3 idiots movie

Learning from 3 idiots movie

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Learning from 3 idiots movie

“Bachchaa kaabil bano kabil…. Kamyabi toh saali jhak maarke peeche bhaagegii…”

This is the most famous dialogue of Aamir khan’s film 3 idiots, 2009 this movie is inspirational, emotional and a life turning movie for many kids. Especially for those who wants to pursue their dreams rather doing what their parents expect them to do. This is a movie which taught us the real meaning of friendship, this movie taught us the correct way of studying, this movie taught us to follow our dreams, this movie taught us that cramming isn’t the solution, this movie taught us that giving up on something isn’t right, this movie taught us to love wholeheartedly and what not…

These are some learning’s from 3 idiots movie:

3 idiots movie learning: We must build strong bond with our friends: Where Farhan was on a flight and suddenly he receives a call and then without having a second thought he was out of the plane. He called his friend, hop in a taxi to pick him up and went to “Imperial college of engineering (ICE) where they were expecting their friend, Rancho

But it turned out to be Silencer (chatur) who was waiting for them for the stupid bet which took 10 years back on teacher’s day sept 5 on the college terrace. It was a disappointment for them but they got to meet their friend who was living in Shimla. 

This scene was funny, precious and proves that years doesn’t matter if you are connected with hearts, with bond and with the love you share with each other.

3 idiots movie learning: Dont run in a rat race , we must make our own path for success: They were off to Shimla, expecting to meet their friend and Farhan was imagining their college life with his 2 idiots, behti hawa saa thaa woh…. Where he met Millimeter, Raju and his college, his room and everything which had turn into a memory after 4 years of engineering. They went to a place where they would be ragged and the night was turned out to be that night and the place where they will met their friend for the first time Rancho.

He wasn’t scared of ragging at all, and locked himself in a room, and salt water is a great conductor of electricity was applied their practically by Ranchod das chhahad, and then those room mates turned out to be great friends forever.

Then there was entry of virus aka prof. Veeru shastra buddhi, he was so intelligent, can write from both hands and living a scheduled life, when he introduced astronauts pen, a question was asked from the crowd.  And he wasn’t able to answer that, it was Rancho who asked that question.

His theories were different from the world, he was living in his own world, rather having argument on every issue he had his own logics and theories to face problems.

This scene taught us that we all have memories but the firsts experiences are special. Other learning is we should always look for a logic behind everything. Fight with others is never a solution else make your own world. Dont run in rat race.

3 idiots movie learning: We must have never die attitude: Then “joy” was appeared in the movie, he was a dropout student and was first engineer from his village, his father was so proud on him but virus didn’t approve his project because he was trying something different . He was trying to make one drone which virus thought would never work. saari umar hum mar mar ke jiliye ek pal to ab hume jeene do jeene do…… the drone was fixed by Rancho with a camera on top and it was flying too, but he was late and “joy” committed suicide.

This scene taught us not to give up easily, we can create best out of waste and should have faith on ourselves. We must have “never die attitude”. His father was in pain and only sorrow was left.

3 idiots movie learning: We must follow our dream: Rancho was teaching way of learning to everyone in the college, he taught his teachers a lesson not to just cram everything but to understand the fact and logic behind it. If they are studying induction motor then not by just go through the definition they should know about it practically.

Farhan wanted to become a wildlife photographer but because of family pressure he was doing engineering. After he got internship offer in photography he asked his father to let him follow his dream but his father denied because of social pressure or unsecured future. Those were some slots which make us think that we need to do what we want.What other think about our decision is immaterial.

3 idiots movie learning: We must respect our teachers: Then they reached Shimla where they came to know about Ranchod das chachad and about Chotu, they went to address given by him mean while he was thinking about Priya and the love Rancho and Priya had for each other. He went to her wedding took her with them. In between Raju tried committing suicide as he was expelled from college because he peed at the gate of directors residence and was drunk in class.

We need to keep in mind that being naughty is fine but insulting our teachers isn’t acceptable and teachers should also treat everyone equally. If a child is brilliant or dumb for a teacher both are same. He must not distinguish them.

Then we come to Priya’s part where they share a bond of love, he helped her to realize what it means to love someone with all your heart, jaisa filmo mein hota hai, ho raha hai huu baa huu

3 idiots movie learning: Other then text book we must also have practical learning: when they reached the school, it wasn’t a normal school but it was a school of science where education was just not limited to books, Kids were doing lot of different experiments. Then they met their friend Millimeter, he took them to meet Rancho and it was happy ending..

3 idiots movie learning: SCENE 7: last but not the least Rancho’s aka chotu his real name was Phunsuk wangdu, the scientist chatur was looking for and he also saw virus’s pen in his hand which was given to him by virus.

That scene made us realize that if we really follow our passion then we can really do great in our life and success comes to those who work for it.

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The movie was great and we should always be more attentive, patient and practical in life.

I am sure i have missed many learning which one can have from this movie. Kindly suggest in comment the learning which i have missed from this great movie.


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