How to overcome fear of ghosts

How to overcome fear of ghosts

How to overcome the fear of ghosts?

How to overcome fear of ghosts
How to overcome the fear of ghosts

No matter what beliefs we share and what gods we believe in, if we believe in god, each one of us has felt the chilling fear of ghosts. Since we were children, we felt fear of ghosts. It was mostly because of the thrill ghost stories gave but with time most of us grew out of our childish fears but some of us still have those fears and anxieties when it comes to the paranormal. It may even have developed into a chronic and potentially serious phobia.

People who suffer from this phobia of ghosts may report sensing a presence when they’re alone or feel like they are constantly are being watched. Even tiny noises can turn into some proof that there is something wrong. They may believe that they are moments away from being attacked by supernatural beings.

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So how can someone fight such an abstract fear of ghosts?

  • Positive thinking: Fear is just a negative and selfish thought. In the case of ghosts, we think that some negative power will come (negative thought) and harm us (selfish thought). If we think more about this thought then we will get fear like what if that negative power kills me. Now the best way to overcome this is by thinking positive and selfless thought. We can think that there is no proof of any ghosts it is just in mind. We can also think that I am stronger than the ghosts if they come I will beat them. We can also think that God is everywhere and God will save me from ghosts. We can also start thinking something else other than thinking of ghosts and something positive like our happy moments. We all never die as we all are souls. If God wants me to get killed by a ghost then anyway nobody can save so don’t worry whatever god wants that will only happen. in the end, remember that ghosts are likely not to exist. Whenever you think about the supernatural immediately follow that thought with something funny or positive. For example, if you imagine a scary ghost, quickly imagine the same ghost dancing to Fortnite, it will give you a laugh and also dismiss your fear. To develop a good attitude in yourself you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people
  • Don’t watch or read negative stories: The best way to keep ourselves away from fear is by keeping ourselves away from negativity. As people around us have told negative stories about ghosts that one ghost came and killed some human or nobody can beat ghosts this is why we fear ghosts. The best way is not to listen to such stories and don’t watch such movies or serials.

Now if we are not able to build positive thoughts then the only option left is to avoid such a negative situation. Here are the ways through which we can avoid it:

  • ACCEPTANCE: Accept that you are afraid and then adjust your life accordingly. If you are uncomfortable or scared to be left at home or in the office alone, especially at night then don’t. If sleeping alone in a house is entirely out of the question then ask your friends or family to stay over. Accept that you are scared and you will be one step closer to fight your fear.
  • DARK IS NOT YOUR ENEMY: With the fear of ghosts comes the fear of dark, dark closets, dark rooms, dark windows, dark spaces under furniture, all of them are scary. Use dim lights in dark places, especially during nights as it will provide you with a sense of comfort. Remember that the dark is not your enemy. Start by staying in dimly lit rooms rather than switching the lights on.
  • GET A PET: Having a companion like a dog or a cat will do you wonders. If it is possible then adopt a pet, they will bring positive energy into your life and help you when you are anxious. Cats can also be good trainers to fight paranoia as they are known to bring sneakily. So next time when you feel that something brushed past you, you won’t think about the paranormal but your cat.
  • WATCH CARTOON OR ANIME: If you cannot get a scary image out of your mind then watch something light and colorful like children’s cartoon. It will help to distract your mind but also replace the scary thoughts with sweet ones
  • MUSIC IS YOUR FRIEND: By music, I do not mean songs but music without lyrics. If you feel that your house is too quiet then play classical music or the melody of your favorite songs to fill the silence. If you have trouble sleeping, then switch on white noises.
How to overcome fear of ghosts 1
How to overcome the fear of ghosts

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