I saw them with my own eyes
I saw everything Crystal clear
I saw them touching her
I saw them feeling every part of her
And I with the world standing numb
I saw them feeling her breasts
I saw them going down to her vagina
I saw them biting her body
I saw them beating her like a beast
I saw them destructing her pride
I saw them without guilt in their eyes
I saw them behind the bars with pride
I saw them blaming her for that cursed night

I saw them committing suicide
I saw them crying for their life
I saw the laws taking their side
I saw the injustice with her after that dark night
I saw her getting justice after 7 years
I saw them hanging
I saw her mother’s crying
I saw the lawyer’s pride
I saw everything with my wide-open eyes

Always respect women's and give respect to girl 1
Always respect women – respect a girl – respect ladies – respect female – respect to girl

After this incident, section 375 has been introduced under the Indian penal code which is also called the NIRBHAYA ACT which says that if any kind of sexual activity has been done without the will of the women then it will be considered as a sexual assault and the accused will be given imprisonment of minimum 7 years or it will be exceeded for 10 years or lifetime.

After this act instead of a fall in the number of cases, there had been a rise. In 2017, 32,500 cases of rape had been filed all over the country, Where is the respect for girls?

After almost 90 days In January 2018, an 8 years old Muslim girl was raped in a temple for weeks by six men which include the priest, three policemen. Where is the respect for a girl?

In July 2018, 12 years old girl was being drugged and raped for 7 months by different men in a vacant flat. Where is the respect for a girl?

In Rothko, a girl of 13 years was found 5 months pregnant, the guilty and her mother were being threatened by the accused to not go to the police later when the case was reported it was left for the medical board to look for the abortion of the child. Where is the respect for a girl?

In November 2019, a rape case had been filed by a vet, the girl has been kidnapped, raped, and then brunt. this case recalls us of the 2012 case which was happened in the capital. There were 4 accused who were shot by the Hyderabad police when they were trying to escape from the crime scene when it was reconstructed. People show their outrage through rallies, protest and even there were protests in the parliament for justice and later the justice had been served with the encounter of the accused. Where is the respect for a girl?

People used to celebrate women’s day to give honor to their wife, sister, mother and all the women out there who are fighting for their pride with every rising sun, if you really want to celebrate women’s day then just give them their part of rights, make them feel secure, teach your brother, father, nephew and to all the boys to respect women. Never teach a girl to dress
properly, always teach your boy to respect her whatever she is wearing it’s her choice and we should respect her rather giving her a tag of SLUT. We must respect females and must always respect women.

If you all will start having respect for her periods, cramps, clothing, mood swings, night walk, driving skills, her way of expressing herself then it will be a HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY. We must respect a girl and must always respect women.

But this is not the end, there is a need to have a proper law and justice needs to be served properly. Women need to raise their voice, there is no need to keep quiet when any sexual harassment has been done with them at their home, workplace, or even on public transport. And there is a need for a proper law, sex education should be given in schools and to the children.
and all the men should teach to respect females.

If a girl is saying NO then it is no, it doesn’t matter if she is your wife, girlfriend, or friend if she doesn’t want it then, don’t force her to have it without her consent it will be marked as sexual assault and you will have to pay for it, if she is comfortable with you that doesn’t mean that she’s
giving you any hints, it’s because of her carefree nature and trust which she has on you that doesn’t mean you will force her, molest her or may rape her,

NO MEANS NO. Always respect women.

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Article By : Sagun jain

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